Fear Of A Blank Planet review by Porcupine Tree

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  • Released: Apr 16, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (127 votes)
Porcupine Tree: Fear Of A Blank Planet

Sound — 10
For those who haven't heard of Porcupine Tree, they are a progressive rock band from the UK. Fear Of A Blank Planet is their latest release (comes out April 16 Europe, April 24 in the US). Many may say that this isn't as good as Porcupine Tree's last album, In Absentia, upon their first listen, but after getting used to the new sound you'll begin to realize that the two albums aren't comparable. With less of a rock influence and more of Porcupine Tree's unclassifiable sound, Fear Of A Blank Planet is a magnificent album. With only 6 tracks, many may think that this is as short lived as frontman Steven Wilson's last release, "Blackfield II." However, due to the fact that the tracks are very long (the longest is over 17 minutes), the album manages to clock in at over 50 minutes long. Each track flows together very well, something that In Absentia did not achieve.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics in this album flow together as well as the music itself does. It seems to me that this is a concept album, however Porcupine Tree hasn't stated this themselves. Steven Wilson's singing talents manage to match those of his music production. Sometimes the vocals will sound like Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails (notably in the title track) while other times they will sound extremely smooth.

Overall Impression — 10
This album lacks in two areas: filler tracks and bad music. It's been 20 years since the band started, and it's a disappointment that such great music sells only a fraction of what some 19 year olds wearing makeup and yelling into a microphone does. Every song here is a masterpiece and has it's own unique quality to it while still flowing together with the other tracks. The music will relax you, but won't make you fall asleep. This is the best album I've heard so far from 2007.

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    and it's a disappointment that such great music sells only a fraction of what some 19 year olds wearing makeup and yelling into a microphone does.
    too true. porcupine tree are one of my favourite bands and i will definitely buy this CD
    A Modern Myth
    Deadwing was their last proper studio album, not In Absentia. Other than that, a nice review.
    I hadn't even heard that they were releasing another album anytime soon,,,awesome
    Awesome album, as I expected being Porcupine Tree. At the same level as In Absentia and Deadwing, just in another way. Actually, my favourite band after Opeth (and both have lots of things in common xD)
    Cobalt Blue
    A friend of mine got the title track awhile back when it was leaked. I enjoyed it, I'm seeing em next month.
    I love this album. Way out of hare and anesthetize are awesome!
    i have to buy this... i heard Alex Lifeson plays a solo on Anesthetize too. im looking forward to that.
    wow i didnt know they had a new one out.. YAY!!! i love porcupine tree. i wonder what the release date in Australia is?
    I'm just starting to get into these guys. I only have In Absentia and Deadwing. I really like them. I will definitely check this out when it comes out in the U.S.