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artist: Powerman 5000 date: 08/03/2006 category: compact discs
Powerman 5000: Destroy What You Enjoy
Release Date: Aug 1, 2006
Label: DRT Entertainment
Genres: Rock, Punk
Number Of Tracks: 13
While Powerman 5000 should be commended on taking a risk on a new sound, the results are just not impressive enough. It is refreshing to hear the band play with such passion, however, and it is obvious that the musicians are enjoying the new turn toward punk rock.
 Sound: 6.7
 Lyrics: 7.7
 Overall Impression: 7
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Destroy What You Enjoy Featured review by: UG Team, on august 03, 2006
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Sound: When a band explores new styles and sounds throughout the course of it's career, it usually means that the music will progress in at least one aspect or another. For Powerman 5000, the decision to go toward a more punk feel began to be heard on the band's last record Transform and now continues with the latest release Destroy What You Enjoy. Discarding effects and high-cost production of the band's early days is not a negative thing by any means, but you still have to back up that decision by showcasing a collection of raw, infectious tunes. Unfortunately, Powerman 5000's latest lacks an individuality that separates it from the mass of punk albums out there.

Destroy What You Enjoy is an album full of average rock and punk tunes, with most of them blending in together without any distinguishing character. With vocalist Spider as the only remaining original member, Powerman 5000's is now rounded out by guitarists Johnny Heatley and Terry Corso, bassist Siggy, and drummer Adrian Ost. The resulting change in lineup seems to have altered the overall focus of songs as well as the creativity in the musical arrangement. There are some catchy choruses and riffs here and there, but none are powerful enough to likely attract a whole new legion of fans.

The first single off the album is Wild World, which begins with a nondescript guitar line and backed by a series of basic chords. Given the band's choice to go more toward a punk sound, it's not necessarily unexpected or unusual to go for a more basic approach, but there just could have been a little bit more individuality -- particularly for the first single off Destroy What You Enjoy. The early punk bands could pull off simplicity because their day-to-day lives had enough grittiness to bring the punk persona to life. Powerman 5000 is known for another persona altogether -- one that used to include costumed stage shows -- and the punk attitude just does not feel as natural.

Although the record is unsatisfying on the whole, there are a few memorable tunes. Murder is brought to life immediately with a driving rhythm that is backed up by a catchy, melodic guitar intro. Miss America is nowhere near punk and actually meant to be a tongue-in-cheek country tune, with a big payoff. With a slide guitar and growling vocals interwoven into the song, Miss America stands out as a refreshing, odd song that is both entertaining and original. // 6

Lyrics: There is plenty of cynicism on Destroy What You Enjoy, and the lyrics could have easily been too generic. But Spider does take time to make the words more interesting than you might expect. On All My Friends Are Ghosts Spider sings, It's not irrational to get emotional, people love to indulge the sensational; Don't blame society when you lie to me, might be invisible but you ain't no piety. Rather than go overly basic and have a series of predictable rhyme schemes, Spider gives the listener a little more upon which to reflect.

It's in the choruses that things get a bit tedious. In Who Do You Think You Are Spider lays it all out in the chorus saying, Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? I want to know before you gotta go; Who do you think you are? The lyrics are fairly predictable, and it's unfortunate considering Spider proves his ability to write intriguing lyrics in other songs.

The punk genre is absolutely more blunt and straightforward in it's lyrical delivery, so the words don't necessarily need to be too elaborate. But All My Friends Are Ghosts and Who Do You Think You Are just don't even seem to be written by the same person, making it hard to just accept the sub-par lyrics of the latter song. // 7

Overall Impression: While Powerman 5000 should be commended on taking a risk on a new sound, the results are just not impressive enough. It is refreshing to hear the band play with such passion, however, and it is obvious that the musicians are enjoying the new turn toward punk rock. For fans of Powerman 5000 throughout the band's history, they might even be able to embrace the new sound because of that evident passion.

But for the average listener, Destroy What You Enjoy just does not represent the best songwriting. It has nothing to do with what the band used to sound like -- the songs would still be lacking depth even for a seasoned punk band. If Powerman 5000 has a love for a harder punk sound, the songwriting will simply have to catch up with the members' passion for the genre. // 6

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overall: 5
Destroy What You Enjoy Reviewed by: DoomPenguin, on december 25, 2006
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Sound: Powerman 5000, a band semi-known for their sci-fi rocking theme songs, changes directions on their last album Destroy What You Enjoy and head into a new, more punk genre of music. This is a huge leap of faith, coming from their robotmetal days of Tonight the Stars Revolt!, but could have been predicted by listening to the slight change of tune in their middle album Transform. Powerman 5000 doesn't seem to have any problem exploring new areas and styles of music, usually including some sort of oddball song on each album. Destroy was no exception, including a gag country song "Miss America". While their roots are still visible, the overall sound is defiently a new punk style. However, it doesn't work. Powerman 5000 seems to have taken too many hits to the chest, and/or nad region. Only Spider One, the original founder, remains with Powerman. His touch can still be heard on the album, on such songs as "All My Friends Are Ghost" and "Murder", perhaps on "Return To The City Of The Dead" as well. But, it just doesn't work out. While the punk theme could have been a intereting turn, it is much too generic. It almost seems as if Powerman 5000 is selling out. The guitar-work on Tonight The Stars Revolt!, which I regard as one of the best albums around, was pretty simple, but it worked very well in cordination with Spider's original vocal and lyrics. Even though the Tonight guitarist (Adam Williams) has been replaced, the guitar on Destroy What You Enjoy is much simplier. "Wild World", which Powerman promotes as their single, contains overly-generic guitar lines with pitiful rhythm. Songs like that can only take you downhill. // 4

Lyrics: Spider One is a man with some wacky ideals, and can definitely create some original and awesome lyrics. This was clearly shown in Powerman 5000's earlier albums. But, Destroy What You enjoy is odd. While songs like "All My Friends Are Ghosts" contain interesting and pretty dropkick-to-the-nads awesome lyrics, you wonder what the hell happened during productions of songs like "Who Do You Think You Are?" that made them decide on going with something that terrible. For the chorus, Spider simple sings the song title over and over, "Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are?" On the plusside though, Spider took the time to post the official lyrics on Powerman 5000's message boards. He also responds to a suprising amount of fans there. That's pretty cool, in my opinion. // 6

Overall Impression: Overall, this album might be worth buying if you're a Powerman 5000 fan. You'll probably want to hear what they've been up to regardless of what it sounds like anyway. If you're just interested in listening to some rock, reconsider this album. While Powerman 5000 may be trying to group in some new fans, I don't think they'll have much successful unless they step it back up like the old days. If this album was stolen from me, not implying that I bought it, I would consider it a sign of a greater good and dedicate my life to selling balloon sculptures to make kids happy. Even though I've dissed Spider One and his Powerman 5000 here, I still highly reccomend seeing a live concert by them. Truly a spectacle to see. // 5

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overall: 10
Destroy What You Enjoy Reviewed by: JL Sevenfold, on march 01, 2007
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Sound: This CD is definetl PM5K's best CD to date. They've come a long way from Tonight the Stars Revolt, and the new guitarists, Johnny Heatley and Terry Corso, sound awesome. Ths album is a lot more melodic and a lot less robotic than they used to be. My favorite song has to be Murder, in which every instrument just plain out rocks, and gives the song a sick flow that is nowhere near forgettable. Every son sounds a little more individual when compared to their earlier CDs, in which most of the songs sounded similar. The only problems were the Construction of the Masses songs, which are rapped, but I got used to it and now don't care. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics keep getting better, and Spider hasn't lost his amazing voice, which could not sound better, or fit the band any more perfectly. I keep seeing how people compare him to Rob Zombie all the time, that is because he's Rob Zombie's younger brother. If you din't know that, now you know. There is definetly a lot of singing talent in that family. // 10

Overall Impression: Powerman 5000 keeps getting better and better, and this CD is no exception. The songs have more individuality now, and the members keep getting better and better at keeping their trademark sound. There isn't another band that sounds like Powerman 5000, and I highly suggest getting this CD, not to mention their other CDs, which are all irreplaceable. // 10

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