Tonight The Stars Revolt! review by Powerman 5000

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  • Released: Jul 20, 1999
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (15 votes)
Powerman 5000: Tonight The Stars Revolt!

Sound — 10
To start off, this is indeed one of the most impressive albums i've heard and i want to review it song by song. Tonight the stars revolt! is themed on a sort of Outer-Space type sound and Powerman 5000 took up the idea of wearing Spacesuit costumes on their stage shows and music videos: 01. An Eye Is Upon You: the first song on the album,This is just a spoken intro by J.P.Saticoy.It has a sort of outer-space sound in the background as the words are spoken. 02. Supernova Goes Pop: this song starts off with a single guitar strumming a basic riff. The song then breaks out with a solo then Spider One starts to sing. This song contains alot of different guitar sounds at random times. 03. When Worlds Collide: This is the song from PM5K that most people know them for. This is a really catchy song and one of PM5Ks faster songs. It starts with a silent holy-chant then goes into a techno sort of verse. The chorus is the heavy part and contains a catchy riff and lyrics. You can hear more of Dorian 27s bass in this song. 04. Nobody's Real: Starts with a strange robotic noise then goes into drumming with bass. This song also sold a separate single off TTSR! 05. System 11:11: This song is just Spider One speaking to a hip-hop/spacey background. It is the quietest song on the album. 06. Tonight The Stars Revolt!: The verses are sung quietly then the chorus is screamed with a heavy riff. 07. Automatic: This is just a normal PM5K song repeating 'Automatic' on the chorus. 08. The Son Of X-51: It starts off with a robot speaking then breaks out with a fast riff. Spider starts singing the verses then screams the chorus. Nearer to the end Spider attempts a sort of screamo-singing style. 09. Operate, Annihilate: Starts off with bass then Spider sings to a sort of evil riff. The chorus goes into a heavy riff with Spider screamo-singing. 10. Blast Off To Nowhere: Starts off with speaking then goes into medium-speed drumming along with a really amazing riff. The chorus is sung by Spider and his older brother Rob Zombie. It contains an impressive solo later through the song. 11. They Know Who You Are: This is my favourite song on the album. It starts off with an alarm along with quiet guitar and singing. It then breaks out with a heavy riff and Spider screaming. The song ends with the alarm, but more high-pitched. 12. Good Times Roll: This is a cover song and starts off with the spacey sounds. It also contains Limp Bizkits DJ Lethal on Turntables. 13. Watch The Sky For Me: This is a very odd song, a song you'd never expect PM5K to do. It starts off with speaking then goes into a piano-styled song. It is sort of 50's-60's era music. It contains Ginger Fish on piano. After the song finishes theres still 2 minutes left but after 1 minute passes there's more speaking then it breaks out with drums and guitar with a spacey sound. A fast ending.

Lyrics — 9
The singer is Spider One (Michael Cummings) and is Rob Zombies (Robert Cummings) younger brother. They are a very talented family and have very strong vocals. Rob Zombie takes the more rap-styled singing while Spider One took on normal singing with a touch of screamo. Powerman 5000's lyrics are one of the most bizarre. Tonight The Stars Revolt! is like a story, about Outer Space and the Apocalypse/Doomsday. The lyrics fit in with the theme and the way they are sung to the music is incredible.

Overall Impression — 10
Tonight The Stars Revolt! is an awesome space adventure (only with music and singing) This is the era that most people know PM5K for, arriving on stage dressed in space suit costumes (later dropping the costumes for a more punk scene). The most impressive songs have to be 'When worlds collide', 'The son of X-51', 'Operate, Annihilate', 'Blast off to nowhere' and 'They know who you are'. They are the catchy and faster songs. This is one of PM5Ks first major album with DreamWorks Records but they didn't last with this record label and signed with others later on. I just love the catchy beats and Spiders soul-rattling singing. There's nothing I hate about this album but 'Watch The Sky For Me' is a very odd song, It just doesn't sound like PM5K. I'm sure anyone would buy it again if it were stolen/lost but I ordered mine so I'd have to wait another 2 weeks to get it again.

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    yeh. it was a good cd, but really. it was the same thing all the way through to me. Very little flutcuation in the sound they put out. I undertsnad staying true to your own sound and your style, but..they could show the ability to do some other things. Although I do give them props for "watch the sky for me" that song was very unexpected and turned out very good. But really. it was a good cd, and there are songs off it I will listen to many more times, just never the cd all the way through..again.