Violence Divine review by Prey For Nothing

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (9 votes)
Prey For Nothing: Violence Divine

Sound — 9
"Prey For Nothing" are a Melodic Death Metal band from Israel, who are signed at Rusty Cage Records, and lately released their debut album: "Violence Divine". If you were to think "Okay, so here's another MeloDeath band", you're wrong - the ethnic origin of the band sure does affects it's sound. With Middle-Eastern riffs, Progressive Neo-classical impressions, time breaks, virtuoso playing, and one of the best singers I've ever heard, I believe you all will find PFN to be more than just another "MeloDeath band". "Violence Divine" was recorded and produced in Hansen Studios, and no doubts: Mr. Jacob knows his job. The sound of the album is amazing! (He also Guest Appereancing in one song on the record). The Guitars sound is awesome, and the player - Yaniv Aboudi (who also wrote the whole album), just nails it! As for today, btw, they recruited a second guitarist who also does the job pretty damn well - Eyal Glutman. Another one of the things who places PFN in the category of "Something you've yet to hear" is the Bass Lines and Solos - Amir Solomon is a kind of monster, and it's amazing to see his skills brought forward in a band like this! Bass players would surely find this record interesting and awestrucking! The vocals - well, what can I say? Yotam "Defiler" Avni is most probably one of the best screamers I've ever heard, and his deep growls might just make you lose your sanity. The drumming is very impressive and creative, again - not something ordinary at all! Iftah Levi on the Drums is kicking asses and base-drums like a mad dog, and in similar to the Bass Guitar - the drums in PFN are much more than a metronom machine. Unfortunately, the one and only thing for which I can't declare VD to be flawless is the sound of the drums, who just feels a bit mechanical.

Lyrics — 8
As expected from an Israeli band that names it's album "Violence Divine" - the lyrics are talking about violent acts of many kinds, mostly related to the on-going war in the Middle East. The text is written well. This is not another "I want blood, I drink blood, give me blood, now die" type of Death Metal band, for the lyrics are well calculated and deep, and it gives an aspect to the metal music that most of you probably don't recognize nor understand.

Overall Impression — 9
01.Cowardice: the best option for a first song on the album! Blows your head straight off, and leaves you wanting for more. 02.The Maw: it's hard to point out "the best tracks" because every song is unique in it's own way and not any less amazing than the others, but I'll take my chances and say that "The Maw" is probably my favourite. The vocals are varied, the rhythm riffs are solid and tight, and the solos (Guitar and Drums) are great! 03.Overture of Dust: the clean guitars first show up on the record, but hey - don't let it fool ya - the distortion comes hard, and the songs just keep on surprising. 04.Breach: great track, amazing break, awesome vocals and awesome leads. 05.Dead Man's Dream: another masterpiece. The bass lines are wicked, so are the guitars and drums. Yet again, every beat here brings astonishment. One word - WOW! 06.Summoning Sickness: the first instrumental track in the record, also staring a heart touching Piano line. Very Neo-classical, and a great track. 07.Tearing the Fabric: begins with one of the coolest polyrhythmics ever written, continues with great guitar riffs. Good track. 08.Averting Our Eyes: in my opinion, contains the best guitar solo on the album. Another song who begins clean and low, and rises up to blow some heads off. 09.Bestowed Upon the Void: the guitars are not resting for a second, the leads are amazing, the break is crazy, everything is just in place! Great track! 10.The Deadliest Rain: if you thought you've heard enough and had it all from PFN, this track is here to prove else, and the fine spin in the end is just perfect! 11.Blend Into the Darkness: The second instrumental track in the album, and the Intro for the last track of the album - Violence Divine. 12.Violence Divine: epic song. Presenting yet again the best of the band's skills and gives the right tone to complete that perfect record. Summing up: I haven't heard such a fine album in a very long time! When it was sold in Israel with a discount - I felt guilty for not paying the whole price this record deserves to be selled by. If you're a Metal lover who seeks for something new in the genre, but still want to feel the roots of Melodic Death Metal - Go buy that CD NOW! You won't regret a single cent/penny/nis. My word!

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    Hmm... I've been looking for metal from different places, and I'm very curious to see how an Israeli metal group would sound. I'm going to see if I can find this anywhere, it sounds promising.