Antipop review by Primus

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  • Released: Oct 19, 1999
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (18 votes)
Primus: Antipop

Sound — 9
Primus explored their heavier side in this album, for some it meant being more comercial, and maybe that was the purpose, but Primus still managed to produce one of their best albums. Primus blended funk, nu metal and alternative metal in this album. Primus also had some guests like Tom Morello, Fred Durst, and Tom Waits that helped in composing heavier tracks (Mama didn't raise no fool), as well as more experimental tracks (Coattails of a Dead Man). Primus was touring with bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit so that contributed for a heavier sound. As always Les Claypool uses various bass guitars with different tunings and numbers of strings, but the change is in the guitar. Larry la Londe uses (with the help of Tom Morello) heavier tunings like drop b to create heavier guitar work. The sound is of a more modern Primus but it still sticks to their roots of funk. The drums are a little bit more complex than usual because Primus used a new drummer in the album, Bryan Mantia. However as in all other Primus albums what really stands out is the bass. Les Claypool is one of the best bass players in the world by blending techniques like slapping, popping and muting strings he manages to create a unique style.

Lyrics — 8
Les Claypool is not the best singer in the world, but he has a unique style. He has a country voice and most of the time he is talking in the tracks and not really singing. The lyrics are not very smart in fact they are basicly joke lyrics. The topics are varied; drugs(lacquer head), government (electric uncle sam, and strange stuff.

Overall Impression — 9
Antipop features a lot of standout songs. These are the best songs in the album. 01.Lacquer Head: this song is awesome due to the bass work. It is the best bass in a song. It is one of the heavier tracks in the album because of its chorus mostly. The song is an anti-drug song but the lyrics give drug references so it can go either way. 02.Greet The Sacred Cow: the song talks about religion, but with Primus you never know what it really tries to say. It is also one of the heavier tracks in the album. The bass guitar as always is awesome and the guitar features powerful chords. 03.Electric Eclectic: Primus fans often underate this song, but if you listen it disregarding if its Primus or Pink Floyd you'll find a gem. The song starts really slow but builds up into a explosive mid section and then calms down again. The drums in this song are quite good. The presence of James Hetfield in the guitar is not really evident but is still there. This is the best song in the album. 04.Mama Didn't Raise No Fool: Tom Morello plays this song with a drop b guitar. The song has an awesome guitar riff to begin with. It has a good chorus. This is the heaviest song in the album. 05.Power Mad: listen to Morello's house panties beggining and you'll see a hilarious intro. The rest of the song is not really good. 06.Dirty Drowning Man: another bass song. The bass in this song is really powerful, like in Lacquer Head it is what stands out the most. The guitar is accelerating and gives this song a cool vibe. 07.The heckler (hidden track): 6 minutes into the last song the hecler starts of as one of the most powerful songs in the album. It has the best guitar work on the album. What I like about this album is that Primus showed their heavier sound which is above average. The bass work in this album is what I expected from Les Claypool, which is awesome. It is a must have for funk-metal fans and for alternative fans.

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    Hidden track should have been single for album, it's best song of it.