Green Naugahyde Review

artist: Primus date: 09/12/2011 category: compact discs
Primus: Green Naugahyde
Released: Sep 12, 2011
Genre: Alternative rock, funk rock, experimental rock
Label: ATO Records, Prawn Song
Number Of Tracks: 13
'Green Nuagahyde' is Primus's 7th studio release and marks the end of an 11 year hiatus. Les's quirky lyrics and bass lines are finally back in another installment, and not a moment too soon.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
Green Naugahyde Featured review by: UG Team, on september 12, 2011
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Sound: Finally, we get a new Primus album. Les Claypool's funky slap bass once again is blasting out of my stereo speakers! Jay Lane (absent since 1988) returned in 2010 as drummer, replacing Tim Herb Alexander and Jay does an excellent job filling the role. Larry Ler LaLonde is on guitar providing weird quirky guitar lines that complement Les's insane bass lines. This is Primus's seventh studio release and their first since their hiatus in 2000. While Les Claypool has toured sporadically since 2003, it is great to have a new studio album and the band back as a cohesive unit.

Green Nuagahyde' isn't a disappointment after Primus's absence, but instead a promise of more excellent funky weird music to come. The music really ranges from funky/weird to ambient/experimental. Ler provides some truly weird minimalist guitar lines that allow Les's unique bass lines to shine through the mix to great effect. Considering this lineup of Primus has not been together very long they have really got their playing down very tight and I would love to go see them live, and hopefully they'll be playing nearby soon. // 9

Lyrics: Les's vocal delivery fits in like a jigsaw puzzle piece completing a picture. I personally love vocalists with a lot of character in their voice and Les has this in spades. Not surprisingly, my favorite vocalists are Les Claypool, Dave Mustaine, Lemmy and Isaac Brock. Les did a great job on Green Nuagahyde' using his voice as an extension of his music instead of something just layered over it. At times his voice is sarcastic, anxious, playful and serious. The lyrics mostly tell stories that are freakishly weird or are borderline nonsensical. The song Hoinfodaman' is maybe my favorite lyrics, but mainly just the chorus chant of I used to be a pimp, now I'm hoing for da man'.

The role of a lyric in a song is either to complement the music or to express ideas as a theme to the song, and Les manages to do both well. Now, the actual ideas he is expressing as themes may not be the types of ideas normally expressed in music, but that is a big part of what makes Primus so awesome. Les's drawled lyrics are what give his music its distinctive flavor just as much as his aggressive and odd approach to the bass as the main melodic instrument in a rock band. // 8

Overall Impression: Green Nuagahyde' makes me interested in playing bass guitar. Jilly's on Smack' might be my favorite song on the album with almost schizophrenic music backing lyrics delivered in a way dripping with anxiety. My second favorite would have to be Eye of the Squirrel'. I really didn't encounter any songs I disliked on Green Nuagahyde' and after I finish this review I will be making room to give this album a semi-permanent place on my mp3 player. I feel like the best tell of a good album/song/artist is if it/they inspires you to pick up an instrument and play and Les Claypool absolutely makes me want to pick up the bass after listening to Green Nuagahyde'. Really the guitar work and drums are really inspiring as well, in large part due to their quirkiness and originality. Sorry, I know I've used the word quirky a lot during this review but I can't find a better word. // 9

- Brandon East (c) 2011

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overall: 8.3
Green Naugahyde Reviewed by: Benjamin2112, on october 19, 2011
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Sound: Primus is one band that I absolutely f*cking love through and through. Their eclectic and eccentric pieces of music utilizing bass as a lead instrument amazes me. The fact that Les also sings and plays his bass so excellently is fascinating to me, this is one great band. Primus is an acquired taste for sure. The only thing I found that was a bit off on this album's production is that Les' vocals aren't loud enough, as the music can usually over power his vocals. This album also features original drummer Jay Lane to come back into the fold since he left in 1988. This record's sound isn't much different from the other albums (magnificently technical bass, eclectic guitar, and funky drums). Track Listing: 01. Prelude to a Crawl 02. Hennepin Crawler 03. Last Salmon Man 04. Eternal Consumption Engine 05. Tragedy's a Comin' 06. Eyes of the Squirrel 07. Jilly's on Smack 08. Lee Van Cleef 09. Moron TV 10. Green Ranger 11. HOINFODAMAN 12. Extinction Burst 13. Salmon Men Band Members: Les Claypool - vocals, bass Larry LaLonde - guitar Jay Lane - drums, percussion // 8

Lyrics: These lyrics are great, still the same old Les writing lyrics about heroin addiction ("Jilly's On Smack"), mass media/government ("Eyes Of The Squirrel"), fishing related activities ("Last Salmon Man"), and other silly subjects. Nonetheless these lyrics still have the regular vibe Primus lyrics have. The lyrics fit the music just fine, they are put in good places that don't have too much going on at a time, making them knowledgeable. Les has impeccable singing skills, his voice is great. // 8

Overall Impression: Yes it does compare well to other Primus albums, I'd say it sounds like a mixture of albums like "Frizzle Fry", "Tales From The Punchbowl", and "Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People". The albums most impressive songs are: "Hennepin Crawler", "Last Salmon Man", "Tragedy's A Comin'", "Eyes Of The Squirrel", "Lee Van Cleef", "HOINFODAMAN", and "Extinction Burst". I love that its a new Primus album that I could add to my collection and I don't like that the vocals aren't as loud as the music. If this album was stolen I'd go out and buy it again for sure, I wouldn't get something else. // 9

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