Eat The Dead review by Project Valkyrie

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 6.3 (3 votes)
Project Valkyrie: Eat The Dead

Sound — 10
Got handed this in a nightclub in Shrewsbury and felt I had to review it. The opening track 'Taste The Pain' hits you like a bullet to the face and from the first time you hear vocalist Peter Horton shout GO! you know your about to experience an anger fuelled 3 track exorcism. It picks you up, grabs you by the hair and yanks you into a world of anger, fury and vengence. It never lets go not for a second, and the second track 'Eat The Dead' manages to delve even deeper into the chaotic human mind, whilst still maintaining the high speed velocity of the first track. The last track 'Reap The Whirlwind' isn't any less intimidating and rounds off a thoroughly entertaining and interesting CD. It's scary, it's dark, at times its humourous in a sick depraved sort of way but most of all its really rather good. The riffs are mind blowingly memorable, the vocals growl at you like an atognised Kirk Hamnett and the solo's are crafted superbly. The cd itself sounds great and at no time can you think it is anything other than a professionally released recording. This is one of the best cd's I heard in years and it's hard to believe they are an unsigned band. I have since met the band around town and they have no lack of ambition. Check this band out now - you'll be dying to in a few months I'm sure. for info.

Lyrics — 10
The singer has a wondefully powerfully voice, and can change from a graceful melody to a growling attack with no hesitation. Lyrically the songs are dark with a smile and are so catchy they're almost addictive. Your screaming 'Eat The Dead' by the second chorus. The music is angry, the lyrics are angry and the singer is really pissed off about something.

Overall Impression — 10
A wonderful triumph for a great unsigned band. I treasure my now signed copy of the E.P. I'd replace it in a heart beat and despite only being three tracks long is still one of my most played cd's. Anyone who has any interest in rock or metal should check these guys - coz personally I think they're going to be huge. /David Kettle/

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