Fortress review by Protest the Hero

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  • Released: Jan 29, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (227 votes)
Protest the Hero: Fortress

Sound — 10
Before I can go into detail about the screaming riffs, mad bass lines, and crazy drums, I gotta say that the vocals take getting used to. The Vocalist goes from high pitch screams, to low pitch growls, to just singing. In this CD his vocals have gotten a lot better though. His screams are more defined, and the vocals sound a lot cleaner compared to their last LP Kazia. Vocals aside, a big component of Protest The Hero is their Guitars. Theirs crazy riffs throughout all the songs. Compared to the last album the guitars are more linear. What I mean by this is that in the last album it was, as some would call it, Mathcore. There was so defined pattern in the riffs, and they were crazy and all over the place. Although there isn't as much of that in this record, the riffs will keep you deep into this band for a long time. The bass, although subtle at times, is crazy too. In a lot of bands these days you see crappy bassist basically add nothing to the band, but their are some really catchy and insane bass lines in this cd. The drum beats are also catchy, although the guitars take up most of the spotlight.

Lyrics — 8
01. Bloodmeat - this song is a good intro to the album. The guitars aren't really crazy, but it gets you into the mood for the rest of the album. This song was/is on the bands myspace, so it kinda lost its touch after listening for awhile, but it's still a good some none the less. 02. The Dissentience - the guitars really pick up on this song, and you can really tell how much the vocalist has improved. He goes from singing, to normal screams, to deep growls. Near the end of this song the guitars get rad, and then go right to the next song. 03. Bone Marrow - the intro to this song is really weird, with some nice guitar riffs and a chim like thing in the background. Nothing really stands out in this song, and it gets slow near the end. To bridge into the enxt song it has some acoustic and piano stuff at the end. The piano part is actually pretty good. 04. Sequoia Throne - the first song I heard from the album, and one of my personal Favorites. The guitars just tear through the whole song, and the vocals just flow with the whole song. This is the kinda song you really get into and it just makes the album so much better. 05. Palms Read - my personal favorite off the album. Starts off with some nice guitars, and progresses into a killer song. The guitars on this song were reaaally well done, and it gets you pumped. there's a break in the song where it only lets you hear the bass, and it just shows how good the bass lines are. The bass at that part just blew me away, and instantly made this my favorite song. After a slight pause near the end, theirs more guitar work that lead right into the next song. 06. Limb From Limb - the guitars just roll right through this entire song, and the drum beat is sick. Near the end the guitar uses some kind of effect to make it all weird, and it makes the end really nice. Besides from those factors, this is a pretty normal song with not much to mention. 07. Spoils - the bigging guitars are different, from other riffs from PTH. It's kind of high and, for lack of a better word, uplifting. It soon goes into a gnarly song with fast guitar and bass lines though. The breakdown is sick, with some tremelo picking leading into faster stuff. As the song slowly progresses towards the end it gets that weird riff again, and then it ends with a piano outro. 08. Wretch - now this song is just killer and weird at the same time. The biggining riff and vocals are just amazing, and the song progresses as a normal PTH song goes. But, at 3:35, there's a drum beat, and then you hear a weird, but the song is still great. 09. Goddess Bound - the drums are really nice in this song. The guitars are brutal as usual, but the drums just stick out in a few spots, and there's a nice bass line near the end. Other than that, a mediocre song on an amazing album. 08. Goddess Gagged - this song was a bit of a disappointment. It's not bad, but it doesn't finish the album like you'd expect. Nothing really sticks out to me, and this is probably the only song I wont listen to.

Overall Impression — 10
This is a great step up from their last album. With all the other bands releasing crap CDs, I was glad Protest The Hero delivered a great album. All aspects of the band are better, specifically the vocals, where it got annoying at times on Kazia. This is one of my favorite bands, and I hope that they come near my town soon, becuase I have yet to see them live.Also, I recommend buying the Sequoia Throne EP off of itunes, becuase the two instrumental tracks really show you how amazing the instruments are in Protest The Hero.

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