Kezia review by Protest the Hero

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  • Released: Apr 4, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (197 votes)
Protest the Hero: Kezia

Sound — 10
This band is incredible, by far my favorite band of all time. I live on the same street as the lead guitarist and drummer, so I have known them for quite some time, I have seen them go through so many differint sounds and genres, and I must say, this is the most melodic and heavy sound and by far their best. Just incredible stuff.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are one of my favorite parts of this album and this band. Arif (bass and vocals) just knows how to write amazing lyrics. He has such a great mind and way to make people think. Everytime I hear these words from the strong pipes of Rody Walker, I get a differint meaning from them. There are so many metaphors and differint ways to look at it. Amazing work. Standout tracks for me (lyrics aswell as music) would be Blindfolds Aside, A Plateful Of Our Dead, Nautical, She Who Mars The Skin Of Gods and The Divine Suicide Of K.

Overall Impression — 10
This album can be compared to some other bands, but in a very small portion. Protest the Hero has a very orignial and diverse sound to their music. They take elements of Metal, Punk and the Hardcore scene that is being praised right now. When I listen to these tracks, some bands that come to mind would be Iron Maiden for their incredible harmonized riffing, which is my favorite part of PTH, the guitarwork is just incredible, as a guitarist, I must say, these guys know how to write incrdibly hard tough songs. My favorite band of all time.

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    i agree, its not emo, it just adds a stronger angrier effect on the songs(not sarcasm by the way). and this band is tied for my fave band
    bryan j
    why does every idiot on this site hear a person who doesnt growl and call them emo. narrow minded idiots, its not emo in the slightest. my 2nd favourite band, only to bodom, which is an enormous accomplishment
    just listening to the first track amazed me! its rediculous how talented and dedicated these guys are. its such an amazing cd!
    bryan j wrote: why does every idiot on this site hear a person who doesnt growl and call them emo. narrow minded idiots, its not emo in the slightest. my 2nd favourite band, only to bodom, which is an enormous accomplishment
    wtf, i doubt every1 thinks metallica or dream theater or iced earth are emo, because they dont growl
    This album is amazing all the way through. And the music video for Nautical is hilarious
    well, i got this album and listened to it on a 4 hour drive. i dunno, i've tried it periodically ever since, but it's just too scattered to really listen to. I know hardcore fans are going to say that i just don't understand their music, but nay,i enjoy lyrics and music beyond the literal meaning of the words. Just this album, there's just too much going off at once, they have great guitar solos blaring while the singers are in harmony and the drummer is hitting every drum and jeez... i know some of you might think this all weaves together into something creative and amazing but... i dunno, to me it just comes off as something you holler "Turn that **** down". I hate to give them the bad review cause i like their ideas, but it just doesn't work for me.
    !!!yo peeps!!!, i love the good reviews this band is awsome, I saw then in front of 30 people before the release of kezia.. Then they just blew up, this albums is insanely good especially for their age. The whole band is amazing and obviously great production on this cd their first full length. Just writing this review for one comment I read someone wrote they should get rid of the lead singer>>??! Screw that!! You'd be half retarded to get rid of talent like that! It must be incredibly hard to sing vocals like that, and he sounds so much better then when he was 15, 16. Anyways I could write an essay on this album its so good...BEST INDY BAND. BEST INDY ALBUM 05/06.
    I love these guys to death. The guitar work is absolutly ludicris. They go crazy with time sigantures and to think that they are only 17 when they wrote this is absolutly insaine. My favorite songs are Heretics & Killer, Divinity Within, Blindfolds Aside, and No Starts Over Bethlahem
    just saw them on the 18th for the second time and they still blew me away i had a chance to hang out with the guys after words and they were so nice and acted like normal every day people
    I saw this in the store the other day... I think I'm going to go get it now. Nice reviews.