Scurrilous review by Protest the Hero

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  • Released: Mar 22, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (109 votes)
Protest the Hero: Scurrilous

Sound — 9
Protest the Hero's Scurrilous, the latest album from this quintet from Whitby, Ontario has completely blown my mind with the musicianship. I have been listening to Protest the Hero since Kezia when I bought a warped tour complication CD containing their single, Heritics and Killers. Protest The Hero has gone a long way since that Album. But they still keep the fast blow up in your face shredding metal riffs. Scurrilous is the first album that isn't a concept Album like Kezia and Fortress were, the album art is a 60 year old painting by the bassist Arif Mirabdolbaghi's grandfather, Jafar Petgar, titled "Scurrilous". It has been stated by Arif that this album art reflects a lot of the music on the album itself. Through facemelting riffs to tapping bass to soaring vocals, this album is one of my favorites at this moment of time. Favorable songs include Dunsel, C'est La Vie, Termites, Tongue splitter and Sex Tapes. Things I like about Dunsel soundwise is how the bass plays a little riff and guitar chords phases in, I like the sound of the guitars at the end. C'est La Vie is the first song on the album, where you just get blasted with a shredding riff with an octave harmony and then it goes into a intresting octave rhythm section with parts of the starting shredding riff. The rest of it is a shredfest with some strummed chords and appegiated bass. Then at the in it ties back into the intro riff then a slight breakdown. Termites starts off with an intresting tonal aspect I haven't heard Protest The Hero do until the next part which reminds me of Palms Read off of Fortress. This song has bits and pieces that remind me of the older albums. Tongue-splitter is an interesting song with a mix of Fortress and Kezia that I feel. I really like this song. Its rhythm seems a little genric but I still like it. The melodies are alright. I mainly like this song for its lyrics Sex Tapes is an intresting song, it starts off with a unintresting intro but progresses into something better.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are intresting on this album, Rody Walker has already stated what the lyrics were about. I'm only covering the songs I said already since they are my personal favorite. Arif wrote C'est La Vie and Rody the singer, says "It's about the insignificance of suicide and the fleeting few moments where anyone might give a f--k. Inside that, it explores appreciating the little things in life that make it worth living." Which is an intresting concept. I enjoy this songs lyrics because they have a deep meaning behind it even though the song feels really energetic and Rody's vocals just top the cake. Dunsel is a song that connects to me and I favor this song the most. The interpretation of this song by Rody is "This song is pretty straightforward. There's a lot of sorrow in this song I feel, somewhat reminiscent of "Empty Chairs At Empty Tables" [from Les Miserables]. I think most people will get the overwhelming sense of anger in this song, which is directed to the faceless men running the industry without a true sense of what music actually is. What I think a lot of people will miss is the sense of sadness that people I loved and trusted gave up." which I completely agree. This is my favorite song off this album. I hate todays music. There aren't enough musicans anymore, its a perfomer based industry today. Termites lyrics are not so strong with me but I'll just put what Rody thought of it "This song is a cryptic little drinking ditty. It's disguised through a bunch of mixed metaphor and the telling of King Solomon's death from the Islamic perspective. But essentially, I'm just trying to describe what I feel like when I'm good and drunk." Tongue-Splitter... This song I fully relate to. "I gotta get back to who I was before my last ten years on auto-pilot. It's the mask that quite often starts to eat into your face so wear it lightly like a cap that can quickly be replaced." After moving here... I got bullied. I have lived in small towns all my life so everyone was friendly and you knew everyone. Then I moved here. I went from happy to avoiding everything. I regret not standing up for myself. I dislike myself for it. But I can't fix that. But here is Rodys view on this song, "Plain and simple, this song is about regret and living with regret. I have always said, If you don't regret anything, you're not doing enough. This song is about a few things I specifically regret, but it's also about how glad I am for those things happening. You learn a lot about yourself when you truly dislike yourself. Regret makes you more conscious of what you do on a regular basisthe worse you fuck up, the more conscientious you become." Sex-tapes is kind of funny. I like the lyrics. I can't describe them myself but heres what Rody said "Arif wrote this, but I believe somewhere I have him describing what it means... I'll dig it up and copy and paste it here just so I don't have to think about it too hard: "'Sex Tapes' is about new media affording us a sense of celebrity at the cost of privacy. It echoes Nietzsche's 'gaze long into the abyss. Under the new light of the digital screenmarketing pariahs, political opportunists, paparazzi and the many other eyes that look in as we look out.""

Overall Impression — 9
Overall I love the style and sound of this record. I'm not really sure where this band aims to put themselves but I hope they keep doing what they are doing. Most impressive songs are C'est La Vie, Dunsel, Termites, Tongue-splitter, and Sex-tapes. I would totally buy this album again if it was ever stolen or lost.

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    larrytheguitar wrote: Many great songs. My favorites have to be C'est La Vie, Hair-Trigger, Tandem, and Termites. I absolutely loathed Sex Tapes.
    how can u loathe a song from these guys? every single song is Fucking BEAST
    I like the fact they let rody write his own lyrics on this one. He's a goofy son of a bitch... The album is good all around too
    Well, it's certainly no Fortress, but it's still pretty damn awesome. I was hoping they would somehow top the phenomenal flavor of Fortress, but with musicians this talented, evolution gives way to innovation in a way. Just a side note: I've been told by several people that I have a Rody-esque range.
    dudester410 wrote: am i the only one who loved sex tapes?
    No, I like it. It`s really an awesome album all around, but Kezia is still my favourite. I`d say Scurrilous better than Fortress, and I know I`m probably the only one who has that opinion.
    a drummer
    Scurrilous is in my opinion their best, love each and every track from it. Keiza. 9.5/10 Fortress 9/10 Scurrilous 10/10
    futurama_rules wrote: Why was it necessary to namedrop Dream Theater in a Protest The Hero review?
    Freaking exactly. Comparing one band to another in a few hundred words isn't a review.
    I haven't really figured out the point of the album as a whole yet, only a few songs stand out such as Tandem and Sex Tapes. It's been like two months since I got the album and after probably 30-40 listens, I still don't get it. I experienced the same thing with Fortress, there's just no coherent line to follow like with Kezia.
    I love this band so0o0o0o much and they're so amazing. the riffs are ridiculous and musicianship is jizztastic, but i feel like Rody kinda ruined this album for me. I don't know why, because his voice is just amazing, but the styling of his vocals on this album held it back for me. And plus, there really aren't that many dynamics as a whole in this album. I don't get the excited feel as I did when I listened to Kezia or Fortress.