The Flowers Of Romance review by Public Image Ltd

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 10 (1 vote)
Public Image Ltd: The Flowers Of Romance

Sound — 10
This is a strange album. Guitarist Keith Levene said "Probably the least commercial record ever delivered to a record company". It features some distinctive drumming/percussion. It dominates the whole album. I read somewhere they used anything for drums such as the face of a banjo, cardboard boxes, even spray cans. On a side note, when I occasionally sit down to draw something this is the one album I always listen to. Very avant-garde, morbid, unusual.

Lyrics — 10
John Lydon's lyrics are very strange which fits this unique album. Really compliments the music which is just as strange if not stranger. 1. "Four Enclosed Walls" - "Alla-Alla-Doom sits in gloom in his room" kicks of this album which has an almost tribal beat which also has some weird sound that I can only describe as marching robot insects. 2. "Track 8" - One of only two songs to feature bass (played by Levene since Wobble was gone by then) and weird abstract guitar (also played by Levene). Constant drum beat throughout the song played by Atkins. 3. "Phenagen" - "You are an ostrich bury your head". Drums knocking played on the face of a banjo. Backwards piano playing. 4. "Flowers Of Romance" - Synth choir in the background with drums beating a simple beat. One of the singles off the album. 5. "Under The House" - Kicks off with a spray can before a fast tribal beat takes off. Features hand claps and some symphony slowly coming to the foreground. 6. "Hymie's Him" - This almost might be a filler to some. Sloppy drums and keyboards but it would only fit on an album like this. Almost funereal in a way. 7. "Banging The Door" - The second song to have a bass line (played by Levene). Eerie song and the other single. One of Public Image Ltd.'s finest moments. "Why worry now you're not dead yet". 8. "Go Back" - "Left right left right don't look back take second best". Strange lyrics by Lydon. Minimalistic drums with some jamming guitar by Levene. 9. "Francis Massacre" - I imagine somewhere someone has danced around a fire to this one. Fast drumming, sloppy piano playing, screaming by Lydon...perfect way to end the album.

Overall Impression — 10
This album compares with nothing else I own by any band. Not even Captain Beefheart himself. Most impressive songs... Hmmm... Personally I listen to the whole thing when I put it in my player. Though if I were to have a favorite it would be either "Track 8" or "Phenagen" or "Banging The Door" or "Under The House". Why write a review on Ultimate Guitar about an album that features barely any guitar or bass? Well, why not?!?! I love this album and it my favorite by Public Image Ltd. I don't think the average music lover could appreciate it. It is not very everyone. I would love to have this played at my funeral and have everyone think "What was wrong with him?" It's that good. I hope they will remaster it someday cause then I would have two...

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