Come Clean Review

artist: Puddle of Mudd date: 11/20/2003 category: compact discs
Puddle of Mudd: Come Clean
Released: Aug 28, 2001
Genre: Post-Grunge, Alternative Rock
Label: Flawless, Geffen
Number Of Tracks: 11
This isn't a terrible debut album, but it doesn't really bring any original ideas to the nu-rock table.
 Sound: 8.3
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
Come Clean Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 20, 2003
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Sound: The album sound is the same sound as other heavy metal albums. Although the bass is heard almost as loud as the guitar and thats a good thing. Wes scantlin's voice is somehow mach prerfect with the heavy guitar distortion and that's sounds great. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are so angry and so personl that you surprised that he even let the whole world know how he felt. In songs like "Nobody told me" he tels about he's chiledhood and in "Blurry" he tels how much he loves his son. The lyrics are very personal and that's what makes the album fun to listen to. // 10

Overall Impression: This is the debut album from puddle of mudd and they did really good job! The voice of scantlin remind me the voice of kurt cubain and that was great to hear somthing like nirvana again. my favorite songs on the album is "never change", "blurry", "basement" and the acoustic version of "control". I loved the singer's voice in the album that remined me nirvana. If it were stolen I would buy this again and I think that the album is worth the money. You will enjoy the album if you a metal fan or nirvana fan. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Come Clean Reviewed by: Rock God #1, on june 01, 2006
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Sound: Doesn't Wesley Scantlin sound like a cross between Chad Kroeger and Kurt Cobain? Sounds that way to me at least. In which case, good job he got a band together and made a record! Puddle of Mudd's debut album "Come Clean" downright rocks! With the opening track "Control", the raw, energetic Scantlin delivers this song right to your front door, in the best manner possible. Followed by "Drift & Die" and "Out Of My Head", the album just gets better and better! And then it happens. "Blurry" and "She Hates Me" are the show-stopping songs that make it all worth while. One mellow, one jagged at the edges, they both tell us all what Puddle Of Mudd are all about: a mixture of grunge, rock and nu metal. The solution is bliss to the ears! // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are top notch to say the least. On "Blurry" especially, the lyrics tell of Wesley's son that he never sees, making for a great listen, and is thought provoking at the same time. Along with "She hates me" and "Control", these songs are not your average. Nope, this is grunge reborn, as hatred is enfused into your hearts (along witha healthy dose of sympathy) as you listen to these songs. // 8

Overall Impression: Is it better than "Life On Display?" Of course it is. "Come Clean" is the best Puddle Of Mudd album (not so big an achievement seeing as though they have only produced two records), because of it's abrasive energy. "She Hates Me", "Control" and "Blurry" are the best tracks on the album, as they are the most anthemic. The guitar licks and vocals are downright exquisite! Buy this album, it is totally worth it! // 9

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overall: 8
Come Clean Reviewed by: SummertimeBlues, on august 06, 2010
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Sound: The sound here is very much tight, heavy rhythm guitar, no guitar heroics, just nice solid riffs- and some good ones at that. Some of the production was helped along by Fred Durst, and you can really hear his influence on the album, but in a good way; it's a kind of nu-metal-meets-grunge vibe that comes off really well. Puddle of Mudd haven't exactly redefined modern music with Come Clean, but that's not what they were trying to do, this is music to mosh and have a good time to. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are really good, some cracking song writing going on here. Ranging from the evocative verses of Blurry to the tenseness of the bridge in Control, each song unwinds in a fresh way that isn't just bog standard rock cliches re-hashed in a new format. Very mature and unique vocals that compliment the music. Wesley Scantlin's voice is somewhere between a whine and a growl at times, kind of like Cobain, but never feeling like a rip off. // 8

Overall Impression: The album is generic, but it definitely isn't trend setting either, so comparisons with most other grunge/hard rock bands are justified, but be careful not to cast Puddle of Mudd off as just another rock band, this a great album which I've owned for years now, and I keep coming back to. Stand out songs are Control, Blurry and Out of My Head, for its' killer opening riff. Also included is an acoustic version Control, which is something of a drag to say the least. The power of the song just doesn't translate to acoustic and is a completely unnecessary addition to the album. If it got lost or stolen I would replace this album, not because it's the most important album in my life, but because it always makes for a fun listen when cracked out every once in a while. // 8

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