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artist: Pulse Ultra date: 12/21/2015 category: compact discs
Pulse Ultra: Headspace
Released: Jul 16, 2002
Genre: Alternative Metal, Progressive Metal
Label: Atlantic
Number Of Tracks: 14
"Headspace" is probably one of the finest alternative metal records ever in the 2000's, is an easy album to listen, because immerse you in another world from start to finish.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Headspace Reviewed by: Muser9909, on december 21, 2015
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Sound: Is, one of the most saddest things on the history of alt. metal, that Pulse Ultra broke up in 2004, because they didn't sell as well with this amazing record. They could have been an amazing band and could have been toured with other big bands of the genre like SOAD and Deftones for example. "Headspace" is probably one of the finest alternative metal records ever in the 2000's, is an easy album to listen, because immerse you in another world from start to finish.

Principally, the riffs of Dominic Cifarelli (known for being the bassist of Scars of Broadway) and the bassist Jeff Feldman, are simply amazing, the first time I listen "Acceptance," "Big Brother," "Never the Culprit" and "Slip in Sin" simply they blow-out my mind, much distortion, I've thought, was a collaboration between all the progressive music of Tool with all the alternative music of Incubus. Basically, Pulse Ultra is a mix of these big two, probably this album didn't sell nothing because was too much progressive for the alt. metal mainstream scene, and too much alternative and nu for the progressive scene. Very sad.

"Headspace" results very innovator, the principal attractive are the awesome prog/alt. metal sound work of guitar and bass, very easy to listen to. A fucking 10 for the music. // 10

Lyrics: Much sad that the things I've said before is Zo Vizza, this was his only band, and later of broke up of Pulse Ultra, he disappear from the world of music, but at least, any knows something about this fantastic singer? I've had found no one information about him.

Zo Vizza was the only member of the band, I think, for now, that didn't continued in other proyects. But at least, was a great singer, his voice is very unforgettable, his vocal melodies are a mixture of Brandon Boyd of Incubus and Gavin Rossdale of Bush with these accent half-British, I love the voice of this guy. The lyrics are simply things that focus on the self-problems, mistakes, sins, and much another problems, and that is the bad thing because is a very exploited theme on the nu metal genre, but Zo Vizza tells them of a very calm and strange way with his voice.

Well Zo, I'll hope that you're back soon, don't forget the music, if you read this (thing that is impossible, xD). // 8

Overall Impression: Pulse Ultra had some comparison with other alt. metal artists, and also some of the post-grunge scene, but the thing that makes different is the inclusion of many progressive elements to the nu metal scene, and this Pulse Ultra is very different to the other bands, I love that, this album probably is one of the most listened albums that I have, I'm not tired to listen to this much times, probably now are 32 or more, I don't remember, I couldn't live with this album, is very addictive, is for me one of the best alt. metal albums and of metal in general, very, VERY UNDERRATED AS FUCK, I recommend so much. I'll hope in a future that Pulse Ultra is coming back, that would be a miracle, but meanwhile I listen to "Headspace" so many times that I can. If I can buy it (in Argentina it's difficult find this album, is a very big mistake xD), and lost it, I buy it again, if I lost it again, then I buy it again, till the few copies that sell are gone. I've recommend this album, every time, a fucking 10! // 10

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