Donkey Punch The Night [EP] Review

artist: Puscifer date: 02/19/2013 category: compact discs
Puscifer: Donkey Punch The Night [EP]
Released: Feb 19, 2013
Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Industrial, Experimental
Label: Puscifer Entertainment
Number Of Tracks: 8
This is the 6th studio release and 3rd EP release by Maynard James Keenan's side project, Puscifer. Included on the album are 2 cover songs, 2 new originals, and remixes of each.
 Sound: 6
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 6.7
Donkey Punch The Night [EP] Featured review by: UG Team, on february 19, 2013
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Sound: So, it has been a weird year or two for Maynard. Everyone is waiting for the new Tool album news about the progress seem to contradict each other. In one moment we hear that it is nearly complete and in another that there are not any completed songs written. In addition we hear random rumors about A Perfect Circle. Well, as of yet, neither of those albums even have a release date or even a leaked track online or on YouTube. We do, however, have this new release by Puscifer. There are 8 tracks and a total runtime right at 40 minutes. "Donkey Punch The Night" might be one of the coolest album titles I've ever heard. The album contains the two new tracks, "Breathe" and "Dear Brother" ("Donkey Punch The Night" comes from the lyrics of this track). The two covers are "Balls To The Wall" originally by Accept and "Bohemian Rhapsody" originally recorded by Queen. Each song has a re-work or remixed version as well, which is what brings the track total up to 8. I can't help but feeling like the re-worked/remixed tracks were more of an afterthought to use as filler on the EP.

The cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a fairly straightforward cover, without any kind of meaningful changes the only immediately noticeable difference was the vocal melody had some slight differences. I don't know if the difference in vocal melody was planned or was the result of Marynard, as much as I love him as a vocalist, is not Freddie Mercury. The cover of "Balls To The Wall", however, is not even recognizable except by the lyrics. Not only is the instrumentation and overall sound to the track different, but the spirit behind the track is different. With all of that being said, I didn't hate either cover, and I actually liked "Balls To The Wall" as long as I didn't try to compare it to the original. Going on to the original tracks on the album, "Breathe" and "Dear Brother", there is immediately an almost new wave feel to both tracks which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is different than what I expected. The very beginning of "Dear Brother" I thought for a split second I was listening to a Talking Heads tune. Both of the new tracks seem to have a slow build up and at the end I don't feel like they went very much of anywhere. I still like "Dear Brother" despite all the negative remarks I've made. // 6

Lyrics: Maynard's vocal performance on the album is at times haunting and at others more aggressive. He has always had a really interesting voice and does an awesome job as a vocalist on everything I've heard him do. This is not an exception with "Donkey Punch The Night". I really think that Maynard would fall into my top ten living vocalists list if I ever put it together. Now, with the lyrics with the covers of course are the same as the original, but there were lyrics written for "Breathe" and "Dear Brother". Here are some lyrics from "Dear Brother": "reminiscing on/ our indestructible days/ the party never seemed to end/ we donkey punched the night away/ sin after sin/ twenty-five seven/ some risky business my friend/ fortune seemed to favor us/ round every dark and twisted bend/ no you can't cheat death/ can't outrun the grim reaper/ you can't cheat death/ can't outrun the grim reaper/ this glass I raise is heavy/ heavy as my heart this day/ the reaper slipped right past us/ bastard stole your breath away". I'm really digging these lyrics. // 7

Overall Impression: This is what it comes down you can buy "Donkey Punch The Night" for $6.99 USD new. The album is worth that, at least. I feel like this is a poor substitute for a new Tool album, so maybe I'm looking at it wrong. On the other hand, I really enjoyed Puscifer's last album "Conditions Of My Parole", so unfortunately I think that "Donkey Punch The Night" is just not as good of a release. There is too much filler and not enough substance. I DO like "Dear Brother" and the Denton Re-Work of the same track. I like both versions of "Bohemian Rhapsody". I like the Pillow-Fight remix of "Balls To The Wall" okay. I was not impressed with the song "Breathe" at all. I felt like it was very slowly building up to something that it never got around to. I still enjoy this EP for what it is, but maybe my expectations were too high. I can't make an honest judgment if that is a fair reckoning of this album or if it is more of a knee jerk angst reaction because it isn't Tool. I think that with everyone waiting (I'm)patiently for the new Tool album, that it may be a common reaction to feel let down by this EP. While I've heard a lot of people say that Puscifer is their least favorite project that Maynard is involved in, for me A Perfect Circle is my least favorite and I usually really enjoy Puscifer releases just to give you an idea of where I'm coming from. // 7

- Brandon East (c) 2013

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