V Is For Vagina review by Puscifer

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  • Released: Oct 30, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (31 votes)
Puscifer: V Is For Vagina

Sound — 9
Most Tool and A Perfect Circle (APC) know of Maynard's side project Puscifer which includes ex-NIN guitarist Danny Lohner. V is for Vagina is their first full album and I must say I've been waiting for it awhile. If you've tried to follow the band you know that Puscifer had songs that went along with the two Underworld movies. Most noteable would be Rev 22:20 which I think is their best song. But the album itself I have to say kind of disappointed me. The instrumental part of the album is great and I absolutely loved it but Maynard's singing (I'm guessing it's Maynard but I've never heard him sing like this) It just seems he could do better. The whole album he sings in a flat, slow voice that sets the mood I admit but it's not what I expected. If you listen to the original Rev 22:20 you can clearly hear what Maynard is saying, but some of the songs on the album had me straining to hear what he was saying. But this doesn't turn me away from Puscifer I still love the sound of the album so I'd have to say 8.5 to 9 but that only cause I love the instrumental part of the album. Especially the riff from Momma Sed someone needs to tab that.

Lyrics — 10
Again as I said above I had a hard time hearing the lyrics but now that I think of it the speakers that I used are crap. But Maynard had a hand in writing all the songs so the lyrics have to good. So I'm just going to put a 10 here and call it good. Sorry I couldn't be more informative about the lyrics.

Overall Impression — 9
Well I have to say I overall love the album and would definitly replace it. I have to say the best part of the whole album is the cover art. OMG it's so funny but of course don't buy it just for artwork. So far the songs I love the best are Momma Sed and Queen B. Now if your expecting this to be anything close to Tool or APC you definitly be disappointed. There is no way this album can compare to anyting those two bands can release. But you must remember this is the first album. I'm expecting big things for their next album.

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    oh and in regard to the actual album, i'll probably check it out but only because Tool is wicked awesome. not so much a fan of APC though. still, its maynard right
    I bought it. The cd cover and inside flaps are ****ing hilarious. Overall I'd give the cd an 8. It's pretty different and badass, but it was lacking a little.
    I like the music a LOT, but the melodies are irritating...
    its pretty good. i think too many people went and got this thinking "this is gonna be just like some badass tool music"... but if thats what it was supposed to be, it would have been done with tool, not as a side project. i think it was time for a slight change, and considering that fact, its pretty awesome.
    that1l)ude wrote: why do fan boys always do reviews? it seems like you hardly ever see an objective review on this site. on the topic of the album, this is not my type of music.
    THAT'S what you say when you dont like something! Thank you for not saying 'it sux' just because it's not your type of music.
    this cd is basically by maynard, and for maynard. it's all his musical ideas that have been kicking around the wayside for a while put onto a cd basically. it's not meant to be groundbreaking or genius. just fun.
    why do fan boys always do reviews? it seems like you hardly ever see an objective review on this site. on the topic of the album, this is not my type of music.
    Amazing album, but be informed before purchasing it. Can anyone write reviews on here, cause I'd love to write one up for this.
    you got to understand that maynard doesn't want you to understand his lyrics because he's maynard. kinda how he doesn't post the lyrics for tool til way after its release. he wants us to use our brains. you give the song meaning.
    First off, this is not a TOOL album. Secondly it's industrial you aren't supposed to hear the lyrics. Lastly yes this is a decent (6.8/10) album if your not expecting TOOL.
    that a TERRIBLE review, as everyone's already stated.. i wanted to know whether to buy the album and if it was any good, but you said that it was dissapointing then said it was great.. i don't get it. >_>
    the above three paragraphs are a disgrace to the meaning of the word "review"
    Whoo! First comment! I heard the full album on myspace about 3 weeks ago. Great. Definatly going to buy it.
    the above 3 paragraph's are a disgrace to the meaning of the word "review"
    Cobalt Blue
    I've only listened to the first 2 tracks. could barley sit through them... I had high hopes when i head the rhythm section from RATM was involved... but i dunno some tracks might be alright.. definitely nothing like Tool tough.
    The album is alright, I see what he's saying, Queen Bee, Momma Sed and Trekka rock though. I really hate what he did to The Undertaker, if any of y'all wanna hear the way that song was MEANT to be heard, check out the Underworld Soundtrack. Oh and download Country Boner too!
    dude, ur review wuz horrid... i'm sorry, but that's wut i honestly thought it was. it tells the reader absolutely nothing and is just very vague.
    I liked the CD... not great considering Maynards usual standard, but not bad. This review, however, is awful. Sorry man.
    Stevie B
    You cant hear the lyrics so you give it a 10? what is wrong with you! You also stated he sings in a flat voice and you only like the instrumental parts of the album. Dam fans rating albums highly even when they suck...
    This might just be the worst review I've read on here so far. Album still hasn't got me hooked, just found it month or so ago.