A Day At The Races Review

artist: Queen date: 03/08/2005 category: compact discs
Queen: A Day At The Races
Released: Dec 18, 1976
Genre: Rock
Styles: Hard Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Glam Rock, Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 10
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
A Day At The Races Reviewed by: DownDark, on march 08, 2005
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Sound: This album, like a few, goes downhill right after A Night At The Opera but still is a great album and is definately worth listening to. Sort of a "sister" album to A Night At The Opera. Music styles include hard-rock (Tie Your Mother Down), waltz (The Millionaire Waltz), and ballad (Somebody To Love). // 10

Lyrics: 01. Tie Your Mother Down - written by Brian May. A great song written about a guy who wants his girl to her mother down and get her father outdoors so he can have his way with her. The New York Times called it "Sheer Bloody Poetry." 02. You Take My Breath Away - written by Freddie Mercury. No there is no Jessica Simpson here, she probably wasn't even born yet for another 4 years. Anyway a gentle, touching ballad that brings a tear to the eye. 03. Long Away - written by Brian May. A favourite for many on this album and a great song at that. Weird lyrics, especially at the part "stare at the moon all day." Ok! Great song nonetheless. 04. The Millionaire Waltz - written by Freddie Mercury. A very unique song and very different from the usual structure of Rock music, but that's Queen for you! 05. You And I - written by John Deacon. A great song by John Deacon, he's probably one of the most underrated songwriters in the band, but maybe one of the best. A poignant ballad with great vocals by Freddie. 06. Somebody To Love - written by Freddie Mercury. A brilliant song, Freddie Mercury is a genius! Excellent Vocals! The best song on the album by far! 07. White Man - written by Brian May. Tight guitar and great vocals. Pounding drums with great solos. Very spiritual, though it doesn't seem that way. Strong chorus, too! 08. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy - written By Freddie Mercury. A very fun song and probably the only song like this on the entire album. A very fun solo, too! The song is just fun! 09. Drowse - written by Roger Taylor. A good use of a slide-guitar, really went well with the song and great vocals by Roger. Just like what the last reviewer said, this isn't a bad song it's a little boring. 10. Teo Torriatte - written by Brian May. This song is almost like a tribute to the fans over in Japan. Great Japanese lyrics for the song. Such a great ending to a great album. // 10

Overall Impression: This isn't better than A Night At The Opera but it's almost just as good. The really impressive songs are Tie Your Mother Down, Somebody To Love, Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy and Teo Torriatte. I love that the band made this a "sister" album because the sounds are so different yet the album artwork are similar. I hate that both albums couldn't have more songs, but I guess that would ruin the greatness of the albums. If it was stolen I would definately buy it again. If it was lost I would constantly search for it. It is definately worth buying. If you've listened to A Night At The Opera you'll love this album. // 10

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overall: 10
A Day At The Races Reviewed by: Hevoc, on january 16, 2004
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Sound: The music is very straightforward, short direct songs that rely on lyrics, vocals, simple instruments and energy with little or nothing in the way of the sort of special effects that are sometimes used to reinforce weaker bands. Classic rock indeed. // 10

Lyrics: Tie Your Mother Down: Brian May's rocker that he still plays today. Someone else said in their review that they didn't like the opener and its perfect Queen opening and flows right into this song. People say its too raunchy and violent, which I just laugh at because its just a fun song. Great way to start the album off with energy with some classic queen fun 8/10 You Take My Breath Away: Truly overlooked, it's extremely beautiful and touching espicially the desperacy in Freddie's voice in the lyrics "So please don't go don't leave me here all by myself I get ever so lonely from time to time... I will find you anywhere you go." Don't overlook this song showcases Freddie's ballad songwriting. 9.5/10 Long Away - Really great song from Brian it's alot of peoples favourite on the album 8.5/10 The Millionaire Waltz - A great example of the true genious of Freddie. This is one of the Queen songs that grows on you and at first you hear it and it doesn't catch you but if you give it a chance it is truly an enjoyable song. 8.5/10 You and I - John Deacon CANNOT be underestimated his songs are really good and I do not dislike one Deacon song. 8.5/10 Somebody To Love - Could be the best song on the album, one of Queen's masterpieces. As strong as Bohemian Rhapsody in the vocal department. Amazing Song! 10/10 White Man - Good song, tight guitar work! 7.5/10 Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy - Like Millionare Waltz, it really grows on you. It's classic artsy, original, playful Freddie Mercury. Fun Song 9/10 Drowse - Taylor's song... it's not bad it's just a little boring. 6/10 Teo Torriatte - Another beautiful song by Freddie, more beatiful vocals and piano great way to close the album. 9/10 Most of the songs are written by Brian May and Freddie Mercury with one number apiece from the other band members Deacon and Taylor. It's very hard to select a favourite from this album as every song is good and there is no filler. // 10

Overall Impression: This is very much a sister album to "A Night at the Opera" which was released shortly before. Day at the Races certainly belongs in anyone's Queen collection. // 10

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overall: 9.3
A Day At The Races Reviewed by: RainMustFall, on june 09, 2004
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Sound: Queen had just slammed into the #1 slot with the single Bohemian Rhapsody from their last album, the epic A Night At The Opera. Here, they were pressed to top themselves, and so, out of innovation, they made a "sister" album to Anato. There are songs that can be coupled from both albums, and the titles are similar however, most similarities end there. This is, basically, A Night At The Opera quality music with very good, almost 80's style studio production. The sound for every song matches it perfectly, from the rough hard-rock of Tie Your Mother Down, to the playful, clean guitar sound on The Millionaire Waltz, and back again for a guitar sound imitating an orchestra in Teo Torriatte. If you feel that A Night At The Opera had a little rough production, this album is a bushel of candy. However, it's not one of their more "meaty" albums. They cover a diverse palette of styles here, as was their way of doing things in the 70's. Here, you'll find piano ballads, gospel-falvored rock, hard rock, and yes even a strauss waltz put to axework. If you like rock that's fun, Queen, and especially A Day At The Races, is for you. // 10

Lyrics: An interesting thing to note on this album is that quite a few of the songs here are about love, more so than their usual rate. However, the production of each song matches the lyrics very well. Tie Your Mother Down, a song about young lust and restlessness (the speaker wants his girlfriend to "Tie Her Mother Down" and get her daddy out of doors so he can have his way with his girlfriend) is matched with a very hard crunch in the thumping riff. White Man is also a rocker with rough production and nice guitarwork. You Take My Breath Away, about utter devotion to a lover, has a piano sound that gives the feeling of eerie hopelessness. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy has the vaudeville piano, thumping bassline, and a great, Killer Queen-esque solo. Freddie's singing here is at its peak. Somebody to Love attests to his amazing vocal range. He also proves he can sing a hard song with his rough tones in Tie Your Mother Down and White Man. To summarize, vocals here are dazzling. // 8

Overall Impression: My overall impression of this album. When I got it before A Night At The Opera, I was a bit disappointed. And then I listened to this album. It is great, even if lacking in more hard rock than was their usual. Though a handful of songs are about love, they are all quite varied, so it adds a sense of fun to the album without being lyrically monotonous. However, the bottom line here, is that every song is perfectly distinct from each other. Each song has a different guitar tone, different lyrical outlook, and different structure. It suffices to say that it will keep you entertained for a while. This album compares very well with other Queen albums, it is perhaps the last of their "early" records, with the ornate and complex style. Not a single song here can be pointed out as the weakest of the album, and though I love Queen, I have to say, on some of their albums there's always that one song that kinda drags or brings the overall quality down a peg. If this was stolen or lost, I definately would replace it, and soon. (I considered buying another copy when I thought it was scratched). As a final word, and I've said this before, if you like rock that is good while it is fun, A Day At The Races would probably be a good album for you. If you like hard rock, this album has some, but you'll find it more on their other albums (esp. News of the World). And, well, if you just like good music, I suggest this to you. // 10

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