A Night at the Opera review by Queen

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  • Released: Nov 18, 2005
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 9.5 (37 votes)
Queen: A Night at the Opera

Sound — 7
Queen have been a criticly panned band for just about all of there career, they, ve shown many people there abilities as musicians and yes this is indeed a classic album but looking over 20 yrs later lets see if this album still stands up? The sound of the album includes a progressive rock, glam rock and heavy metal but they have been able to show broadway, folk and opera onto this album. the album does have a powerful sound and an enrgetic feel but it seems that queen did not like bass or john pissed them off or something because the album is almost completely devoid of bass.I think it comes from the fact that Rodger Taylor has his powerful drummed sound which competes with Brian May's stacked guitar sounds and freddy Mercurey's Operatic vocals I think That bass just got forgot somewhere in this.It also didn't help that all the voices were double tracked about a thousand times to give it an operatic feel. The sound is indeed what many of us asked ourselves in the '70s why do none of these so called rock operas sound nothing like rock operas. Queen gave us that answer with there so called "heavy melodic approach to there music". This album also cannot seem to settle on 1 music genre per song, Although the prophets song is indeed a great song it's cahnges in mid song sound very rough and the a cappella version of this song seemed very boring to me. I think that Freddie was really trying to prove himself. I think that if they had included the rest of that band into that section then it would have been a much easier listen. The guitar was good on this album.It was not without flaws such as on sweet lady where it seems that Brian is going against the music instead of playing with th rest of the music.It seems almost like a spare riff he had lying around but it was still a good listen. Overall I can say that this album was a hybrid of many of this bands un conventinal influences thatwere more than just blues like many of the bands at that time.

Lyrics — 6
The Lyrics were silly on quite a lot of the songs. On songs like seaside rendezvous and Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon Mecurey wont say anything but make jokes. They were also cryptic such as the songs centerpiece "Bohemain Rhapsody" An opus of music that to this day confuses and disorientates people to this day. Bohemain rhapsody, Was a song that can't be explained in the confines of one review. The best suggestion is to go listen to the song yourself. Mecurey's vocals were incredible. It's very hard to find something wrong with his vocals. I found that his rock snarls sounded wrong not because he couldnt do them but because he couldnt time them correctly. All and all the lyrics themselves were indeed a very poetic and whimsical experience one wishes that they were there to see the writing process that they went through to come up with this. Maybe they were on acid?

Overall Impression — 5
If you were to ask me this is Queens strongest work to date. Not as progressive as songs were in there early work but still quite proficient. The songs that stood out to me were "Bohemian Rhapsody," "'39," "The Prophets Song," "Your my Best friend" and "Love of my life." These songs are still relevant today and I still here other people listen to these songs. I loved how this album experimented with how far and how big you can make a rock band sound at this time.I couldnt stand the lack of bass and some of the changes it was. It was also a lot more expensive then other albums of the time probably because of their perfectionism.

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    Quark113 wrote: Better than Pink Floyd?! Come on, Hevoc, I respect Queen, they have some of the best songs and songwriters and musicians of the century, but come on...This is PINK FLOYD we are talking about here!!!!!
    I'm sorry but Queen are better than Pink Floyd in fact if you ask me Pink Floyd are really overrated but hell that's just my humble opinion
    Best Queen album ever. that's a fact I love it. and the DVD is even better. buy in and watch it. you will love it.
    Pink Floyd overrated??? I love Queen, but you should listen any Floyd album (especially if it is from the 70's) and regret what you said three years ago.