Hot Space review by Queen

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  • Released: May 25, 1982
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.5 (8 votes)
Queen: Hot Space

Sound — 6
This is the only Queen that I cannot stand to listen to from beginning to end. (Ok Flash Gordon is worse, but I don't count it as a real Queen album). It sounds like they let the success of "Another one Bites the Dust" go to their head, then drenched it in synth-pop.

Lyrics — 6
1) "Staying Power" - Probably the most blatent funk oriented song on the album. A concert regular for the "Hot Space" tour but not one of Queens better song lyrically. Great horns and bass synthesizer work. [3 stars] 2) "Dancer" - A great Freddie Mercury funky vocal. This song is a good dance track with good (but rare for this album) Brian May guitar solo. The lyrics are so-so. [4 stars] 3) "Back Chat" - Funk incorporated! Freddies vocals are really over-the-top and tongue in cheek. Listening to this song, I felt that Queen was trying just a little to hard to be funky. Great guitar solo! [3 stars] 4) "Body Language" - Why did Queen release this as the first single? This is lyrically the worst song in their catalog. Freddie just repeats the same lines over and over again. I undersatnd that Brian May objected to this song being released as a single. He was right. [1 star] 5) "Action This Day" - This is Queen getting back to form. I like the electronic effect of the drums working with the rhythm guitar. I love the lyrics and saxaphone effects towards the end of the song. [5 stars] 6) "Put Out the Fire" - This should've been the first song released as a single. This is classic Queen with loud guitars and drums that sound like rounds being fired from a gun. The song has a solid message and a powerful lead vocal from Freddie. A concert favorite during the "Hot Space" tour. Probably the second best song on the album after "Under Pressure". [5 stars] 7) "Life is Real (Song for Lennon)" - A great tribute to John Lennon. I like the way Queen made the song sound like the Lennon classic "Instant Karma". [5 stars] 8) "Calling All Girls" - An average Queen song that features only the second appearance of Freddie Mercury on accustic guitar. Pure Pop! [3 stars] 9) "Las Palabras D'Amor (The Song of Love)" - A song dedicated to Queens South American fan base. Part of the song is sung in Spanish. A basic Queen love song. [3 stars] 10) "Cool Cat" - Not a bad song that has an old motown feel to it. It features the first time Freddie uses his falsetto vocal range on record and the his first song writing collaberation with John Deacon. Good and simple bass work from John makes this song one of Queens more soulful tunes. [4 stars] 11) "Under Pressure" - The best song on the album and one of the best songs in the Queen catalog. This song is highly identifiable by the opening bass line. A great duet between Freddie and David Bowie. Vanilla Ice sampled this song for his #1 hit single "Ice Ice Baby". A concert favorite. [5 stars]

Overall Impression — 8
Worst Queen record, but still very good.

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    OK, first of all, I recant that statement above. KQ really grows on U. 2nd, Hevoc, Vanilla Ice didn't sample "Under Pressure," the b*tch stole it.
    I personally think that most of the songs on this albums are very good and complex compared to other dance/pop records of that time. If they recorded everything with the intensity that they played it live, It would've been a lot more successful here in the States.
    Cool Cat is not the first time that Freddie used falsetto. The track is perhaps contains the most falsetto but its defiantly not the first time he used it.