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artist: Queen date: 04/07/2005 category: compact discs
Queen: Innuendo
Released: Feb 5, 1991
Genre: Rock
Styles: Hard Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Innuendo Reviewed by: BrightonRock, on april 07, 2005
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Sound: The most intense Queen album out there! Freddie Mercury was going to die with in a matter of months and he knew it. It really shows especially on Innuendo and The Show Must Go On! // 10

Lyrics: 01. Innuendo - the most diverse Queen song out there. Starts out with a military feel then brings it into a slow but mysterious section, hits it off with classical Spanish guitar playing drops to a massive choir led by Mr. Mercury, then May brings in the distortion with guitars all around you and a wild guitar solo, hits with the military feel and the lyrics just challenge everything we know as humans. Very epic and no wonder it was a number one single. Excellent work! 02. I'm Going Slightly Mad - an absurd but meaningfull song with tounge in cheek humor that Queen were known for (remember the "I Want To Break Free" video?" dark but light at the same time. Very nice. 03. Headlong - a rocker with a slight pop feel. Very much a song about rushing headlong into whatever is coming at you. Well put together. 04. I Can't Live With You - this has both weak points and strong points but the stronger prevail and make the song good. It's about loving somebody but not being able to stand living with them. Good over all. 05. Don't Try So Hard - in intense song that shows the vocal range of Freddie Mercury in a diffrent way then before. With his high and graceful vocals to his deep rich vocals, almost all ove his range can be heard. 06. Ride The Wild Wind - very diffrent then most Queen songs, but still one of my favorites. Very heavy drum sounds and awesome guitar solos as well as the participation of a "make due" choir as only three members sang in Queen (Freddie, Brian May and Roger Taylor)that make this album so great. 07. All God's People - does not mention any religion or faith but makes it seem as if it ment for your beleifs. Has a very cool african safari feel then drops to a blues feel (which did originate in africa) then to a glamorous ending. Very gooad and another of my favorites. 08. These Are The Days Of Our Lives - very touching ballad with a more touching video as you can see Freddie's health was failing, but he carried on professionly. The video is also the last known footage of Freddie. Excellent song. 09. Delilah - the Queen song I cannot stand the most. Lyric and vocals are weak but it has in awesome guitar solo in it and displays May's ability to make his guitar growl and Purr. 10. The Hitman - Queen's heaveyist song. It displays awesong guitar riffs and a nice solo as well as Freddies hard rock vocals. Very good rocker! 11. Bijou - an awesome song. This displays May's ability to transform his guitar into something else. The whole song is basicaly guitar with the exception of 4 lines of lyrics and a keyboard background during the vocals. The best sounding guitar tone period. 12. The Show Must Go On- my favorite Queen song as Freddie really seems to pur his heart in to it. It gives me goose bumps everytime I hear it. It's just wow! // 8

Overall Impression: This is the best album ever made. Screw Led Zep and the Beatles. Buy this album! // 10

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overall: 10
Innuendo Reviewed by: Hevoc, on january 30, 2004
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Sound: At this point, they were matured, and had perfected their sound. Queen reached their climax right at the end. I think Freddie's crisis brought on a new wisdom, that brought out the brilliance in the album Innuendo. // 10

Lyrics: From the moment you hit play, it is clear that you are in for one hell of a musical ride. The opening track, 'Innuendo' itself, is the very best on the album. As Roger thunders out a drum roll, the song begins, and you are immediately somewhere else. 'Innuendo' is a six and a half minute long opus that carries you away from whatever it is you are concentrating on. I first heard it on the compilation 'Greatest Hits II' and I was so caught up in it that I completely missed the fact that the phone rang out three times. It more than deserved to go into the charts in January '91 at no.1. As the album continues on to track two, you can't help but smile at 'I'm Going Slightly Mad', Freddie's last ever single. It's something only he could write, with silly lyrics put to surprisingly serious music. As with 'Innuendo' before it, it just carries you away, and when you come back in time for track three, you'll be laughing. Track three is 'Headlong', a hard and heavy Brian May inspired rock track. In contrast to the synthesizer filled track that precedes it, 'Headlong' is all electric guitars and drums, and it's video clip was Queen's last performance clip. (Excluding 'No-one But You', which came out six years later) Finally, we get away from the singles with 'I Can't Live With You', a typically classic Queen song, sounding like something out of the 'News Of The World/Jazz' era, and the beautiful 'don't Try So Hard', which is one of Innuendo's finest songs. 'Ride The Wild Wind' is vaguely reminiscent of songs like 'Hammer To Fall' and 'Tie Your Mother Down', with loud guitars and a great drum line - not surprising as the main writer was drummer Roger Taylor. 'All Gods People', a Freddie Mercury/Mike Moran (not a member of Queen) collaboration, is a great track which sees Freddie appeal to humanity in the only way he knew how - through his music. Famous as the last video clip in which Freddie appeared is 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives', a beautiful song about reflecting on the past. Truly a peak of the album, it was on top of the charts for longer than all but one other single in 1992 (the other being Bryan Adams 'Everything I Do'), which is quite an effort. Delilah is poppy, and it's about Freddie's cat, so you can see a huge freddie influence in this one. It's great nevertheless. Hitman is heavy and powerful, a real stripped down rocker. Bijou is a slow, mellow song with brian's heavy guitar soloing for a few minutes. There is a short lyrical interlude of about 4 lines from freddy, and that makes the song a great one. Finally, the brilliant end to Queen. The Show Must Go On, in my opinion was the greatest farewell to a band I've ever heard. Yes, it's hard to say this but it topped the beatles the end. It was just so powerful, and with the go on... go on... go on... at the end, it shows a great and powerful fade to an amazing career. Real touching song, and great video of 80's queen clips. // 10

Overall Impression: All up, 'Innuendo' is the very best album by Queen through the '80s and '90s, and should always be remembered as the great, final curtain from Freddie, Brian, Roger and John. Even though 'Made In Heaven' came some years later, 'Innuendo' was the last album. 'Innuendo' was the very best album they'd done since 'A Night at The Opera'. Overall, this cd is pure genius, pure brilliance, and they should be most proud of this cd today. What are you waiting for? If you don't buy this what do you buy then? // 10

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