Jazz review by Queen

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  • Released: Nov 14, 1978
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.9 (8 votes)
Queen: Jazz

Sound — 8
Oddly, there is no Jazz in this album (only if you count the swing ballad "Dreamer's Ball"). Queen decided to change their style a little with this record incorporating funk into their music. Music styles include arabic ("Mustapha"), hard rock ("Fat Bottomed Girls," "Dead On Time"), pop ("Don't Stop Me Now," "In Only Seven Days"), and funk ("Fun It").

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics in this album are relevant to having a good time and just having fun, making this album a classic. 01. Mustapha - Freddie's dedication to his fans, friends, and family in the East. The music have an Arabic sound to it and the lyrics are spoken in a different language, most likely Arabic. Good album opener 3/5. 02. Fat Bottomed Girls - a classic written by Brian May. A sleazy rocker being an oath to the ladies, and about being on the road all the time with the band. Catchy chorus 4/5. 03. Jealousy - a touching ballad with wonderful piano, vocals, and guitars with an interesting effect to sound like a sitar 4/5. 04. Bicycle Race - another classic being the B-Side to "Fat Bottomed Girls." Everybody knows this song! Great guitar (and even bicycle bells) solo. Another catchy chorus 4/5. 05. If You Can't Beat Them - in my opinion, one of John Deacon's best song. The riff is killer and the song is just fun that really sends a message 4/5. 06. Let Me Entertain You - a thumping beat with a great riff and yet another catchy chorus! I love the lyrics! A concert favourite during the Jazz Tour 3/5. 07. Dead On Time - a f--king hard rocker with killer riff and a great solo! Great vocals too! A powerful outro that literally ends with a thunderstorm 4/5. 08. In Only Seven Days - another touching ballad that basically tells the story of man who falls in love with a girl during his seven day vacation. I love the piano and harmonies in the solo. Great melody 3/5. 09. Dreamer's Ball - the closest thing you'll ever get to Jazz in this record. This swing ballad is catchy and is actually pretty good with it's harmonized vocals and guitars give it that unique bluesy feel 3/5. 10. Fun It - one of the weakest songs on the album, but still pretty good. I love the vocal duet by Roger and Freddie. I love the groovy beat, riff, and bassline. The chorus is catchy, as well. A really funky song 3/5. 11. Leaving Home Ain't Easy - Another rock-ballad with great vocals by Brian May. I love the guitar effects that make the violin sounds. This touching song really speaks to people 3/5. 12. Don't Stop Me Now - definately a highlight of the record. The vocals cannot be beat and the piano is great. I love the chorus and the fast-paced drums and the vocals during the bridge! I love the outro as well 5/5. 13. More Of That Jazz - definately the worst song on the album. The drums are good and the riff is killer but the vocals by Roger could have been better. I really don't like how at the end, they play clips of some of the other songs on the record. The idea was powerful but wasn't produced well. Maybe they should've said goodbye to the 70's with a better outro 2/5.

Overall Impression — 8
It did compare to "News Of The World," "The Game" and "Hot Space." The most impressive song on the album are "Fat Bottomed Girls," "Bicycle Race," and "Don't Stop Me Now." I love that this album has newer sounds to it and I also love the sound of the drums! I hate that Queen decided to 'get funky'. That might have been the cause of "Hot Space." If it were stolen/lost, I would wait a while before I buy/find it again. It is worth buying for hardcore fans but casual fans should stick to the compilations. This albums isn't as strong as their previous releases but is stronger than some of their future releases. In fact, this album has to be their weakest of the '70s.

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    WEAKEST OF THE 70'S?! That's not how I heard it...but then again, I only listened to the stuff on Queen Greatest Hits I...
    BTW, Fat Bottomed Girls is F--king hilarious , and Don't Stop Me Now's outro can't be beat.