News of the World review by Queen

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  • Released: Oct 28, 1977
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (14 votes)
Queen: News of the World

Sound — 10
Containing two of rock's greatest songs, and other classics, News Of The World proved to be one of Queen's strongest of the '70s and had a more raw sound. Queen explore many new sounds including punk, metal, folk, blues, and even latin. Since Punk was a fairly new thing in the late '70s, Queen decided to tag along to the fad, producing a fierce song called "Sheer Heart Attack."

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are great and are more powerful then any other songs written by Queen. The lyrics fit into the music acceptionally well and produce many great songs. Freddie, Brian, and Roger's vocals cannot be underestimated. 01. We Will Rock You - where do I begin? You hear this song everywhere, like sports events and such. A rock 'n' roll classic! The lyrics and music make this a very powerful anthem. The stomps and claps make this a recognisable tune with a classic solo. Great song 4/5. 02. We Are The Champions - Queen decide not to save best for last, instead leave it up front for everybody to hear. Another rock anthem that will stay in our hearts for years to come. Also used at sports events! A great highlight 5/5. 03. Sheer Heart Attack - Queen make a debut into the punk-rock world with a fierce embellishment of a song. An overlooked song that proves Queen do anything and get away with it 3/5. 04. All Dead, All Dead - a great song with vocals by Brian May and Freddie Mercury. Great piano and a catchy chorus with a sad concept. Great song 4/5. 05. Spread Your Wings - John Deacon's best song. A true highlight off the album that truly speaks to the audience. It's a story about a lowclass guy named Sammy, who works at a bar sweeping the floor who never really had the freedom to do what he wanted. That is what songwriting should be all about storytelling. Great vocals by Freddie 5/5. 06. Fight From The Inside - a hardrocking song with a f--king kick-ass intro, a kick-ass bassline with kick-ass riffs all around. Roger Taylor's voice is perfect for hardrocking songs like this. This is one of the only Queen albums that Roger's songs don't drag the album behind because most of the songs on the album are similar 4/5. 07. Get Down Make Love - definately the worst song on the album, but still good. A sexually based song that makes me feel uncomfortable whenever I listen to it with somebody else. This song grows on you if you give it a chance 2/5. 08. Sleeping On The Sidewalk - a sleazy, bluesy-rocker with great vocals by Brian May. This song has a real raw sound. In fact, this song was recorded in only one take. The band did other takes but didn't sound as good as the first take 4/5. 09. Who Needs You - an overlooked John Deacon song that has a great Latin sound. The lyrics could be better but the easy listening music makes that obsolete. Great acoustic solos 3/5. 10. It's Late - the best song on the album due to its running time at 6:26. This song has a great riff with a great drum performance throughout the song. Great vocals at the chorus too! That proves that Queen hasn't lost interest in their extravagant vocals! A true highlight 5/5. 11. My Melancholy Blues - a beautiful ballad with great piano improvisation at the intro. Great choice for percussion, brush drums. The drums match the style of the song perfectly. The old '30s swing ballad. Great album closer 4/5.

Overall Impression — 10
It did compare to albums like "The Game" and "Jazz." The most impressive songs have to be "We Are The Champions," "Spread Your Wings," and "It's Late." I love that Queen chose to explore new sounds because it payed off in the end. I hate that they explored too far into sounds like Latin ("Who Needs You"). If it were stolen/lost, I would definately buy another copy. It is definately worth buying for hardcore fans and casual fans alike. Some casual fans should stick to the Compilations but should check out this record, too. The 1991 Remastered CD also includes a bonus remix of "We Will Rock You."

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