Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid [DVD] Review

artist: Queen date: 12/12/2008 category: compact discs
Queen: Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid [DVD]
Release Date: October 30, 2007
The content of this Queen DVD, isn't bad at all, the set is slightly Greatest Hits-ish, but that's only to be expected really.
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Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid [DVD] Reviewed by: GiantSpider, on january 08, 2008
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Sound: Ok, so it's 1981, Queen have just released their Greatest Hits album worldwide to massive sucess. Their last studio album was The Game, a world wide chart topper spawning such number ones as Another One Bites the Dust & Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Their recent tour of South America had set attendence records. Queen were definetly aband in top form. So they decided tostage two separate gigs in Montreal, Canada for the purpose of recording a film. Yet this DVD doesn't seem to capture it. The audience just don't get into it, now many excuses has made made for the two gigs this DVD is compiled from, but that is the top and bottom of it. Love of My Life is a perfect example of this, the audiences in South America sang this word perfect, in english, and yet the Montreal crowd, just doesn't. The band don't get into it at all, they seem annoyed, something which has since been blamed on the director. The tracks from The Game also miss the synthesizers that were used to create them. The sound itself however isn't bad at all, Queen spend a lot of time making sure these things go out with the highest quality. 2.0 PCM Stereo and 5.1 DTS come with this. The Live Aid performance is of course a different matter, it is widely accepted to be the greatest live performance ever, and you'd be hard pushed to find someone to disagree. Sound wise though, it's not as good as the concert proper, although it too comes with the same sound options. // 6

Overall Impression: Queen have high standards, I've already said in other reviews, that Live At Wembley is perhaps the best live release many will ever see, and in such illustrious company, Queen Rocks Montreal doesn't really stand up to them. It proves however you can film concerts on actual film, something which they did again, and AC/DC would do. And the quality of the footage and audio are the two savings graces for a perhaps above average performance. If I lost this version of the concert I probably wouldn't buy it again. But I bet the newly released high definition versions will be a different prospect. // 7

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overall: 9.8
Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid [DVD] Reviewed by: bluesman6885, on december 12, 2008
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Sound: This DVD documents a concert from The Forum, in Montreal Canada. It was a period when Queen peaked in it's popularity in North America, and they were without question at the top of their game, & had no peer to contend with them in the Arena Rock scene. It is Queen Productions' first venture into a Blu-Ray Release, and they went through a very extensive process to get the film; as well as restore the negative, and remaster the audio in DTS 5.1 Surround Sound. Most fans will recognize the look ans setlist from an older release entitled 'QUEEN - We Will Rock You' But take my word for it, this DVD is well worth the money. Not only is the concert fully restored, but there's commentary (Brian May & Roger Taylor), a segment from music T.V. programme (Early 80's), the famous Live Aid footage where they stole the show at Wembley Stadium, as well as Live Aid rehearsal footage and an interview segment (BBC? ) predating the concert. Queen Rock Montreal was one of the first full-length rock concerts shot with 35mm film. Mobilevision, and the director had legal disputes with Queen over the rights & royalties to the film... they wanted the footage, but it would only be sacrificed at a lucrative amount. So eventually after tensions cooled and the opposing party "shuffled off," Queen Productions acquired the original films and the rights to it and planned a re-release... and it was a well thought out ohe too... // 10

Overall Impression: This DVD clearly shows that Queen clearly made their own unique place in the rock world. They stand alone and have no peer to what they've accomplished and contributed. Just like The Stones, The Beatles, Hendrix, Clapton, you name them. The most impressive thing about this DVD is that it's rock history captured on film. Frankly it's haunting and kinda creepy that some of the songs in the main concert were shot exactly 10 years before he died. The only think I don't like about this is that, apart from the extra goodies... this isn't anything I haven't seen before. I already owned the Montreal concert, even though in comparison the quality of the old version sucks ass to this new version. And I also don't really like that the Live Aid stuff was never remastered or anything... if it was truly digitally restored, Bob Geldof's boys must've done it because it's not the same technology as used on the Montreal concert. This will forever be a part of my collection... I gave the old version of the concert away. And now the new is in it's place. // 9

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