Queens Of The Stone Age Review

artist: Queens of the Stone Age date: 06/13/2005 category: compact discs
Queens of the Stone Age: Queens Of The Stone Age
Released: Sep 22, 1998
Genre: Stoner Rock, Alternative Rock, Desert Rock
Label: Loosegroove Records
Number Of Tracks: 11
"Queens of the Stone Age" is the self-titled debut album by American rock band Queens of the Stone Age.
 Sound: 8.3
 Lyrics: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 10
Queens Of The Stone Age Reviewed by: ThEgReEnMuNkY, on june 13, 2005
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Sound: This CD sounds incredible to say the least. It's very comparable to their latest (Lullabies To Paralyze) in that, there's no Oliveri on bass/vocals, Josh Homme was the main creative force behind it, and Homme delivers the same dark vibe with sexual sort of tinge to everything (just faster, and edgier than "Lullabies"). Granted QOTSA's music has evolved from this point, but the sound overall is excellent. // 10

Lyrics: I'll put this way, Josh Homme pulls off everthing he does on this album. Some of the lyrics are odd and by definition seem out of place, but everything fits with the music in a very Jimi Hendrix "Purple Haze" sort of way. The sound of the lyrics with the music comes together much like "Lullabies" meets "Rated R" (again its the absence of Oliveri). Everything concerning the lryics and vocals aren't as fine-tuned as they are on any of the subsequent albums, but they are in no way even slightly bad. // 10

Overall Impression: Being a longtime fan of both QOTSA and Kyuss I've bought all their albums (except this one, until now). All I can really say is that I wish I had picked this up sooner. I heard the singles from this CD way back when it first came out, but for whatever reason I didn't check out QOTSA until "Rated R" was out. The standout songs to me are the first three (regular Jhon, Avon, and If Only) along with Hispanic Impressions (Guitar track) and Give the Mule what he wants (it left an impression for whatever reason). I'd recommend this CD for any QOTSA fan, especially those who enjoyed "Lullabies". If it were lost/stolen I'd go out and buy two more copies just to make sure it didn't happen again. // 10

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overall: 6
Queens Of The Stone Age Reviewed by: fu attacker, on march 15, 2004
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Sound: I'm suprised no one has reviewed this album as of yet because it is QOTSA. Those who are aware of the recent Queens split will know that Josh Homme will be working on the 4th album mostly by himself. This album was recorded by Josh Homme and a drummer so similarities could be expected. Most of the stuff is fairly typical of the Queens but having first listend to 'Rated-R' and 'Songs For The Deaf' this album seems incomplete. There won't be the vocals from bassist Nick Olivieri and guitarist Mark Lanegan, which might dissappoint but dude! They hadn't joined the band yet! 'Queens of the Stone Age' is basically a sample of Josh's guitaring skills which are really good as we all know ('Hispanic Impressions'). My favourite track is 'Regular John', which is the first track (hmmm...) I did find myself getting bored of the album going through. // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics aren't as good as those on the next two albums. They're good it's not as if you seriously think about the crapness of them but they just seem like sandwich filler... // 6

Overall Impression: 'Songs for the Deaf' had warped me from the 1st track, I was not witness to QOTSA evolution as it happened, consequently their 1st album is a bit pants. Although essential if your a fan, I seriously pondered over it and shamefully realised that it was dull. There are no anthems ('Nicotine, Valium, Vycodine, Marujana, Ecstascy and Alcohol') like 'No one Knows', there are no suspenseful songs ('Better living through Chemistry') and there are no psychotic Olivieri shoutings ('Tension Head'). But then QOTSA fans will know that their band is a live band so all is not lost. But then maybe it is since Olivieri and Lanegan have left. With Homme all alone in the recording studios (we pray for you) for the 4th album, I begin to question the Queen's future. // 6

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overall: 8
Queens Of The Stone Age Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 11, 2007
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Sound: This, without a shadow of a doubt is not only one QOTSA's best, but is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Period. Being their first album, the work on this album is fairly impressive. Myself, the first record that I ever heard was Songs For The Deaf, and I was hooked! After I bought R and LTP, I decided to pick up the first. One problem. It's not in print anymore. Anywhere. So, I had to order it (a pricy $40), and I said to myself " this better be good". Well, it was. As far as sound goes, this album is much more raw than anything Josh would do in the future, making it have a much more "real" feel to it, as opposed to something that may be overproduced, such as, SFTD. This album is also a lot more basic and simple than the next three to follow (with the exception of perhaps "You Can't Quit Me Baby). This album is very riff oriented, and realies on a cool powerchord progression rather than an intricately woven song that they would do later songs such as "Someone's In The Wolf". Very repetitive, but it works here. Throughout the album you get a look at some of the styles that would influence his later work. And although this is an all Josh album, I was not upset by this. His voice was very interesting. The guitar sound was also very cool, as the guitars were tuned down to the infamous "C" tuning that Josh uses, but unlike the other albums that Josh does with this tuning, this is the only one where he actually plugged his guitar into a bass amp, and the result is very cool. // 9

Lyrics: This is the only part that is really a let down. Although not bad by any respect, he had a long way to improve before he would get to his signature style that would be seen on albums such as R. Though, there are some highlights, such as the opener "Regular John", which tells the story of a man seeing a phone number on a bathroom wall, and his infatuation that he has with the girl who owns the number. Another, and one of my faves of the album, is "I Was A Teenage Hand Model", which tells the story of a washed-up middle age man who reminices about his days as a Teenage model. // 7

Overall Impression: Certaintly one of the most addicting albums, this is a must have for any hard-core QOTSA fan who must own all the albums. My personal fav songs on the album were "Regular John", "Avon", How To Handle A Rope" and "IWATHM".The only thing that I was dissapointed was the lack of Nick Oliveri and Mark Lanegan. Speaking of Nick, if you listen to the end of "IWATHM", you'll hear Nick talkig on an answering machine. Very cool foreshadowing. What I love most about this album over all the others is the innocence that this album projected. Not yet has SFTD been released, nor has the expectations that Josh would have to live up to in later albums. If it was stolen, I would have to find who did it, and give them a new pair of shoes and take them out for a swim, then take it back. // 8

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overall: 7.7
Queens Of The Stone Age Reviewed by: Lich2011, on november 08, 2011
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Sound: Queens Of The Stone Age has since the start shown us that they are able to create their very own style. Through their first self titled album they manage to impress and surprise in any way that you had not imagined. There is a great deal of creativity throughout the whole album, as well as a standard way of song structuring which is easy to relate to to any person listening. The album was released on September 22. 1992 on Loose Groove records, and is still an impressive album today as it was back in the 90s. The album was primarily written and recorded by founding member Josh Homme and former Kyuss drummer Alfredo Hernndez. They were also joined by earlier Kyuss bassist Nick Oliveri, who was going to be an important part of the band later in it's history. The style of the band is hard to describe, though you easily could say it's based hard rock material. Some fans would describe it as stoner rock. A genre better known from Joshua Homme's previous works with Kyuss. // 8

Lyrics: Joshua Homme is the man behind all of the lyrics in this album. He has a very psychedelic yet easy way of expressing himself through the lyrics. With his unique style of songwriting he manages to strengthen the feel of the album, though many people would mean the exact different. Some of the lyrics can to some seem a bit weak and even pointless, but as mentioned Joshua Homme has a very unique style of writing lyrics. Homme offers a very fragile yet passionate way of singing. To many fans his voice can seem versatile. This album is not the best proof of that, but Homme still delivers a solid performance from the start and until the end of the record. This album gives you an impression of Homme's early singing career, and an insight to his solid style of singing. // 7

Overall Impression: Though "Queens Of The Stone Age" is an album made by former Kyuss members, you would be surprised how different the sounds of Kyuss are from Queens Of The Stone Age's in this album. The group delivers original material with a whole new sound. Songs like "Regular John", "Avon" and "Mexicola", is important and popular songs of the album that gives the album a natural flow. While instrumental songs like "Hispanic Impressions" and "Spiders And Vinegaroons", have a more creative and impressive sound. Queens Of The Stone Age is like a drug! When you start using it, it gets harder to give it up. Many people would say that this is an appropriate ideology of the album, though some would rather say it is a passive performance of Queens Of The Stone Age. This is maybe not the strongest or most attractive release in the bands history, but it is absolutely worth buying. Not a doubt! // 8

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