Frequency Unknown review by Queensrÿche

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  • Released: Apr 23, 2013
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 3.4 (53 votes)
Queensrÿche: Frequency Unknown

Sound — 6
Queensryche: a band that has been subject to massive amounts of controversy within the music world. Allegations of manipulation over the band's ability to write music, hiring outside writers, secretly selling the rights to "Operation: Mindcrime" to animation companies. In the end, original lead vocalist Geoff Tate was fired from the band, however for some reason he has decided that he still has the rights to the "Queensryche" name, and so formed another band named Queensryche and has just released a new album, titled "Frequency Unknown". Musically, the new album is comprised of heavy, alternative metal guitar riffs backed by the occasional piano playing and heavy hitting choruses, such as what's demonstrated in the lead single "Cold". It's very different as compared to Queensryche's earlier efforts, almost as though this is a conscious effort. The aforementioned piano playing sticks out like a sore thumb in the chorus, as it's surrounded by crunching power chords and vocal harmonies. This dramatic change in sound is an upgrade from the mostly bland, pop-rock style showcased in such recent outings as "Dedicated To Chaos" and "American Soldier", but for those fans looking for a strong return to form, you should probably look elsewhere.

Lyrics — 5
Geoff Tate is still in all rights a good vocalist, which helps provide the new album with some classic feel. All those years of screaming out the intro to "Queen Of The Ryche" has taken an apparent toll on his range, so anything over a medium range is apparently difficult to hit. For the most part this is an entirely new band, which once again brings up the question if this should even be released as a "Queensryche" album.

Overall Impression — 6
All in all, "Frequency Unknown" is a halfway decent album from Geoff Tate's Queensryche. It shows the band embracing a completely different musical style, and although it is admittedly better than the past decade of Queensryche albums, still falls a short. For fans of alternative metal, as well as the army of Geoff Tate diehard followers, this is a must-listen. And original Queensryche fans should go out and give this album a chance as well, sure as hell couldn't hurt. It's an album that still has some good moments, but just wasn't the return-to-form we were all hoping for.

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    This isn't the Queensryche that people care about. I want to hear the other Queensryche! The preview song for their album was actually pretty good.
    FU is bad, but has a few cool moments here and there so it isn't a complete trainwreck of an album. Can't wait for the REAL Queensryche album to come out in June.
    Pretty much the best part of the album is the semi-clever jab at the other Queensryche in the form of the title's abbreviation. Sad that the best part of the album is still quite childish and lame.
    Am I the only one who noticed that on the fourth track that it just randomly cut? Abrupt song transition much? By the way, this album is one of the worst things to come out this year.
    From listening to preveiws of this album it sounds to me like its close the album American soilder...I like the album ATM though
    "It's an album that still has it's moments, but just isn't the comeback we were all secretly hoping for." Don't know if someone beat me to it or not, BUT: We were secretly hoping for more Queensryche? News to me.
    Terrible...Why are these guys still around?
    There are two Queensryches now. One led by Geoff Tate featuring outside writers and a million guest musicians. The other Queensryche is the rest of the band with a different singer. Listen to the song "Redemption" and you'll see.
    The question should be why is Geoff still around. He can do whatever he wants with his solo career, but this album made clear he's not Queensryche like he claims, and that he was what had been destroying the band for the past 20 years. We'll see what the guys in Queensryche can do now that they're "free" again, but it sure as hell will be better than this trainwreck courtesy of Geoff & friends (and 20-something guests he can't even remember).
    Definitely the second worst album with "Queensryche" on the cover ever. You all know the worst..
    I saw Queensryche with Geoff Tate last week, and after a surprisingly good concert, I had good expectations for this album. Unfortunately this album seems to fall flat.
    Even with a bunch of different guys this doesn't sound that different from anything else QR released in the last 15 years. The Tate version of the band, and everything else since Promised Land, should have carried another name. What built their fan-base is contrary to what Tate is interested in doing now. He should sell it under his own name. By comparison, the other guys with the clone are going backward to try and recreate what their younger, more energetic selves did (except without the soul and vision of Tate & DeGarmo)but seems tragically comic to see old men trying to do. The LaTorre version is a tribute act with original members posing as the original. It reminds me of numerous other acts like Badfinger, Foghat and BTO that live off the name forever. All these guys have talent, but what they really need is courage to let the Queensryche name retire and move on as different entities. Even if they play the same songs at shows, it's an honest representation of who and what they are now
    I have been a fan since the EP first came out. Geoff Tate WAS one of my favorite singers. Truth is, he is an egotistical Pr**k whose ego supercedes him. With that said... The songs sound nothing like Queensryche, the album had to be fixed from the way it originally sounded, and STILL SOUNDS HORRID!!! Throw in any CD you've got, then throw that in and notice the production quality - or lack thereof! From what I understand, they have hired someone to "FIX IT" again, and there will be a reissue of it with better production. It still won't make me want to listen to it one iota. Bring on the REAL Queensryche, with Todd LaTorre!!!
    Great album. Great choruses. Great riffs. Great guitar solos. Could've been more progressive, but whatever. 7/10
    Greatly exaggerated or greatly miscalculated assessments. I did like Cold though.
    When the chorus of "Cold" started, I thought Tate might be on to a good line. That thought lasted for all of one bar, and then I was rudely jolted back to reality. So, with one bar of good music, "Cold" is definitely the standout.
    I was positively surprised by this album. Turns out I quite like it. I think I'll buy the remixed version though.
    "Geoff Tate is still in all rights a good vocalist, which helps provide the new album with some classic feel. All those years of screaming out the intro to "Queen Of The Ryche" has taken an apparent toll on his range, so anything over a medium range is apparently difficult to hit." That is hilarious. Geoff Tate is a terrible singer today. and actually "Queen Of The Ryche" has been sung very little by Geoff over the years and he cut out the intro anytime he sung it in the last 15 years.
    FU! I wrote about Queensryche this week on my rock blog, which I would love for you to check out at =]
    You guys haven't listened to the music. You're making snap judgements based on other peoples ill formed opinions. If you listen to this like a new group, which it is, you'll realize that they stand on their own and so does the music. Stop wanting the old Ryche back because neither incarnation is going to give it to you. Redemption is a mess by the way so stop hearing what isn't there.....Queensryche 1987.