Rage For Order review by Queensrÿche

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  • Released: Jun 27, 1986
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.9 (7 votes)
Queensrÿche: Rage For Order

Sound — 8
Queensryche allows their true potential to show with the album "Rage For Order". The intellectual and musical goldmine is struck with this album, as it really captures what would be the new signature sound for Queensryche. The album starts out perfectly with one of my favorite Queensryche songs of all time, "Walk In The Shadows". I first heard this song on their "Greatest Hits" album, and from there I was hooked. Everything about this song is amazing; the haunting vocals from Geoff Tate, the ingenious guitar work, and just the overall sound from this song is unique and great. The tempo slows a little with the next great favorite of mine, "I Dream In Infared". This song brings back that Pink Floyd influence that we heard with "Empire" off their debut album, and this sound continues throughout Queensryche's musical career, most notably with the "Operation: Mindcrime" album and the song "Silent Lucidity" from their next album. "The Whisper" has a different sound as compared to the first two songs on the album, with a faster tempo and a unique rhythm to it, but is still a pretty good song. The same description can be given to the next song, "Gonna Get Close To You". "The Killing Words" brings back that great sound we first heard with "I Dream In Infared", as it has the great tempo changes and just overall amazing Queensryche sound. "Surgical Strike" is very similar soundwise to "The Whisper", and is also a good song. "Neue Regel" sounds like a song that didn't get to go on the "Empire" album, as it brings back the sound of songs such as the title song "Empire" and "Take Hold Of The Flame". "Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)" has the sound of "Walk In The Shadows" with a slightly faster tempo to it. Geoff continues to show his amazing vocal skills throughout this album, and the same can be said with this song. For those who enjoy listing to the story in the concept album "Operation: Mindcrime", this could be what is the prelude to what the story of the album is about. "London" removes that heavy, progressive metal guitar sound and replace it with a much lightly-distorted sound and more keyboard work. However, you can still tell that this song is a Queensryche song, mostly because of that signature singing style and sound that Geoff Tate performs with every song he records. The next song, "Screaming In Digital", has similar guitar work used until the ending, which brings back the amazing distorted sound that we hear it most of Queensryche's music. After listening to this song, you would think that it's purpose was to slowly transition between songs and then end the album with a hard rocking note! However, it doesn't. "I Will Remember" is actually a song played with an acoustic guitar. It really sticks out as compared to the other songs on the album, but that doesn't make the song bad; just different. Overall, "Rage For Order" is a really amazing album by Queensryche, and shows the band musically transitioning to a much more unique sound that will make them infamous.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics for the songs are classic hard rock/progressive metal lyrics. However, part of what makes these lyrics sound so great has to be Geoff Tate's amazing vocals. If these lyrics were performed by another singer, I can't say they would be as great. Geoff Tate's singing sound is so unique and amazing that it's hard for anyone to rival them. His singing is part of what makes Queensryche so great and so unique.

Overall Impression — 9
"Rage For Order" by Queensryche shows the band musically transitioning to a different direction with more clear influences to Pink Floyd, which is partially what will make them so famous. This entire album is amazing, but the most impressive songs off this album have to be: 1. Walk In The Shadows 2. I Dream In Infared 3. I Will Remember 4. Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion) 5. The Killing Words I really love how you can hear how Queensryche is musically evolving, but I also love how they manage to keep their signature sound alive and present throughout the whole album. No matter what style, rhythm or tempo they use for a song, the band manages to keep their influence present. What I dislike about the album is the way the song listing is structured. Each song is great, but just as with many other bands and albums, the way the songs are structured can make the album a little difficult to listen to from beginning to end. If this album were stolen, I would check the location of the tracking device that I placed inside the slip cover, and then take the thief out deep sea "fishing" where he would go "missing". This album is really great, and Queensryche fails to disappoint once again.

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    a drummer wrote: seriously love O:MC and Empire...was this after Queen of the Reich?
    You should know already.
    Roxxie Roxx
    COREYTAYLOR721 wrote: is this band good??? never listened to them what r they comparable to???
    This band is not just good but most excellent. the most obvious band to compare them to is probably iron maiden but they have a vastly different sound them really. the best way is find out your self. Listen to queen of the reich. that is an excellent song. Also give the songs that Cinderellafan14 mentioned in this review.
    COREYTAYLOR721 wrote: is this band good??? never listened to them what r they comparable to???
    i agree with roxxie, this band is really great. i got to see them live back in 07... on topic though, queen of the reich will give you an idea if you want to look further into their discography.. some suggestions i might throw in... -lady wore black -nightrider -eyes of a stranger -empire walk in the shadows is a great song as well.
    a drummer wrote: seriously love O:MC and Empire...was this after Queen of the Reich?
    Yep! Queen of the Reich was on a Queensryche EP.
    COREYTAYLOR721 wrote: is this band good??? never listened to them what r they comparable to???
    The singer sounds like the original Halloween singer or the vocalist Iron Maiden. Queensryche is one of my favorite bands of all time. Some of their best songs include: Queen of the Reich The Lady Wore Black Take Hold Of The Flame Warning Empire Another Rainy Night Jet City Woman Silent Lucidity I Don't Believe In Love All the songs I recommended off this album They have a lot of great music. You'll really be hooked after a few of the songs I listed. They sometimes add some clear Pink Floyd influences, which work perfectly. Thanks for the help, Roxxie Roxx and lespaul45
    the reveiwer needs to get thier facts right. empire wasn't on thier debut album it was on empire and surgical strike sounds nothing like the empire album unless youre reffering to either the ep or the warning. its clear youre a younger fan who doesent know what hes talking about. your reveiw is also very repetitive and i get fed up with you saynig "part of what made them famous" all the time.
    I Dream in Infared is a very underrated song of theirs. Great review!
    To Cinderellafan14: Thanks for the review. One clarification and one correction, OK? This album was after The Warning and before Mindcrime, making it their 3rd release. They had the EP, Warning, Rage, Mindcrime, Empire, then who cares J/k. That isn't keyboard if I remember correctly. This album was their "Judas Priest Turbo" album, meaning they played with their new Roland Guitar synthesizers. Since this is a guitar player's site I wanted you to know