Metal Health review by Quiet Riot

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1983
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.6 (27 votes)
Quiet Riot: Metal Health

Sound — 7
This was the first metal album to hit #1 on the charts. It's got some good songs, and some not-so-good songs. Quiet Riot is a band that is often forgotten. It's got some heavey songs, like Breathless, Run For Cover, Danger Zone, and a short little guitar solo, "Battle Axe". It's got Cum On Feel The Noize, which is one of the best party anthems ever, and Metal Health (Bang Your Head). Metal Health is a good song, but I wouldn't consider it a great song to headbang to.

Lyrics — 6
01. Metal Health - it's a good song. The solo sounds great, the bass is mostly just root notes, and the drum beat is simple. The lyrics are good, but I think this song should be faster if you want to really headbang. 02. Cum On Feel The Noize - despite the horrid spelling of the song, it's still good. The drum beat is again really simple, the guitar is simple, the solo is instantly recognizable, the bass is still just root notes, and the singer sounds like he's trying to sing without much effort. Actually, Quiet Riot didn't even want this song. 03. Don't Wanna Let You Go - same as all the others. Simple bass, drums, guitar, lyrics. 04. Slick Black Cadillac - how good can a song about a car be? Well, this one's catchy, but still it's rather simple. You might be noticing the theme of simplicity, but you don't need to be Eddie Van Halen or Slash to do a good song. 05. Love's A Bitch - slow beginning. Not much to say here, really. 06. Breathless - starts off with some drums, a galloping rhythm, nice guitar work, and screaming. 07. Run For Cover - starts off fast. I think it's kind of a stupid song, and I'm not a fan of screaming singers. 08. Battle Axe - it's mostly little riffs and licks here and there. It's not the greatest, but it does a great job leading into the next song. 09. Let's Get Crazy - an attempt at a catchy party anthem. Same as all the others. 10. Thunderbird - wait, this is odd. After all these songs, suddenly there's a piano? And the singer is actually clean-sounding? This is an attempt at one of those inspirational songs, and is out of place. But it's still pretty good. 11. Danger Zone - same as most of the others. 12. Slick Black Cadillac Live - Slick Black Cadillac, except live. The sound is pretty boring, and really nothing new. Not much to say, really.

Overall Impression — 7
It's one of the worst in my collection, which includes Van Halen, Scorpions, Pearl Jam, Ozzy, GN'R, Steve Miller, Tommy Boy Soundtrack (randomly), Tom Petty, The Police, and other stuff. None of the songs are all that impressive. Not much to love here, but it's not bad enought to hate. If it were lost, I would say "oh well". It's all on my computer anyway.

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    Dude, Thunderbird was written as a tribute to Randy Rhoads. A little more respect would be appreciated. RIP RANDY. RIP KEVIN.
    deathmagnetic01 wrote: This is better than Van Halen, Scorpions, Pearl Jam, Steve Miller, Tommy Boy Soundtrack (randomly), Tom Petty, The Police.....
    Come on, better than the Scorpions? I'm going to assume you havn't listened to anything other than rock you like a hurricane. Anyway the review is weak and doesn't really have anything to say. No good songs about cars... get out of here.
    Dude, are you serious? This came out in 83 and you're critiqueing it like it should stand up to music of today.
    JTHM_Guitarist; true, but it's not just that. It DOES stand up with todays music, providing you like 80's Glam Metal. The other bands he mentioned that he has in his collection are all of totally different genres. Comparing Quiet Riot to The Police? Please. And to say they never followed it up with anything significant is also an idiotic statement. Conditon Critical, their next album, is just as good.
    wow. lets just treat one of the best metal albums of all time like it's shit, why don't we. If you liked it this little, why did you even do a review, leave it to us metalheads who know our shit.
    All of these reviews are pretty generic so far.You have to take into account when this album came out.This was a a huge album that brought melodic hard rock to a commercial level that took it to the heights that it became in the eighties.All of the songs on this album have stood the test of time.Metal Health-the title song-huge riff that still sounds great today.To me one of the best songs that is often overlooked is Breathless-incredibly great melody-If you dont like this album,you dont appreciate great melodic hard rock.
    jthm_guitarist wrote: Dude, are you serious? This came out in 83 and you're critiqueing it like it should stand up to music of today.
    It doesnt stand up to todays music, because its way better than todays music!
    Overall, the album is pretty good. It doesn't really matter whether the lines are simple or not; as long as it sounds good. Even with a lot of it being simple, it's still a lot more technical than today's rock which is starting to really go down the drain-except for a select few bands.l
    Metal Health is a classic album, and Condition Critial is also a classic album. Totally disagree with this review, as it makes Quiet Riot seem like they only made 1 good album. I own most Quiet Riot albums and I can honestly say they are very good (With Kevin, not because he's dead I've always thought this).
    This is better than Van Halen, Scorpions, Pearl Jam, Steve Miller, Tommy Boy Soundtrack (randomly), Tom Petty, The Police.....