Be My Runaway review by Racing Kites

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  • Released: Dec 23, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 10 (2 votes)
Racing Kites: Be My Runaway

Sound — 7
New Jersey's power pop quintet Racing Kites releases their EP, Be My Runaway in time to shoot up the Spring Break crowd with adrenaline, and fuel the beachcombers who come out for the summertime parties that litter the sandy dunes of the shoreline with positive energy. Racing Kites are a bit like cupid, aiming their arrows at people's hearts and injecting them with a barrage of feel good vibes. Their songs have similar pop punk rip-chords to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus going off at optimal pressure points and buckled in unwavering optimism reflective of the Plain White T's. Racing Kites produce a beach party frenzy sparked by untainted romanticism and power pop throbbing common to All Time Low with rivulets of sugar-filled rock and pogoing beats relatable to New Found Glory fusing the melodic movements. Racing Kites do not differentiate themselves from their musical influences in their music, but rather the band immerses themselves in pop culture's power pop gusts wedged by bulging pulses. Be My Runaway is a perfect date album to warm your partner up to you as guitarists Matt Federer and Matt Howard stimulate a rush in the blood flow undertowed by buoyant pumps from bassist Preston Rahbari and drummer Rick Szpakowski while lead vocalist Alex Ziabko surfs the rhythmic swells. The taut ruffles in the guitar riffs have a party pop bent in tracks like Takeover and All Night Is Alright with an aggressively piercing guitar solo in the latter one that creates wedges of bulging rifts. The pogoing grooves are tooled in foamy guitar cuts through Tonight's Attraction and the title track, while My Everything is wreath in calming acoustics and romantically lit vocals. The album is chin deep in power pop trenches, though the band does show signs of branching out into other modes of music like acoustic pop and hard-textured rock.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics have a romantic slant like being engulfed in the first phase of falling in love. Feelings are untainted by hurt, and the tenacity to be positive is unrelenting. Lines like The girl's got me dreaming she's got me dancing on the ceiling from All Night Is Alright, and I want to be the boy who sweeps you off your feet she knows she's my everything from My Everything have an emo-tinted romanticism that fills the listener with warm, fuzzy vibrations about being in love. The lyrics make you want to live in these songs. The object of desire in the lyrics have the attributes of a drug like in Takeover when Ziabko tells, She's got me going out of my mind for her she's got me, she wants me now. And sometimes the lyrics seek a resolution to the deep yearning like in Tonight's Attraction with phrases like, It's getting hot in here / Just follow me right now tonight will be the night we won't forget. The lyrics voice what exists in one's mind. All the promises and visions are idealistic and give listeners something to look forward to, a desirable goal set in their sights.

Overall Impression — 7
Call it romantically imbued punk, sugar-filled rock or emo-logged power pop, but whatever it is called, Racing Kites make the kind of songs that can fire up people's lustful ways and need to possess the object of their desire. The lyrics show naivety and genuine optimism mirrored in the music with reels of power pop rip-chords and accelerating momentum traveling at a buoyant stride. It is an album that breaths life into it's listeners, juicing them up with adrenaline and keeping them high on feel good vibes.

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    Was this a competition "how many sea references can i make in a review" entry?
    seems like another band who wants to get that type(late blink" ) if attention. It is interesting... for 13y olds. really.