Praying For The Be(a)st review by Radio For The Daydreamers

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  • Released: Dec 1, 2011
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.9 (9 votes)
Radio For The Daydreamers: Praying For The Be(a)st

Sound — 6
It is very hard to place Radio For The Daydreamers into a category, and to be honest, quite unnecessary. This is a truly experimental band, one of those rare groups that are able to transcend genre definition, stimulating fascination and curiosity in anyone who stumbles upon their intriguing music. The band's unpredictable blend of post rock, electro, fusion, jazz and alternative rock elements is more powerful and focused than ever, and their upcoming album "Praying For The Be(a)st" (selfproduced, due out digitally on December 2nd, 2011) blinks an eye to modernity, while flirting with retro reminiscences. With this album, Radio For The Daydreamers crafted a very ambitious album which features 23 songs, blessing the work with a tremendous variety from start to end. Mind-blowing progressive rides, cinematic landscapes, drones and beautiful textures take the listener hand in hand through a unique musical journey. The visual art and thematics behind the music is equally important as the sound in the band's rich imagery, defined by fabled song names with innumerable references to the world we live in and its issues (with an almost outsider look), and there is plenty of tributes to artists, poets and myths which have influenced the musicians outlook on their art - and most likely - personal views. The enigmatic album artwork is a coexistence between simple, minimal pictures related to the music and structured mathematical functions in a fractal order.

Lyrics — 7
This album is essentially an instrumental album, but the music speaks for itself. Although vocals appear once in a while, I wouldn't really think they qualify as lyrics, rather than extra elements that add to the vibe and mood of the songs. The music is so progressive and free-form that you don't really feel the missing of a singing voice or the need for lyrics.

Overall Impression — 7
I love the open-mindedness of this album, as well as the fact that the band doesnt't seem to self-impose boundaries in terms of what they wanna do, but they are able to still follow a pattern that defines who they are as a band. Great production with focus on every aspect of the work, from the sounds to the peculiar artwork of the album.

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    The production isn't that great, actually. The drums in particular are far too compressed and the synths are tacky. Also I think guitars are a teeny bit out of tune. Although I usually go nuts for this sort of music, its a little too safe and restrained, despite the increasingly interesting chord progressions and so on, it doesn't go anywhere aside from its own realm of black and white post-noir avante-whatever cinema music. Would sound great in a video game advert though.
    Such an amazing music!!! Really unique and cinematic! Waiting for full album!
    How can you people already talk about the album "not being that great" when it isnt out yet? From what I have heard, this sounds like a really good album!