Amnesiac review by Radiohead

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  • Released: Jun 5, 2001
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (95 votes)
Radiohead: Amnesiac

Sound — 10
Completely off the wall, absolute madness, just two definitions I have heard of radiohead's most underrated album. Amnesiac does not contain one masterpiece, and to call it a masterpiece is a stretch of the word. Also, anyone who expects anything like OK computer will be disappointed (with the exception of Knives out, more on that later). However, listen to this album with fresh ears and you will appreciate its individuality, complexity, and sheer brilliance in places. It starts with the (bizzarely named) Packd like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box. That is not a typo, it is spelt that way. Opening with techno drums and Yorke crooning "after years of waiting, nothing came", it is even more of a required taste than Kid a (and thats saying a lot). however, listen to it a few times and you can truly appreciate the song. There are several flaws in this album. There are some songs (Pull/Pulk Revolving doors) that are just too weird for their own good and will only attract the most hardcore radiohead fan. However, every song surprises, from the piano-led Pyramid song to their new (slightly inferior) version of their classic Morning Bell. Arguably the best song on the album Knives out is different again, but being played by the entire band makes it sound like something from Hail to the Thief. It sounds a bit like the interlude of Paranoid Android. Despite its flaws, radiohead managed to reinvent themselves again for this album, and it is worthy of a 10, full stop.

Lyrics — 10
Thom Yorke, the best singer/vocalist alive, has changed again. Yes, he has added more vocals since the sparse kid a. Yes, they are bizzare, and of course, are worthy of a 10. His words arent to be taken literally (of course, you'd have to be nieve to say that), but his lyrical genius shines through like a beacon of light. His vocals carry much more melody than kid a's lyrics (sorry to keep going back to that album, its the only radiohead album I can compare amnesiac with). Full marks.

Overall Impression — 10
Do not buy this album if you want guitar riffs, solos, and acoustic guitars. similarly, this album shouldnt really be in the rock section in CD shops. However, if you like broad styles of music, innovation, and have an open mind, run and get this now. If you thought kid a was "too weird", stay away from amnesiac, because it just keeps on getting weirder and weirder. well done radiohead!

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    This is the best Radiohead CD. Its just awesome. I mean You And Whose Army and Dollars And Cents are guitar driven masterpieces. If you like National Anthem from Kid A you'll definatly love Life In A Glass House. Pyramid song is just stunning and I Might Be Wrong is a modern-rock classic. Honestly whats not to love about his album???
    thom york
    Sound: This is a great album coming from a great band. Like their previous albums it has great sound with good rythm and bass beat. In many of their songs the sound is what really makes a song stand out not the lyrics. Radiohead is easy to listen to especially for a person who has never heard anything like it. Lyrics: In most radiohead songs thom sings some pretty crazy lyrics. This is part of what makes up radiohead though. Think about the song Paranoid Android (from OK Computer). One of the lyrics to this song goes
    please can you stop the noise....from all the unborn chicken voices in my head.
    This might be a crazy line but it is still an awesome song in my opinion. However some of their songs don't even have lyrics like hunting bears. If you do take lyrics literally then it pretty much means you wont like radiohead. Impression: Another great radiohead album. Very good sounds and rythms. Songs like You and Whose Army, I Might Be Wrong, and knives out are all great songs from this album. Many of the songs from this album very interesting and different with more natural sounds. This is an inovative album which is hard to classify into a specific genre. This is another great album from Radiohead. In my opinion it is not there best but is very good. It is definately worth being heard.
    i love this much better than kid A the best song on there is deffinatly Life in a Glasshouse its just a work of pure art! love it!