Evil Empire Review

artist: Rage Against the Machine date: 09/15/2005 category: compact discs
Rage Against the Machine: Evil Empire
Released: Apr 16, 1996
Genre: Rap Metal, Funk Metal, Alternative Metal
Label: Epic
Number Of Tracks: 11
"Evil Empire" is the second studio album by American rap metal band Rage Against the Machine.
 Sound: 8.3
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 8.3
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overall: 10
Evil Empire Reviewed by: duncang, on september 15, 2005
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Sound: The sound is unlike their debut, with a lot more hip-hop songs and less heavy riffs. Zack sounds less angry, and the music is less desperate than, for example "Know Your Enemy" from Rage Against The Machine. The sound is still absolutely amazing, but I miss the heavy top-class riffs in songs like "Killing In The Name" on their debut. // 10

Lyrics: Normal Rage, left-wing, accusing, and still deep and amazing. // 10

Overall Impression: 01. People Of The Sun - very basic guitar, but it sounds great, and the lyric to the chorus and the guitar mix perfectly. Best bit: chorus.

02. Bulls On Parade - listening to the powerful riff, you know its going to be great, and the guitar sound is very well bull-ish. The verse is one of the best Rage has done. The solo is impressive, and the wah-wah riff is powerful in the outro. Best bit: outro.

03. Vietnow - tap-foot beat, and the lyrics are great here. The chorus has such an unstoppable guitar part. Best bit: chorus.

04. Revolver - strange effects intro, going into a strong slow riff, which makes you think its gonna be like Bulls On Parade. But no, the chorus is so bloody fast, short and sweet. The verse gets tedious though. Best bit: chorus.

05. Snakecharmer - mini-drum solo intro, with an intruigingly simple riff, with Zack starting off whispering, and building up to a massive scream in the chorus. Best bit: verse.

06. Tire Me - faster than Vietnow, better guitar than People Of The Sun and not much of a chorus to speak of. One of the highlights of the album. Beat bit: verse.

07. Down Rodeo - the best riff on the album, and a weird verse with a squeaking guitar. The second part of the verse gets annoying, but another great song. Best bit: riff.

08. Without A Face - Know Your Enemy-ish verse, except quieter. The chorus has a cool guitar wah-riff, but overall is less catchy than the others. Best bit: chorus.

09. Wind Below - good riff, promises one hell of a song, but doesnt deliver in the end. Best bit: riff.

10. Roll Right - not a very Rage-ish riff, but catchy none-the-less. Best bit: verse.

11. Year Of Tha Boomerang - freak-ass opening, going into the same kind of guitar that was missing from the rest of the album, heavy debut album style. The bit in the middle of the verse is just plain weird though. Best bit: verse. // 10

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overall: 10
Evil Empire Reviewed by: RAT TRAPs, on november 13, 2003
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Sound: This album was a departure from ''ratm'' cause on this one it sounds like tha bass went louder and Tom defenatly went crazy on ''wind below''he does for a solo what I can only describe as a ''crazy stars falling sound''. The overall sound quality is also improved. // 10

Lyrics: Zack is up to his old tricks! Once again he does great job writing puzling and metaphorical lyrics very well describing the back door politics of this day and age. If you didnt like the previous rage lyrics chanses are you'll ejoy this one better.I think that on this album the lirycs are comparable to ''Nirvana'' or ''Smashing pumpkins'' poeticaly speaking, while still giving real world names and events. The lyrics fit espesialy well with the more Funk and Punk. In some songs you can even hear lyrics whispered on a second mic chanel. My advise to you listen to the lyrics well and you might learn a thing or to about balancing metaphores and clear but meanigful lyrics. // 10

Overall Impression: This album more then compares to any thing else by rage. The album is great ''down rodeo'' a song about raceism inthe south and ''snakecharmer'' a song about greed are some of my personal favorites but all the songs are ok. It's definitely a must buy for any one how likes political music (be it Rap or Punk), original yet still anger-transmiting riffs, tight beats and poetic and meaningful lyrics. // 10

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overall: 7.3
Evil Empire Reviewed by: daytripper75, on september 13, 2004
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Sound: I think the sound on this album is average. The bass is definitely turned up on this one, and Tom's guitar is pretty cool, but nothing better than anything else he's done with rage. The sound is different than their self titled but in a way its the same. Instead of the guitar just being distorted and heavy on most tracks like their self titled cd, there are more dynamics to it. // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics on here are definitely good. Zack keeps the same political underlayings as he did on all of their cds. Bascially if yoo like his lyrics on their other cds then you'll like them on here too. I think the lyrics on this one a bit more powerful and meaningful than on their other cds. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall I'd say it's a great album. Maybe not quite as good as self titled, but it's close. It seems to be Rage's most overlooked album. Most people know the self titled and Battle of LA but they ignore this one. Those people are missing out because this one is definitely as good. Some really good songs on it are Vietnow, Revolver, and People Of The Sun. So overall, it's a great cd. If you are a Rage fan and you don't own it, I would consider it a must have. // 8

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overall: 8.7
Evil Empire Reviewed by: Stealthbass, on november 14, 2005
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Sound: Type of music: rock. This is great rock. They have a great variety of they way they make the sound with their instruments. They use pedals to play and make a very original sound. This is not their best, but very great still. I would suggest playing some of these songs to learn what rock is about. // 9

Lyrics: This is not Zack's best lyrics. But he does pretty good. They don't flow as well as they usually do. They aren't his best skills on singing either. // 8

Overall Impression: This CD is not their best. It is with all of the other 85% bands and songs. The most impressive songs on this album are the last two: Roll Right, Revolver, and Year Of The Boomerang. These two songs being some of their top songs. I don't like some of the repetitiousness in this album. The repeating is completely unlike RATM. But I love Year of the Boomerang. If it were stolen/lost there is an 95% I would want it back, but an 85% I would buy it back. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Evil Empire Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 13, 2006
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Sound: This is Rage's most overlooked album, because it follows a slower, yet much more route than their self-titled and third studio album. The album explodes from the start, with People Of The Sun and Bulls On Parade, which are more like traditional Rage songs, especially Bulls, which is perhaps their best song. Vietnow changes the pace a bit by introducing a repetitous element that works well with the song. Revolver prominently displays Tom Morrello's skill with the guitar as it opens with sounds I could have sworn came from a server room and leads on into a very mature song about wife abuse. Snakecharmer sounds very different from previous Rage songs with a small static effect added to Zack's voice, while the guitar and drums take a heavy route. Tire me is perhaps their fastest song, and actually sounds very good especially with Brad Wilk's drumwork and Tim Commerford's (credited as Tim Bob) excellent intro. Down Rodeo is a fun, if somewhat random, song. Without A Face is a very mature song, but it seems very relaxed and often lulls me to sleep. I don't exactly know why, as it's a pretty heavy song, but it just takes a very relaxing rythm. Wind Below is perhaps Rage's slowest song as it deals with the consumerism in America. Roll Right is Rage's idea of an excuse to rock out, and I liked it; it is a very good song to just lean back and listen to. Year Of Tha Boomerang is a deep song, and Zack actually repeats the entire song here, but it doesn't feel cheap at all. In fact, it makes perfect sense. Throughout this entire album, Tom's guitar shines with a variety of effects that would make Star Wars blush. There are no tradiontally played solos like with Know Your Enemy or Take The Power Back, but the solo for Bulls On Parade is amazing, as he does it by just sliding his hand and switiching pickups. Tim Commerford's bass also shines, and is more distinctive in the sophomore album. Brad Wilk's drums have taken a very punk turn, but it works well with the guitars and Zack. Instead of being backup to the song, drums are crucial now. Zack has many more tones than just Angry in this album, from the slow whispering of Wind Below to the straight rapping of Bulls On Parade to the fast paced Tire Me. If anything, the album gets a bit boring since the songs follow a pattern after People and Bulls, but the fact that each song sounds different is enough to keep the album exciting. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are much more mature here. Gone are the previous rantings about conspiracy, hypocracy and social injustice. Here, there is abuse, racism, consumerism and the general cons of society rather than government. That is, once again, after People Of The Sun and Bulls On Parade. Those two are traditional Rage songs about government. The ones after are the ones that target society. Revolver is particularly heavy lyrics-wise as it deals with a woman who has suffered abuse from her husband, so she waits at the door for him with a revolver in her hand. the rest of the song isn't as straightforward as Revolver, but the issues are as heavy. // 10

Overall Impression: This is a very mature album from Rage. If you want an album to rock out to, skip this. People Of The Sun and Bulls On Parade are traditional and two of their best songs, but the rest takes a much slower but heavier pace. The album itself is great, with lots of variety, but the songs are repetitive and sometimes a bit boring. It is definitely a keeper, but not for excitement or rocking out, but simply for thought. It's a thought provoking album, that questions society, not the easy target: government. // 8

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overall: 8.7
Evil Empire Reviewed by: Nirvanafan60, on february 04, 2011
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Sound: Rage against The Machine's second studio album is a more fast pace side of Ratm with tracks like Vietnow wich is a fast paced song but they have still kept the original Ratm rebellious spirit and heavy metal tune. Tom Morello is my favourite guitarist and I idolize him for his talent I love bulls on parade because it is a great song for Tom. The bassist who keeps changing his name is a great bassist and Tire me is his best song. Brad Wilk, a great drummer and is one of my favourite drummers of all time, Best song People of the sun. Zach De La Rocha the singer famous for his 18 year old like voice I think is a talented vocalist and songwriter, Best song Vietnow. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are mainly about the A.I.M and the American Indian struggle. This kind of lyric writing is what Rage are famous for and delivered perfectly by Zach. I think People of the sun is probably one of the more stand out songs lyric wise but Vietnow is the best for vocals. // 9

Overall Impression: This album was the album everyone kind of forgot about but I think it is pretty good. Tire me, People of the sun, Bulls on parade and Vietnow stood out for me in a big way both musically and lyric wise. I love this album because it picked up from what there self titled album and left off. I don't really hate this song maybe the only sing was it was all a bit similar but this was the drifting album I guess. If it were stolen I would buy it again and I would never lose it but if I did I would buy it again. // 8

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overall: 8
Evil Empire Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 12, 2004
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Sound: If you have heard RAtM's self titled or BoLA CDs than Evil Empire's sound will probably be familiar to you. The band's hard rock sounds are candy-coated with the wired, near techno-ish effect Tom creates with his pedals and pro guitboxing. there are also many more powerful, and evident bass work done, when compared to their debut, that further help to tug at the records seems, in order to pull it all together. // 8

Lyrics: As always, de la Rocha's soundings don't cease to dominate the record, and dominate they do. Right from the first track, it is evident of de la Rocha's heavy, take-no-prisoners lyrics, as they romp seamlessly through the world-political jungles, stepping on as many toes as possible in the 47 minutes the album runs for. // 10

Overall Impression: Although I am branding this disc with a mere 3, this is only due to the fact that the album lacks when compared with their previous album, and later albums as well. And even while this album gets more play than many of my CD's at home, it is subordinate to their other albums. If you are reading this review, looking for some insight and encouragement into buying this album, I recommend looking past it towards Battle of LA or their self-titled debut album first. // 6

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overall: 8
Evil Empire Reviewed by: PsychoWolfD, on october 11, 2004
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Sound: The self-titled debut was the angrier and heavier of all their albums, but Evil Empire is where the music starts to get a catchier tone (to me, anyways). The bass had a slight boost in volume, and the drums were good too. As always, guitarist Tom Morello is up to his cool guitar solos, especially on "Bulls On Parade", which made it sound like record scratching, which fits Zack de la Rocha's rap/funk style vocals. There was a lot more technical guitar riffs too, while the debut album had a lot of heavier ones. // 8

Lyrics: I disagree less on lyrical concepts on this album, perhaps I don't disagree with them altogether. Obviously political stuff, so I sometimes don't know much on areas of the lyrics. Oh well, I give this a 4. // 8

Overall Impression: Recommended tracks are "People Of The Sun", "Bulls On Parade", "Vietnow", "Revolver" (which I thought was plain brilliant), and "Wind Below". I remember hearing a song on radio years ago which I didn't know the artist or song, which turned out to be "Bulls On Parade", which I thought was pretty cool. Like I said, this album is where the music starts to get somewhat catchier, but I recommend 'Battle Of Los Angeles' also, which is more catchier. This was pretty good album, but other than the recommended songs up there nothing really stands out, but that's just my opinion. Good album. Worth getting. // 8

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overall: 7.7
Evil Empire Reviewed by: Drezzdez, on november 18, 2008
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Sound: Wow, this isn't anything bad I can say about RATM, this CD is amazing being 12 year's old this year. They improved so much since their debut self titled album. The bass can be much more heard now, which I'm sure everyone will love, Zack's vocals are better than ever. Tom shred's in every solo and Brad's drumming is tops. // 7

Lyrics: The lyrics really catch me as they are such a political band. Definatley favourite song is Bulls On Parade followed by Tire Me, Zack has amazing vocals, his rapping style is just simply epic. The lyrics go with the music so well as they we're made for each other. I'd have to say the Bulls On Parade lyrics capture me the most. I walk the corner to the rubble, that used to be a library line up to the mind cemetery now, what we don't know keep's the contract's alive and movin'they don't gotta burn the books they just remove them. Is so amazing because as I said they are so political and get to the point right away // 8

Overall Impression: this is definatley better then their first album which was also great. Stand out songs are, Tire Me, Vietnow, Revolver and Wind Below. I love evrything about the album and I'm sure everyone that's listened to RATM past and present will say this is probably their best album. If someone stole it I would murder them and steal it back! I'd buy another 5 copies just in case someone pinches it. // 8

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