Holy Target review by Raise Hell

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  • Released: Nov 3, 1998
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
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Raise Hell: Holy Target

Sound — 9
Raise Hell are a little known group out of some Scandanavian country based on what I can tell frome the letters in the names. I can't find them anywhere (i.e. iTunes, and the Internet) except when it came with the thrash CDs I bought on ebay. They are a blackened thrash band. The sound quality is quite good considering the genre. They were signed to Nuclear Blast for this album. They add cool sound effects such as machine guns, jet noise, etc; The only downside is one or two of the songs are an indeciverable mess of guitars, drums, and singing. Notice I said singing, it is blackened thrash due to the fact it is not only barks, scream, and growls. The singing is deciferable, and you can hear all the lyrics and make sense of them. The drums are pretty nice as well, technical in rythm. They do not stick to the stereotypical black metal pattern (a scream, pounding, drums, a fast rythm guitar, some singing, and usually a solo). They mix it up with precisive guitar. A great sound in general.

Lyrics — 8
Though they are a thrashy sounding band, The lyrics are completely that of black metal. The songs all give the same message basically. With song names such as; Raise the Devil, Black Visions, and Holy Target, you get an idea ahead of time. The lyrics are pretty good, although the theme gets a bit repetitive throughout the CD. the only song I can't stand is the last one entitled Superior Powers. The lyrics are terrible. Apperantly, not much time was put into it's creation. Another band mate wrote the song. Pretty good lyricism (if that's a word) overall.

Overall Impression — 9
Raise Hell compares to artists such as Venom in essence. Not as great but they sound alike. If this album were lost or stolen, I would try to get it again, but I probably wouldn't find it, It was import I'm pretty sure. Definately give the songs Raise the Devil, Holy Target, and Black Visions a listen. Those are my favorite on the album. There is a sweet instrumental entitled March of the Devil's Soldiers as the first song. It uses some of the sound effects I mentioned. Go and search for this album and some of their others if you can find them, it'll be worth it.

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