Herzeleid review by Rammstein

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  • Released: Sep 25, 1995
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (45 votes)
Rammstein: Herzeleid

Sound — 9
Well, to start with, if you didn't already know, Rammstein is a German band, so, obviously, the lyrics would be in German. But just because the lyrics are in German and you might now understand them, doesn't mean you can enjoy them. I do know German and can understand the lyrics, but the main reason I learned German was so I could understand the lyrics, but before couldn't and still enjoyed the music. I can't really say I listen to music for the lyrics anyway, just the way the vocals compliment the music, which Till does very well with the music. From here I will describe each of the songs for you. 01. Wolt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen (Do You Want To See The Bed In Flames) - this song has a good solid main riff, that is used throughout most of the song, which can get pretty repetitive, especially since the song is 5 mins long. There is a party in the mid of the song that breaks and Till sings "Sex, ist eine Schlacht, Liebe, ist Krieg" where the song does change up for a bit and the guitar becomes somewhat heavier with a new riff. Till doesn't sing on this track, but rather talks, as if telling a story to the listener, but in a growling sort of way that goes perfectly with the rest of the music. The drums are clean and simple. The song I can only guess is about sex, but he also makes references to dead bodies and crosses on the pillow, so the song is somewhat of a mystery. If it weren't for the severe repetitiveness of the song, I would have given it a 10, but an 8 it is. 02. Der Meister (The Master) - he song comes in with some fast guitar, then a little synth sound leads the drums in, which are very clean. The Till comes in with the lyrics, more talking than singing again, but then later sings a little during the chorus. This song uses 2 guitar riffs and the drums stay the same for the most part throughout the song. The synthesizer is done very well in this song, with backdrops behind the music to accent it and what sounds to be car screeches. The lyrics describe God and the Doomsday and how everyone tries to escape the "Master" and his wrath. A very well done song. 03. Weisses Fleisch (White Flesh) - this is an excellent song and a perfect example of the Rammstein sound. It starts with the synthesizer coming in very song and slow at first, repeating the some notes, then it gets louder and faster, until it keeps the same tempo and volume. Then the drums start in, matching the synth beat for a moment, then Till comes in with a very gruff voice saying "Weisses Fleisch!" after which the drums get a little more heavy and the guitar comes in with a short heavy riff. It is a very powerful intro that will keep you hooked for the rest of the song. The drums in this song are very well done, with a drum solo right after the guitar solo. During a live performance the drum solo would be extended quite a bit. In this song, Till once again does talk more than he does actually sing, but he talks using more of a vocal range, as if he really is trying to tell the story, while sing just a bit in the chorus, but more or less just emphasizing the lyrics. That isn't bad though, because the lyrics still compliment the song very well. The lyrics are about a Black (either is skin color or to say he has a dark soul) man who assaults and rapes a girl in a school yard. If you couldn't tell by now, most of Rammstein's song won't be the usual song you'd hear on the radio. This is a very excellent song! 04. Asche Zu Asche (Ashes To Ashes) - this song can't be completely appreciated unless you have something with a lot of bass to listen to this on. This song starts with the guitar coming in the the riff that it repeats throughout the song. And although it does repeat throughout the song, it doesn't have the problem that is present on the first track. during the intro you can hear the synth backing up the guitar. Then the drums and then bass come in. Now, you can hear the bass in this song no matter what, but you don't get the full song that you hear live unless you turn the bass up! The drums are very simple yet very well done and very clean, as always. The synth backs up the song with a very eerie sound that gives this song a very unique feeling, and also the synth has a solo in the middle of the song followed by a bass solo. Till in this song still talks, but sort of sings a bit more, with the other band members backing up what he says in a whisper during the verses. The song is about eh crucification and return on Jesus. The over effect of the song is a very eerie one that leaves a lasting impression. Very well done. 05. Seemann (Sailor - literally See Man) - a somewhat soft song, and I'm sure the only song on the CD written in a major scale. Till sings on this track rather than just talking, and in a somewhat high-pitched voice. The song has a very, very nice bass intro and outro, which the outro is extended beautifully live. The drums are very clean and simple and the guitar is fast and gives the chorus a very chaotic feeling. The song is about a sailor and a storm. 06. Du Riechst So Gut (You Smell So Good) - there was a remake done of the song released on some versions of the album Sehnsucht by Rammstein in 1998 that makes some improvements to the song. The song starts with a synth intro followed up by the drums, guitar and bass. The guitar in this song is a lot more simple in this song during the chorus than in the others using only 4 chords. Till in this song talks the verses and sings the choruses beautifully. The song is about someone stalking someone following their pleasant scent. Very nice. 07. Das Alte Leid (The Old Pain) - I don't like this song. It is too simple, droll, and believe it or not, to repetitive to sound like Rammstein. The song is just boring in my opinion. It does have a nice drum intro though, which is the only good thing I can say for it. This is the only bad song in my opinion on the CD. The lyrics talked throughout the song with the exception of some shouts. The song is about sexual frustration. 08. Heirate Mich (Marry Me) - I love it! It starts out with what sound like a male church choir singing in a very eerie pitch and tune withe some chimes behind them. The Till comes in putting the setting for the song in a half-singing half storytelling sort of way, "People see him creeping around the church, he's been alone for a year, the sadness has taken all of his senses, he sleeps by her grave every night." Then the drums strike twice and let the synth in, playing the main tune for the song, then the drums again, then guitar comes and blows you away! The main riff is very simple, but excellent! It plays a few times, then Till comes in to continue the story. "There, by the bells, sleeps a stone, and I alone can read it." He describes how he goes to the church cemetery and digs up his dead wife's/girlfriend's body just to see her again, and the morning comes and he has to leave. Then the next night he comes digs her out of the grave and takes her out, but the morning comes and he must leave again. Then on the last night he screws the corpse and cuts off the rooster's head when it calls the morning. I love this song. Now you know Rammstein will almost never wright a somewhat "normal" song. The chorus of this song is awesome, as Till sings in a very commanding voice and guitar and drums play very heavy. After the second chorus is the guitar solo, which is brilliant. It is simple, but it fits the song so well it's unbelievable. At the end of the song, all the instruments stop except the synth and Till utters the last few lines of the song where he describes cutting the rooster's head off and ends in a yell, followed by more chimes in the background to end the song very, very well. 09. Herzeleid (Heart Ache) - after Heirate Mich, this song might seem like kind of a let down with how simple it starts out. But just wait ok. It starts with some simple guitar and drums, and Till saying just a few words at a time. Then during the (Chorus? ) the drums and guitar pick up with some synth while Till yells "Heeeeeeezeleid!" Then after 2 or 3 repeats, the synthesizer solo comes in with the guitar backing it up very well. The synth solo is personally my favorite part of the song. A few moments of the synth solo comes the guitar solo, which sound very simple, but I'd like to see you try and play it! If you've ever seen Richard play it live then you'd know it has a lot more to it than you actually hear. The song's outro isn't anything to speak of, but it doesn't have to be, the rest of the song more than makes up for that. The song is about how being attached to someone can hurt and to just not get attached and save yourself from the heartache. Great! 10. Laichzeit (Spawn Time) - good heavy song! Starts off with a synth intro then the guitars and drums come in. Till sings more than usual in this song and does it wonderfully. The song is about incest and bestiality, which shouldn't be a surprise by now. It talks about fish siblings mating with each other and some guy screwing a dog. Wow. Anyway, the song is way more than worth a listen. 11. Rammstein - now an awesome finale to the album. The song starts of with some synth that sets and eerie mood for the song. The drums and guitar follow slow and heavy adding to the eeriness of the song. Till comes in telling his story again saying "Ramm-stein, a person burns, Ramm-stein, the smell of flesh in the air." The song is about an air show disaster in Ramstein (One M) Germany. The song continues to escalate until the end. This song is very well done.

Lyrics — 10
Till has very good skill with writing his lyrics. They are hard to understand even with being able to speak German, because he writes them as a sort of riddle. The lyrics and the way he sings/talks them is always in compliance with the rest of the music and compliments it very well. Some of the songs were inspired by true stories, such as Asche Zu Asche, being Jesus, Heirate Mich was inspired by the death of Till's father, and Rammstein, being inspired by the Ramstein air show disaster.

Overall Impression — 10
Great Album. No one else sounds like Rammstein. They have their own unique sound that No one can copy. My favorites from the album would have to be Heirate Mich, Weisses Fleisch, Herzeleid, and Rammstein. There is nothing to hate here. The album is great. This album was stolen from me once before, and I did immediately go and pick up another copy. I would recommend this album to anyone who loves metal.

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