Liebe ist für alle da review by Rammstein

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  • Released: Oct 20, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (135 votes)
Rammstein: Liebe ist für alle da

Sound — 9
In the fifteenth year of their career rammstein has released their 6th studio album, entitled "Liebe ist fьr alle da" which translates loosely to the love is for all of us, and in my opinion it is a great new addition to the collection of rammsteins incredible albums. The new album is exciting, loud, and all around heavy just like a rammstein album should be, but just like the other albums there are a group of very beautiful slow songs. So lets get right into it with a track by track review on sound: 01. Rammlied: the Ramm-song starting off with a eery choral chant up to Till's melodic intro the song almost punches you in the face when the full band comes in, and awesome riff and always great guitarwork makes this song one of the big ones, right off the bat no less. This song will be functioning as the bands new anthem replacing "rammstein" from the very first album herzeleid. Every part of this song is cool, the chant the riff the chorus and especially the break with clean guitars its just an awesome track. 02. Ich Tu Dir Weh: "I Hurt You" this song starts of with a sort of ethereal keyboard intro then into a heavy riff that aches for you to headbang along, the verse has some orchestra work that backs up tills vocals until the chorus which will make you stop and think "woah thats different". thihs track starts to show a little bit of the bands new progression of sound, its clean and crisp while still being heavy and strong. This one includes a trademark Flake keyboard solo as well and another very cool break that show off the vocals and christoph's drum work.this track will defiently grow on you I garuntee it. 03. Waidmanns Heil: a brass intro into yet another great riff from rammstein and prolly some of the coolest drums on the CD. Everything is in this track guitars, vocals, drums, and keyboards. The verse and chorus are both very cool and alot of fun to sing along to (or at least try when you know little to no german haha)you will always find yourself joining the rest of the band chanting, waidmann's manns manns manns heil! another of of the best song of the CD without a doubt. 04. Haifisch: "shark" a tribute track to depeche mode, a cool track thats easy to sing with and a very catchy keyboard progression all through the song and a cool orchestra break that couples with the staccato guitar line is very fun, and goes right into a creepy bridge that sends chills up your spine then back to the chorus its very very cool and a fun song but it doesnt really stand out to me, still a very good song though especially the breaks and spanish guitar outro 05. Buckstabu: "whatever you want" and that means whatever you want it to its up to you, the song itself HEAVY, and till's his fiercest on the chorus of this song more then anywhere else on the album and the guitars are very cool, this track is just a super heavy powerhouse, and another song where the drums are almost front and center, more brass section is in the second break of the song and its apparent that the brass is a major part of this album. all around a heavy song 06. Fruhling In Paris: "fountain in paris" a very very very good song so beautiful the guitar line and the vocals as well, the drums come in on the second verse and only add to the already great mix, the chorus is very cool and another one of those "woah" moments its just very cool more keyboard more guitar more everything in the chorus and then start back the the slowish guitar riff, and repeat, its absolutly on of my favorite tracks on the album. 07. Wiener Blut: this song reminds me of mein teil definetly creepy verse vocals and sounds until a super heavy chorus. Strings and keyboards make up the better part of the verse, and nothing is creepier then tills first "wilkommen" on the first chorus. This track is another great gereat track, and is another one of the standout tracks 08. P***y: definitely a single song but that definitely doesn't make it a pass over track, its got a really cool verse thats also got hilarious lyrics that make you laugh all the way through, the chorus though is a little weak with instruments the vocals are strong though and also very funny. the first half of the break is very cool and the guitars actually come out, and then the song ends with a final chorus. really the only ok track. 09. Liebe ist fur alle da: the track of the album and (thank goodness) one of the best of the album, the song almost sounds like a throw back to the first album, and its an awesome sound, the guitar line is a very fun very heavy line, and the lyrics are great too every time i hear it i want to yell out with till "Liebe ist fur alle da!" and theres a solo! and a simple and very cool one at that. This track is a standout without a doubt. 10. Mehr: "more" a cool keyboard intro and a very heavy chorus, the verse has an awesome drum line to go along with it that gets you pumped for the approaching chorus featuring a full band chant and a great riff, like many other the brealk is the highlight of the song and this song is the one that defines the band progress in sound and playing, its so cool and just indescribale I love the sound and intensity a great great track 11. Roter Sand: "red sand" the other slow song of the album, and is really great and joins my list of of best songs ever, the vocals are absolutly beautiful and the guitar line is just so eery and great, lots of orchestra work on this one as well, strings and of course the brass, this songs motif is a whistle that repeats through the song and is a great match to the song. This song is approaching a masterpeice in my opinion and is a great close for an awesome album. The sound for this ablum is great and fulfills my hopes to a t it gets a 9 (if I could make it more accurate I'd say about an 8.8 so close enough)

Lyrics — 9
Since I don't really know german very well (or at all) I can't judge to well but I can say some stuff has caught my attention, and that all the songs are poetic and complex, many feature double meanings, and are all trademark rammstein lyrics. The best in my opinion is a verse from roter sand: "Roter Sand und weisse Tauben Laben sich an meinem Blut Am Ende gibt es doch ein Ende Bin ich doch zu etwas gut" translated: "Red sand and doves* Refresh themselves on my blood At the end there is but an end I am finally at something good**" * Tauben = pigeons, Weisse Tauben = white pigeons = doves ** This means I have finally found something good The lyrics are all beautiful all poetic and all sound damn good.

Overall Impression — 10
The 6th Rammstein album is great, highlighted byu tracks such as waidmanns heil, weiner blut, liebe ist fur alle da, and roter sand thios album is a awesome productions lyrically and musically. I think my feelings for this album are clear I will end with what I've always said. Rammstein has never made a bad album.

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