Liebe ist für alle da review by Rammstein

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  • Released: Oct 20, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (135 votes)
Rammstein: Liebe ist für alle da

Sound — 10
Rammstein has never disappointed me in the past, and it hasn't let up yet. Their sixth studio album, Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da, is a mixture of all the signature Rammstein spices atop their German Industrial main course. This album has more of a Mutter feel then is predecessors Rosenrot and Reise, Reise. That's not so much a setback, just more as a flashback in my opinion. They took a break after the Rosenrot Release, where guitarist Richard Kruspe completed a side-project Emigrate. Coming back, Richard had said in an interview with Metal Hammer that it was hard to get back into the painful recording progress of Rammstein's past albums. "Everyone thought they knew how to go about writing the album," which of course created problems, and they got close to calling it quits. Fortunately, they pulled through, but it seems that there disagreements swim underlying in the record. There were parts where it felt a little awkward, but only in small parts, as it is still a solid album. As always, Rammstein comes in with a strong first track, this time called, "Rammlied," with choirs and Singer Till Lindemann's voice alone, before busting into powerchords and cymbals. The two best sounding tracks on the album were "Ich tu Dir Weh," "Fruhling In Paris," and "Pussy," hands down. I am very happy with these and am glad two out of three have been the singles (so far). Waidmann's Heil was interesting for me, since it first comes in with the Reveille-type trumpets, upon which I (and my girlfriend when I showed her) said aloud, "WTF this is Rammstein?" With their title track being, "Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da," meaning "Love Is There For Everyone," I assumed it would be a ballad, but then again, they're Rammstein, so I was wrong. Especially since the line afterward is, "Nicht fur Mich, (Not for Me)" so I'm thinking, "oh, but OF COURSE!" And last, but not least, the final track Roter Sand. I didn't like this song that much when I first heard it, but after repeated listening I grew fond of it. It's powerful but quite simple, and rounds of the album nicely. As for the album art, I had seen something like this in an art Museum about a month before. It's really well done in my opinion, especially the giant foldout (I got the deluxe so I don't know what's in the regular CD), where is depicts what I think is cannibalism, and/or the idea behind "Ich tu Dir Weh," in Rammstein's "Lair" with a lot of coal. The edition I got comes with five bonus songs. I am going to say if you don't care for Rammstein that much, then buy just the CD. But I love Rammstein, and their good songs, not outstanding (hence not on the album) but decent.

Lyrics — 10
Till Lindemann has always been a really interesting lyricist, really raw and unafraid to say or sing whatever he wants. He has a really beautiful singing voice, and I'm glad to say he actually sings more in this album than in past. Unfortunatly, I'm not great at reading of speaking German, so I have to look for the English lyrics online, which right now they only have tracks 1-6. So I just will write about some of them here: Rammlied - It seems that Till picked up where En Lied left off. "If happiness makes you sad/If there are no stars in the night/If you're lonely and alone/We are here, tune in/Rammstein." These two song have similar messages with I thought was a cool link. But more in general, this song signifies the unification of Rammstein once again. Ich Tu Dir Weh - There was a lot of controversy about this song in Germany, and put this album on there "banned" list for 2009. One can still buy the album in Germany, they just have to be 18, and Rammstein can't play "Ich Tu Dir Weh" live in their own country. This song is mainly about S&M. "You bleed for the salvation of my soul/A little cut and you're turned on/Your body already completely disfigured/Whatever, anything goes." And with the Chorus: "I hurt you/I'm not sorry/It does you good/Listen to it scream." This is one of Rammstein's more brutal songs, but its a damn good one. Waidmanns Heil - Literal translation, "Good Hunting" or "Huntman's Greeting." This song is a good driving song I found out, which makes sense since this song's about Hunting (with the horses and dogs). My favorite part of this song is the pre-Chorus, since it's quite bouncy. B******** - This is an interesting song, since the song title is a made up word, pronounced, "Buckstabu." The translator (Jeremy Williams) said is was a corruption of the word, "Buchstabe," meaning a "letter (of the alphabet)". Judging by the lyrics, it reminds me of the book, "A Scarlet Letter." But then the word would be "lettered" since the heroine has to where a scarlet letter A on her clothes for committing adultery. "Voices whisper behind the face/They say/Don't do that/Leave it be/Don't touch it/Just say no/L*****/Is what I'll get L*****/Is what I'll get." But this theory only fits together like two puzzle pieces that look like they fit that you want to take a hammer to. Richard said it means whatever you want it to mean. Fruhling in Paris - Till Lindemann has sung in German, English, Russian, Spanish, and now, French. This song and lyrics is done beautifully, though is the opposite of the songs mood (Once again, it's Rammstein!) While the song is a soft ballad, Till sings about rough sex. "She shouted words at my face/And bowed down low/But I didn't understand her language/I haven't regretted it//Oh no, nothing at all/Oh no, I don't regret anything/When I left her skin/Springtime bleeds in Paris." Pussy - I need not describe this song, since it's in English and straightforward enough. The only notable thing is Till says, "Fahrvergnugen" which made me laugh, and it means, "the love of driving," a word invented by Volkswagen, but instead of a car, I think here they mean like driving a screw.

Overall Impression — 8
Most bands have a "back to basics" album, and I think that this is Rammstein's attempt at that. They switched back from Drop C tuning to Drop D in order to try out the orchestra's in a different key and feel, as well as to regain a sense of beginning again. And with coming back from a break, they were able to capture that quite well. The album's not perfect, but it's strong as it needs to be. My favorite Song are "Ich Tu Dir Weh" "Waidmanns Heil" "Fruhling In Pairs" and "Pussy". The one thing I really don't like about it is the Chorus of, "Mehr," since it feels so out of place. Richard said in the interview that he liked all of the songs save for one, so maybe he agrees with me. If you are a Rammstein fan, then this is a definite buy. But if you're a Rammstein fan enough to read thought this whole review, you probably already have it.

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    Gotta say that I dont think it is quote as strong as previous classics but it still a great album. Also. even though I am English, gotta agree that their songs are weaker when not sang in German but they are still fun to listen to. 3 weeks before I see them at the NEC.....GET IN!
    Martindecorum : FelleAndersson wrote: They've made ONE one song before "Pussy" which contains english lyrics. "Stripped" is a cover, a song that Depeche Mode made. I absolutely love this album, and no energy? What? Listen to "Bckstab" or "Wiener Blut" and say that there's no energy... "Pussy" is an insult to mainstream and to Americas' general view of sexuality, that's what I think at least. I mean, instead of "Oooh baby, gonna make looove to you all niight, smoothly yeeeah", they're straight to the point, as well with the video. Instead of just showing some skin, chicks in bikini etc, they're giving us what we actually want but are too shy to admit, naked ****ing women. Anyway, GREAT album, favorite song(s): Frhling in Paris, closely followed by Waidmanns Heil and the title track LIFAD. thats the statement of win
    second that
    Checked some reviews of this from my own county (Finland) and was shocked that this got like 2/5 from our reviewers. I know music is about taste but for me this album is amazing. Much more solid that like rosenrot. And rosenrot is also very amazing. Rammstein is mayby only band that hes kept theirselfs interesting for me
    Rosenrot was far better than this album. This album has a real rushed feel to it. Even the band themselves admitted that it wasn't that great.