Reise, Reise review by Rammstein

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  • Released: Sep 27, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (74 votes)
Rammstein: Reise, Reise

Sound — 10
Rammstein's 2004 release of Reise, Reise was the high point of my 2004 year. This was shortly followed by the equally amazing Rosenrot. Rammstein is one of Germany's hardest working bands, and their music shows this. The album cover is inspired by a blackbox. The CD slip itself says "Flugrekorder, nicht offne." Which means "Flight recorder, do not open."

Lyrics — 10
01. Reise, Reise (Arise, Arise) - Reise, Reise is the first song of this CD. Rammstein uses it's old meaning, which is "Arise, Arise." The more modern translation means "To voyage." Anyway, onto the song. The opening is a black-box recording from a plane crash in Japan. Which is then followed up my drums and what sounds like "Ho... hey... ho... hey." This song is about voyaging the seas. 02. Mein Teil (My Part) - this is one sick song. In Germany someone posted on a forum "Seeking a young 18-30 year old male willing to be slaughtered. The Master Butcher." He found someone... And before he killed him, the man requested his penis was cut off. Then the murder victim and the murderer ate it together. Sick, huh? 03. Dalai Lama - Till's voice is complimented by a lead bass (I play bass, I love lead bass). The name of the song comes from the fact that His Holiness The Dalai Lama is afraid to fly. So what's the song about? A plane crash! Really good vocals and an awesome chorus. 04. Keine Lust (Don't Feel Like It) - man, Doktor Flake Lorenz's keyboards rock in this! Till's voice is gruff! And the guitars rock! It's a trifecta from heaven! Kind of sexual lyrics, in a sense. But it doesn't matter, does it? It's Rammstein! 05. Los (Go/Less) - I take this as the forming of their band. "We were nameless, and without songs. A little songless, but we are not toneless. You do hear us." It's a real nice song, Till's voice rocks as usual. Pretty simple music, actually. But it's good. 06. Amerika (America) - rock on. This song is excellent! I don't know if it's "antiAmerican" or not but it kind of sounds that way. Rammstein is talking about how American culture is everywhere. "We're all living in America, Coca-Cola, wonderbra!" 07. Moskau (Moscow) - "This song is about the most beautiful city in the world. Moscow!" That's how the song opens. Very good. Till's voice is complimented by a Russian female's voice. A nice mix. 08. Morgenstern (Morning Star) - I like this song. Till's voice is unusually gruff at the beginning. But during the chorus it picks up and it operatic! It's unbelievable. It's actually pretty good. He's talking about an ugly girl, but at the end of the song he says "Now I see with my heart, She is beautiful." A nice message. 09. Stein Um Stein (Stone By Stone) - stalker-ish. Till is talking about walling someone in stone by stone. They will never be able to get out. They will be part of the foundation. "I will always be with you." 10. Ohne Dich (Without You) - a love song. A good love song. I really like it, Till's voice is soft, the music is soft. It's just really good. Every once in awhile a song comes along that leaves me wordless - this is one of those songs. 11. Amour (Love) - a song about love! A very true song also! "It drops softly like snow. First it gets hot, then cold, in the end it hurts." Very true. Till's voice is VERY deep on this track, and the music is very good.

Overall Impression — 10
This is Rammstein. The amazing Ramming-Stone. This is a buy, you have to buy it. Actually, why are you still reading? Go buy it! It's excellent, like all of Rammstein's CDs. I'd buy this CD if I lost it (which I almost did, and my heart dang near failed). I love the CD. There is nothing to hate here. This is one of their best CDs!

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    Devil boy
    Man, that review rocked! (SOADRox) thx for the titles of the songs in English and the explanations, that was a really good idea and now i understand the songs and what's driving them alot more. And SOAD ****in rocks too! LONG ROCK RAMMSTEIN!!!!