Reise, Reise review by Rammstein

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  • Released: Sep 27, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (75 votes)
Rammstein: Reise, Reise

Sound — 9
Rammstein, the german industrial metal band, created this CD during 2003 and early 2004 in Malaga, Spain. This CD continues the bands previous work on mutter almost perfectly, but, I'd like to point out (to me) it is the first album of (as I call it) the bands mainstream era, with slightly more "pop"-y sounding songs compared to stuff from earlier CD's, but that, I mean, the album sounds more like stuff you would usually find playing on the radio more frequently...not that there's anything wrong with that, I still love the CD and it's currently my favorite Rammstein CD. Aside from what I've written above, this CD still sticks to the old Rammstein way, to singing in german (aside from parts of "Moskau" and "Amerika"). From the CD onwards, the band started adding in lyrics from languages other than german, like Moskau, Amerika and, very briefly, Mein Teil. The songs pan across multiple styles, from the party sounding atmosphere of Moskau to to the power ballad that is ohne Dich. It should also be noted that a section on Stein Um Stein sounds EXTREMELY like the bridge for Rosenrot, there is also a sample used is both songs aswell.

Lyrics — 8
This is the part that mainly explains the "mainstream era" I talked about earlier, the lyrics for this CD appear a lot more refined (not sure whether that's the right word), as in previous CD's, there are songs with lyrics that include incest (Spiel Mit Mir) , Hard sex (Rein, Raus), Rape (Weisses Fleisch), necrophilia (Heirate mich)..., and on this CD, there are hardly any traces of these things (aside from small references from time to time, but not whole songs about them). The song list for this disc is as follows: 01. Reise, Reise (Arise, Arise): I beleive the lyrics rcanabalism eference to a mutiny of a ship out at sea, but don't hold me to that. 02. Mein Teil (My Part): this is the only song that is about a taboo like subject I was talking about earlier, the Armin Meiwes cannibalism case in 2001 to be exact. 03. Dalai Lama (Dalai Lama): I beleive this song is about a plane crash, I haven't listen to this song enough times to figure it out, it's kinda like the black sheep song to me, the only song I don't like on the album) 04. Keine Lust (No Desire): this song is about the band being too successful for their own good, as I see it, as they can't be bothered to do anything (as One of the lines say "I don't feel like chewing anything because I don't feel like digesting it"). The video also shows a VERY good description of what the songs about, with the band all fat... with no desire to exercise it off. 05. Los (-less): this song does not mean the word "less", but actually the prefix "-less", due to this, it contains many plays on words. It is possible that it explains the experience of Rammstein as a musical group, but with the word play, it could be anything. 06. Amerika (America): this song is mainly about the dominance the US has over the rest of the world in ways of culture and how the entire world is persuaded in to doing things the same (like how you usually see 10 burger kings in the same city ;)). The video is also a good example of this, showing many places from a round the world, with what the US has done (africans watching a TV, monks eating fast food, a japanese biker dressed like "The Fonz"...). This song also has the first english lyrics to appear on a song by Rammstein (that's not a hidden track, like stripped, or altered version , like Du Hast and Engel) 07. Moskau (Moscow): for me, one of the best songs of the album. The song refers to the Russian capital of Moscow and features two perspectives on the city: its beauty and culture, and the undercurrents of corruption and prostitution., it is more of a part driven song, and features lyrics other than german (like Pussy from liebe Ist Fur Alle Da or Te Quiero puta from Rosenrot). 08. Morgenstern (Morning Star): Another one of my favorite songs from this CD, it is about a girl who is so ugly that she hides from the daylight so as not to scare it away, and at night she pleads with the morning star to make her beautiful... I ain't kidding. 09. Stein Um Stein (Stone By Stone): yet again, another song that is one my favorite list for this album, it is about a man building house with no doors, windows, fences, gardens... to entomb his victim alive, out of love, I think. There is a nice little play on words in the song, right before the solo Wenn ich sie in dein Leibholz ramm-Stein um Stein, due to the german grammar and conjugation rules, the verb ramm, meaning to ram must be placed at the end of the sentence. Thus, this creates ramm-Stein, wordplay alluding to the name of the band. 10. Ohne Dich (Without you): the power ballad of the CD, and it's a good one. Lyric-wise, it basically follows around the title "without you", about not being with the one you love. 11. Amour (Amour): final song, and is also a Ballad similar to the previous The song talks about love and the pain that goes with it. The song compares love to a wild animal that looks forward to catch and keep people with its long teeth and arms. It also talks about the subtle nature of love (lsst sich fallen weich wie schnee- it falls like soft snow) but also how it often ends ( am ende tut es weh- at the ends it hurts). Tills voice compliments the music style extremely well, with his growly sounding voice, even for the ballads it fits very well. Lyrics may have been held back a bit, compared to previous albums, but it still makes to a good album, not perfect though, as some of this taboo subjects fitted Rammstein very well.

Overall Impression — 9
Honestly, In my opinion, this is probably one of Rammsteins strongest albums, even though it felt a bit held back in the lyrics department. Definite buy for anyone who likes metal with a side of experimental-ness to it. Highlights of the album are definitely Moskau, Morgenstern and Stein Um Stein. I loved the album mainly due to it being Rammstein (so this review will be biased), only down side was the lyrics, and lack of those good old subjects from previous CDs.

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    Great Album! Worth the full price for just Reise,Reise, Mein Teil and Keine Lust, but overall every song has its sweet parts. One of my favorite Rammstein Albums: right up their with Mutter, Sehnsucht and Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da...Wow that's like half their stuff lol. Great Album, Great Band...Gotta Love It!