Escapism review by Random Conflict

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  • Released: Nov 24, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (5 votes)
Random Conflict: Escapism

Sound — 7
For those of you who don't know, Random Conflict is a band that consists of two vocalists, one guitarist, one bassist, and one drummer. It is only recently that they've added another guitarist into their line-up. So onto the good stuff. Random Conflict is a very heavy hardcore/deathcore band that has at least one breakdown in every song. Minus of course the two instrumentals on the album. There are times on the album where you can notice that there's only one guitar playing, ie. the highs are very high and there is no medium. So this album is very raw sounding. And during the breakdowns, it sounds heavier than hell. I must add also that there are two instrumental tracks on this CD, one being your typical intro song, and the other quite the impressive mellow clean guitar track. With a very nice distorted solo and ochestral vocals.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics on this album are pretty typical for the genre which they are screamed, belted and growled over. Since there are two vocalists in this band that adds a lot of different styled pitches and range within the CD. And takes the lyrics away from just one persons point of view. The high screams of both Luke and Lee are both ear piercing and mesmerizing. The lows are very well defined and you'll be growling along to them in no time. A few of my favourite vocal lines from the CD are: "The kind of temple where the whores and the villains try to tempt the holistic tones," "This ritual is not a burden, it's a f--kin lifestyle baby," "Briefly she smiles as the clouds cover the moon, Telling us all to fire the silver through her heart," "She dances on broken bones, which collapsed in the fall, Caught upon a branch, A heavy head spinning."

Overall Impression — 8
01.The Pledge: typical intro song. Sets the stage for the album in the sense that there's a lot going on in this one instrumental track, then "Are you watching closely?" 02.My Devil Danced With His Demon: great song to start things off with. This song really lets you know what you're getting into. Fast paced heavy f--kin hardcore music from second one. Around 1:30 the first breakdown on the CD hits. "Only brought back by a vision of a bloodbath!" is a pretty sweet callout in this song. The intro riff is repeated a few times in the song. If you don't like this song, you don't like Random Conflict. This song flows perfectly into the next. 03.21 Grams: one of the first songs I heard by this band. It starts off pretty slow and mellow (for such a heavy & intense album). Then bomb gets right into it. The lyrics on this song are very good. Immidiately you can tell that the lyrics on My Devil Danced were written by Luke Bellamy, and the lyrics on this song were written by the second vocalist, Lee Williams. 04.Knives and Lint: "why so serious?" Yes this song was written/inspired by the Joker. This song also has one of my favourite re-occuring breakdown on the whole CD. And after that, a very stop and start verse. Then goes into a 2-step style verse with almost metalcore guitaring. I love the double bass of the drums on this song. This is definitely a song you'll be screaming along to in no time. 05.Heart on Sleeve, Head Above Water: this is actually a love song. Based on the lyrics. The guitaring on this song is very Random Conflict. In one of the parts there's a bunch of natural harmonics which you don't hear very often in this style of music and it sounds awesome. And the clever use of clean guitar near the very end is very memorable and cool. I'm not going to spoil it so that's all I'll say. And very awesome throwdown at the very end. 06.Ballrooms and Blood Trails: drum into, then blast beats baby. Again the lyrics in this song are awesome: "She runs they'll kill her, she'll burn to death," is the opening line. Another awesome breakdown in this song, "Just a fist through the mouth!" Then a major throwdown near the end palm mutted heaviness at its finest. And the double bass just screams windmill! 07.Obsession is a Young Man's Game: the great instrumental of the album. The guitaring here is exquisite. Clean guitaring with an epic air-guitar-worthy guitar solo. There are quite a few effects on this song, with the ochestral like vocals, and storm effects. This song leads nicely into the next. 08.It Took 08 Shots Plus: one of my favourites of the whole album. Right from the start, breakdown! I love the highs in this song, both of the vocals and guitar. You'll be headbanging to this song no matter what. It has a pretty chill part where you just want to ease off because you know something crazy is about to happen. It's built up, then bam! My favourite breakdown of the album. "Fire the silver through her heart!" With some nice layered guitar. Then just when you think the song is over, bam another breakdown. But just a taste of one, to get you ready for the next song. 09.Forensics: This is one of the few songs that both music and lyrics were written by guitarist, Tommy Noble. The first verse almost seems to be screaming over top of a breakdown on the guitar. Then an amazing little spurt of drumming, the double bass and tom work is just awesome. I'm pretty sure this is a fairly old song by Random Conflict, because they used to have a tee shirt that said "It's a f--kin lifestyle baby". Which is one of the most memorable lines of the song. Some of my favourite death related lyrics are on this song. I won't spoil it though. 10.The World Is Full Of Sky Divers: I'd recommend listening to this song if you've never heard Random Conflict before because this song really shows their own unique style and writting abilities. The guitaring in this song is awesome, there's a really cool breakdown with more natural harmonics. And when I saw them live before this CD came out, this was one of the songs that I truly remembered. And you just gotta love the cowbell in this song! Best way to sum up this song: "Lovely stuff." 11.Escapism: starts off fairly slow and chill, almost bluesy. Then builds up to typical Random Conflict awesomeness. I love the quiet speaking around the two minute mark, you can catch a glimpse of their accents. Then just guitar, this is the most memorable part of the song, the bass line is prime! The main breakdown in this song reminds me of It Took 08 Shots Plus. Although this is a good solid song, I don't think it should have been last. The fade-out then the reprise back to the intro song make for a boring and less powerful end to the album. All in all, this album is very powerful. Very heavy, very loud, very fast paced, and a great buy for anyone who likes hardcore music. The only flaw about the CD I'd say would be the fact that there's too many breakdowns. That feels weird to say from a guy who loves breakdowns but theres just so many haha. Sometimes it feels they just put a breakdown in the song just for the sake of putting in a breakdown, not as an extension of the song. But other times the breakdowns are awesome. This band is hard to compare to others, but just about anybody who loves divin in the pit and 2-steppin' will absolutely love this album. If this album were stolen from me, I would buy another copy within minutes.

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    "The kind of temple where the *****s and the villains try to tempt the holistic tones". The ****ing unoriginal bastards stole that line from Stone Sour - Omega (off their self titled album). I am so tired of all this new bullshit "metal" that has lost the plot completely. Come on guys! Let's hear something new for a ****ing change!
    Hey thanks for this review! It's great to see someone actually going into this much depth with our album and we really appreciate the comments, both positive and negative Also just want to say to ibanez_freq_777 that this has been pointed out to us before however that's not actually where we got it from! As the track is about the dark knight/heath ledger our vocalist was looking at images around the internet for inspiration as he is quite a visual artist..and those lyrics were on a painting based around the same theme, which granted still doesn't make them original in the sense that we didn't write them, but he was trying to pay homage to piece in a way and combine different artforms; we were totally unaware of the stone sour track, which is obviously where the painter got the idea from!
    Triple Threat
    saw them on you tube, love them, they need to be noticed and become famous coz they r awsum!