Rebel Meets Rebel review by Rebel Meets Rebel

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  • Released: May 2, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (68 votes)
Rebel Meets Rebel: Rebel Meets Rebel

Sound — 10
The album is basically a metal and country mix, and it's done in the best way you can think of. This album was written and recorded on and off in between 99 and 03, by Rex, Vinnie and Dimebag (all former Pantera), and country legend singer David Allan Coe. Dime and Vinnie were extremly happy to play with him, becuase they grew up listening to his songs, and he inspired them to play music.

Lyrics — 8
Typical country lyrics about partys, cowboys, and personal stories with a twist. I'm sorry, I'm not that good in the lyrics reviews, so don't take my word for it. I actually liked the vocals, suits well with the music, and the guitars. Dime does some backing vocals as well.

Overall Impression — 10
If you like country metal bands like Brand New Sin, and Pride & Glory, or even if your'e a fan or Dimebag, this album is a must have. The album starts with the fast paced "Nothing To Lose", wich is also the first single. Other amazing songs are "Cowboys Do More Dope," "Rebel Meets Rebel", that has a very catchy and nice country riff. The short acoustic "Panfilo", and "One Nite Stands". All the songs are gold, I adore this album! if there's one thing I didnt liked about it, is that it ends. This album just puts you in a good mood, puts a smile on your face, when you listen to the riffs and solos. Very good party record. I would reccomand every Dimebag fan, or any country/metal fan to check this album, you won't regret it.

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    Born 2 Slash
    I love this album. It sounds unique and different. DIME sounds so good, and it bring chills when I hear those solo's. Over all the album is a must for anyone. You will like it I promise. Dime Forever!!!!
    Have some respect dragonforce... you don't like Dime then why do you bother wasting your time putting stupid comments like that on. Fuck this CD doesn't come out for another week in Canada. Rock in Peace Dime!
    Just picked up the album and it is great, the way the country vocals from Coe are blended together with the cowboys from hell's metal is fantastic. I'm not big on the song with Hank III, its too rap like if you ask me but still pretty good. I like the old country stuff like Cash Jennings Coe and Nelson but by no means do you have to like country to like this album, even for country fans you don't have to like metal to like this CD maybe a little heavy for some country fans though. Great album! A must for pantera fans. Diamond Darrell lives on, forever!
    a real DEAD one : I gotta pick this one up. And I wonder who Dragonforces heros are... Probably Kurt Cobain if he has no respent for REAL musicians ur a douche bag
    Dragon force suck a dick, i take that back u would enjoy that. Dime was and always will be the best. You and all posers like him get the **** off any guitar site. Dime was a million times better than u will ever be. Ihope Vinnies reads that and finds you and beat the living shit out of u **** dead RIP dime rot in hell nathan gale and dragonfaggot
    dragonforce!!! wrote: dimebag sucks
    Dime ****in rocked!always!!He'll always be better then your stupid bitch ass!i think everybody that reads your comment will agree when i say shoot yourself!
    I bought this album yesterday and it is amazing. A great mix of country and metal. And I hate most country too.
    no he isnt better because he died, he is more popular because people heard of his death and they started checking out his stuff. Go listin to "cemetery gates" or "you got to belong to it" or any other of his stuff and tell me he isnt a guitar god. And I was a fan before he died. RIP Darrell
    a real DEAD one
    I gotta pick this one up. And I wonder who Dragonforces heros are... Probably Kurt Cobain if he has no respent for REAL musicians
    dragonforce!!! wrote: dimebag sucks
    He's an excellent musician, keep your opinion to yourself
    A country singer doesnt make it country, just like that glam metal singer sung and wrote the theme song for 7th Heaven, and I dont know about you, but that theme song is definately not metal in any sense. Dont get me wrong, I like Dimebag, but it seems like every guitar that dies suddenly becomes the best. I certainly didnt hear Dimebag this, Dimebag that while he was around. Oh well, looking forward to hearing this single, seems promising.
    Rockybo has a point, he's no better just because he died. And obviously he meant instrumentally, Spankey.
    Holy crap I didn't know this was out yet, I need to go buy it. I'm very surprised this isn't bigger news on tv and stuff, I havn't heard one thing about it on TV. By the way rockybo do you have mental problems, its part country because a country singer sings on it, Coe. And Pantera and Dime had a big following before he died, including myself.
    It's not bad, and Dimebag is a decent guitarist, but can we cut this port-mortem adolation? Where were you fans when he was alive? Also, I fail to see how this has any substantial country substance to it. Country influences, maybe, but all it sounds like is a heavier, more repetitive ZZ Top.
    WOOOOOT ive been listening to "Nothing To Lose" on Sirius satellite radioi I CANT WAIT TO GET THE CD
    Damn Str8 man the guy was and stil is the shiz eva tried to play his solos? I Got I'm Broken but that was as far as It Went
    Rebel Meets Rebel is F**king Awesome!!!! Enough said!!!! Well I gotta go Dragonforce's mom is about to suck my c**k