Stadium Arcadium review by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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  • Released: May 9, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 6.3 (2,359 votes)
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Stadium Arcadium

Sound — 10
Stadium Arcadium includes the same sound that we continue to know from RHCP, and that is a good thing. Slow songs, fast songs, crazy guitar solos, strange vocals, it's all here, and it's all good. None of the songs feel like they where rushed, either, they each feel like they got the time they needed in the studio to keep them as good sa the others, so don't worry about that.

Lyrics — 10
There are 28 songs on this album, and each song feels completely different then the other. The lyrics are good, some are better than the others, and some songs are complete changes from some of their past albums. Some of the songs are a little different then past albums, but a step in a good direction, to fully understand you must listen to the album.

Overall Impression — 10
Stadium Arcadium is a huge triumph for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not only do we get another excellent album, but we get 2 CD's included, a grand total of 28 songs, each one completely different, and each one a success, none of them feel like to much, or too little. People sometimes complain about bands taking to long to release a new CD, but when you get amazing albums like this, why would we complain?

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    I personaly think that this is not their best album. I mean its still good but what happened to flea? you can barely even hear him, not thier best album
    Oh yeah, my opinion on Stadium Arcadium. Fantastic album. You can't really say that one of their albums is better than another because their style has evolved and changed into something completely different on Stadium Arcadium than say, Freaky Styley. I prefer their latest albums and style, not to say that their pre-Blood Sugar Sex Magik was bad. It was still groundbreaking and paved the way, for good or bad, to 90's rap rock (eg Faith No More, Rage Against the Machine,etc...) Awesome album, amazing band
    It's so funny to see all the fanbois and gurls flipping out about the album, only because it's the Chili Peppers. It's an okay album, but it's not revolutionary, so chill out. It has a few catchy songs, I happen to like Charlie and Warlocks. It's just at points it gets redundant. Oh BTW, Flea is waaay overrated, but still very good. He popularized the slap bass style, so people naturally think he's the best at it. He is a skilled musician though, I'm not degrading him in any way. Just look into some bassists like Tony Levin, John Myung, even the silly Les Claypool. So fans, its okay to like an album, or even love it, just please, please dont do it solely based off of the fact that its the "it" album to have right now. Make your own decisions. I'm getting on a really random individuality rant right now, so I should stop while I'm ahead. P.S. Kiedis' lyrics don't make a lick of sense, even to him, but they don't NEED to. His melodies would be fine if it was him just going "ooh" for it
    amazing... lyrics get a 10 for sure. just trying to figure out his lyrics is one of the best parts of the album
    Snow is not hard to play it all it just takes practice to get it down right
    Stop Messin'
    Pretty good album. I haven't listened to it enough to fall in love with it, but it's got some good tunes.
    not a super huge fan of this album, compared to albums like blood sugar, this album just didnt hit me. too many songs, none of them are that catchy to me, and i still dont know what this "hint of funk from the old days" thing is about. they used to funk out and rock out like none other, i see no resemblance in this album. its nowhere near as exciting as i was hoping. they've gone emo. thats the bottom line. love the band, the impression they've made over me in the last 10 years will never go away, but i expected more from this album. peace
    Also haven't people realized after all these years that in the band name, there's only one "l" in "Chili"??? Come on, it's just like the food or the restaurant, people!
    Best review was the one by UtBDan, who gave it a 7.7 overall. This album is exciting and more than entertaining and littered with little guitar candies to make guitar players feel ecstatic. But as he said above, the first disc is a Frusciante album with the best backup band ever and the second is a "pretty good" Chilis album. Frigging fantastic guitar work, several of the solos made me cream my pants, and John's backup vocals cannot ever be praised enough.
    hey hippieking24 or shall i say your majesty of bare-footed clowns, way to know absolutely nothing about music. John Frusciante is one of the best guitarists today. David Gilmour and hell Jimmy Page didn't play fast or complicated songs yet they're two of the greatest guitar players ever. Go look up some more tabs and think you're learning how to play guitar. tool.
    MOST.OVER.FREAKIN.RATED.ALBUM.OF.THE.YEAR. I'm not saying it doesn't have it's strong points, it is a huuuge improvement over By the Way (which bored me to tears) but at the same time it all begins to blend very quickly. I was excited when I heard Flea was back w/ some crazier basslines, but 4 notes??? Come on Flea, you're a better bassist than this and I know it (from Deloused)Frusciante's work has improved though, so kudos to him, and I think if they took some editing time making this a single album it could've been something great
    red hot chili peppers music is all the same. all they do is sing about californial. the guitar parts are simple enough for a neanderthatl to play, and the vocalist sounds like my husky little sister
    i had the album a week or so before it came out....friend burnt me a copy =).... i honestly think that the peppers get better as they go along... it's amazing how much they've grown...doing songs like "true men don't kill coyotes"...and now songs like "slow cheetah"(favorite song on the album). rock on.
    Well I love this album. Best since blood sugar but a completly different style. I won't start comparing. John is fantastic.
    MAN I LOVES ME SOME CHILI PEPPERS!!!! the new album rocks!!! I cant wait to see them live!
    I agree! it wasnt that great but not bad
    I guess i'm the only one who thinks Snow ((Hey Oh)) is over streched, unwraw, and sounds like it should be enjoyed by a bunch of little kids. Only In Michigan, Torture Me, Storm In A Teacup, Animal Bar and Hump De Bumb, in my opion are the only songs for worth listening to