Stadium Arcadium review by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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  • Released: May 9, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 6.3 (2,359 votes)
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Stadium Arcadium

Sound — 10
The Red Hot Chili Peppers' music inspired is what inspired me to play guitar and bass. They put 28 tracks on their new album, Stadium Arcadium, and every single one differs. They did slow songs, faster songs, and some funk songs. Even if it was just the whole set up of the song. The soloing John did was incredible. This is the best CD out, and if you don't have it, I suggest you buy it.

Lyrics — 10
Anthony's lyrics are so deeply thought out. Every time I hear them I start to think about what each and every little phrase means. They're just so intelligently put together. And the style of song is completely right with the mood of the lyrics. Anthony wasn't good at singing when he first started making CDs. Like at Wood Stock 96, that was before he took lessons. Then after they started Californication he started improving in every song. And in Stadium Arcadium, his voice was really good. In every song he sounded professional. At first he sounded hella bad, in their first couple of CDs.

Overall Impression — 10
I don't think that there is a single album that compares to this one. It's not going to be easy for a band to top it. Especially with all these new bands. They all suck, for example Fall Out Boy and Hawthorne Heights. Those are probably the worst bands I have ever heard. My favorite on the album is Charlie, but I think the best one is Wet Sand. It seems like they put all their hearts into that one. What I love about it is how they don't really care about what people want to hear, they care about their music. And the one thing I hate is Hump De Bump. Well I wouldn't go as far to say I hate it, it just annoys me. I would definitly buy another one. I wouldn't hesitate to do it either.

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    i'm surprised this album got such good is weak and boring with the exception of 3 songs, dani california, tell me baby and especially in michigan
    Great album, I like every single song on it. People just don't like it I guess cause The Red Hot Chili Peppers aren't sounding exactly like their older songs. Would you rather have all their songs sound exactly the same? I love the trumpet in the CD.
    Well thank god somebody still knows how to rock yeah some of the songs aren't so good like "if" or "Hard to concentrate" but this album is about the story and most of the songs add another piece to it. In a sense, hard to concentrate is one of the most essential songs to the story but it doesnt have any really cool jams or anything. And how bout the end of death of a martian. Thats a cool jam but im still tryin to figure out what some of it means! overall the album is great because it offers so much in dif. styles. she looks to me has that utb feel to it, desecration smile has almost a neil young feel. There is so much there and they rock and before you criticize the lyrics remember RHCP IS MORE ABOUT THE FEEL THAN INDIVIDUAL WORDS BUT THEY STILL TELL A STORY! thats right the feel of the lyrics is the most important part. somethin that just make ya wanna sit back and jam they rock
    It's only popular because the machine shoves it down our throats so hard. It's mediocre as could be, and I really like RHCP.
    I like RHCP but i didn't fund this album as breakth-taking as the media made out or as stunningly different. It's by no means poor but i was hoping for something special from the chili's. Personally i think they should have made it a single album and got rid of some of the more mediocre tracks then it really would have been a great album as some of the songs as beautiful, almost works of art.
    its really not that good, everything sounds the same essentially, i know everyones gonna quote this post and say i have no taste in music and that kinda shit, but really the album pretty much is a bore, and his voice gets so friggin annoying
    i agree with the one that said that his lyrics are crappy like exspecially in michigan he rhymes everything with that word, its a shame john f is an amazing/incredible guitar player and then Ak cant come up with good lyrics , there harmonies are good though
    I think this is an awesome album, rivalling Californication in my opinion. It didn't have to be a double album though, i think they could have easily made it into their best album if they'd just picked 12 of the best songs. They guitar and drumming is hte best yet, and though Flea isn't as prominant in this, he still rocks. I don't think the lyrics are bad either, he just tries to rhyme to much and ends up having songs full of disconnected one-liners. All the lyrics are good, i just don't think they fit together to well which makes it seem like mindless rhyme at times