Stadium Arcadium review by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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  • Released: May 9, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.3 (2,359 votes)
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Stadium Arcadium

Sound — 9
This record, alone, got me into funk. It really had every style built in to it. Some of you people may know, As Anthony Said, "We were all in love while making the album, Even Rick [Rubin]" So that relaly shows in lots of the songs. Like I said earlier Every style is blending In with the Song. Whether it's hard rockin "Torture Me", or if it's pretty lil' "If", they pull it off very well.

Lyrics — 10
When I first got the album, I never checked out the lyrics. And trust me, that was a BIG mistake. The lyrics are just as imprtant as the music. Songs like Snow ((Hey oh)) show the feeling he might of had after quiting something, like a drug addiction. And lyrics like Death of A Martian show the feeling of loss toward Fleas dog, Martian, After he died. The lyrics seem to flow very well with the music, songs like "Slow Cheetah" have great flow. And last but not least, Anthonys singing. Anthony has gone from rapping, too evolving his voice into somthing as smooth and crisp as a rose under the sun. In other words, it's great.

Overall Impression — 10
Jupiter 01. Dani California - this song gives you an idea of what's going to come, Funk, Rock, and Mellow Rock. This song is the overall taste of the album, but it's not the best on the album. 02. Snow ((Hey Oh)) - this song is great, (my opinion) Anthony is singing about the trouble of trying to get off drugs ("The more I see the less I know, the more I'd like to let it go.", "Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder, where it's so white as Snow"). Not to mention the wonderful guitar work of Frusciante. 03. Charlie - I love this song, It gives us back the funk we loved, and missed. Right from the Intro I knew this would be a favorite. Listen to all of it, to enjoy it. 04. Stadium Arcadium - very underated, I saw them live and it gave me so much love for the song. When I listen to the chorus (hippy vision) I think of me and other musicians making a path from earth to space with just our music. Very cool song. 05. Hump De Bump - I remember my friend telling me about this song for the first time, he was so happy. In fact he wouldn't stop singing the chorus for months. Whether your a guitar player, bass blayer, drum beater, or even a singer. You will find this song very nifty. Gives me the same feeling that "Yertle the Turtle" (Freakey Styley) does. 06. She's Only 18 - for me this song really goes through different stages. Starts funky, then goes into the rock driven chorus, then back too funky. Not too mention one of the greatest solos on the album near the end. I love this song (As you can see I love every song so far). 07. Slow Cheetah - when I listen to this song I think of all the things in this world we take for granted that's just fading away right befor us. Now of cours that's not what's it's about but it's my look at it. This song very mellow, and is easy to listen to. This song is very deep, almost like "Castles Made Of Sand" (Jimi Hendrix). and leaves me with the same feeling too. Wonderful, trippy, outro too. 08. Torture Me - when you hear that bass intro you get punped up like "Oh this is gonna be great!" Just like a fan boy seeing his favorite band befor a concert. And trust me it doesnt't stop rocking, until the Mellow beatiful ditty befor the solo. It just slows down... and makes everything beatiful for a second. It builds more and more suspense like "This is it! The solo!" It literly explodes into the main riff with john playing a very intense solo. Wonderfull song. 09. Strip My Mind - my interpretaion of this song is sorrow and lonelyness one can get one they are famouse. No matter what the lyrics mean the music speaks for it self. This song is soft drivin' rock. And can almost bring a tear to my eye just by listening to the notes. And when you think the song might end John comes in with a solo. And what a solo it is. Album favorite. 10. Especially In Michigan - when I first heard this song I could of cares less about it. Really. I could have. But then I gave it a shot, and it grew on me, fast, Very very fast. I love it now. Lyrics are of course about Anthonys home-town Michigan and it really is a good homage to it. Such a beatiful chorus. 11. Warlocks - after listening to Hump de Bump you may wonder. "Where did the funk go." Then it comes in fast, no build up. And trust me is doesnt't need a build up. I saw this live and they play it perfectly. The chorus has a main-stream melody, but the verse gives you some straight up funk. And the solo is'nt a let down. Oh boy he spices the song up. 12. C'mon Girl - this song sounds average in the begginging. Just one of those songs you think you should pass, but then the chorus busts in. Very quickly. And in the makes the 10 times better. when I saw this live down in Charlotte I was saying "Why are they playing this? It's not a really good song." But oh man was I blown away. I was diggin the song. The chorus was very intense, and the verse was erie but easy listening. But really I gotts tell you.. I'm a bass player, and this solo blows me away. It is so cool, his less is more theorie really works. One of my favorites. 13. Wet Sand - this song was a favorite of mine ever since I got the album. But then I broke up with a girl and this song gave more meaning to me. The song seems beatiful already with the verse and chorus, but right when it strikes into the Outro. You realize "This song is just getting started". when I hear those lyrics "Your don't form in the wet sand, but I do." I think about how bad you feal after a relationship ends, whether it's your best friend, your girlfriend, or your family. You feel like you deserve to be dropped under wet sand and never come back and they should stay above ground to live. I love this song. 14. Hey - another song I could relate to after I broke up her, it's a song about lonelyness and not being able to talk or connect with the one you used to love. You can also relate to is if you love someone but they don't love you. Rejection and Loss of Affection are the feelings of this song, and everyone can relate to those. The solo fits in very well. Mars 01. Desecration Smile - when I hear this song it I feel the guild of going out with someone and you know your not right for them. This song is very Beatiful, but for the first time, does not compare to all the other tracks. 02. Tell Me Baby - this song tricks you. You think of another slow song. Nope, this number packs in the Funk nice and hard. Slap bass is through the whole song, and the guitar doesnt't let up either, First solo he just hits a four octave solo (hitting a note and holding, going an octave up, and on and on). But then the second solo Frusciante hits a "less is more solo" and if your playing slap bass with this solo you help but to jump around. This song is about hope of getting big, but facing the truth of Hollywood. It's hard. I love this song (not to mention the video). 03. Hard To Concentrate - this song is about having something that you love deeply in your life and it gets hard to concentrate about anything else because of this love. The love could be your girl, you music, your instrument, your education, anything. This style of the peppers what formed on Ground breaking "Californication" with the song "Porcelain". I love this song, and it means a lot to me. 04. 21st Century - when I heard this song it really made me think. What is up with this world lately? It also made me wonder what genre it was really under. It had the funk feel, but a lot of that percise bass plucking that punk rock gave. This song really gives the peppers a new sound. And also a very cool solo. I love this song. 05. She Looks To Me - this song reminds me of a girl that I know. She hasn't had the greatest life, and really has a short temper because she'd afraid, afraid that what you might say will hurt her. Now I don't feel the love for this girl like Anothony writes about. But I still love this song. It gives me the same vibe that "Breaking the Girl" (Blood Sugar Sex Magik) does. 06. Readymade - what a song. This song is just too good. It has that classic rock verse, and that keeps that right into the chorus. But right when the ong starts to slip in inovativeness there's comes the solo. It pops right out after anthony Says "Clean it up Johnny!" I can only imagine the energy this carries live. And once the solo ends the song is only getting started. It goes into a drum break down! Very funky. After the break down frusciante tricks us. with an out of tune chord but then goes back into the verse and wraps up the song with the chorus. I can't describe my love for this song. 07. If - in the same state of mind as "Porcelain" this song "If" descirbes all the love that's inside of him. This song is very short but too the point. I could listen to this song all day. 08. Make You Feel Better - this song is a new style for the Chilis. And that's not a bad thing, This song is about them as musicians, theyr job is to make people feel better with their music. The chorus is quiet beatiful in my opinion. This song wont let you down. 09. Animal Bar - This song is very trippy. Most likely because of the guitar effects used on it. And the bubbley effect used on the backing vocals. This song is very intense in the chorus, and really is an album favorite. Not only is it very new for the peppers, but it gives me that feeling I get when I listen to Pink Floyd. Very cool Song. Worth listening to. 10. So Much I - this song is very much like Torture me, it rocks. It rocks hard, until. The unexpecting pre-chorus. It slows down just for little bit, then goes into the simple but wonderful feeling chorus. Overall this song is very cool. I could listen to it all day. 11. Storm In A Tea Cup - oh man this is a standout track. It brings the funk you missed after "Tell Me Baby". And smacks it in your face just like in the Blood Sugar Days. If your a fan of slap bass it's here. Not as fast and hardcore as Get up And Jump is but it's here. This is so fun to play, listen to, or even think about. This song has it goin' on. 12. We Beleive - very erie, it gives me the feeling that "Leverage Of Space" does. Not much to say other than that. Great song though it is perfect with the album. 13. Turn It Again - this song is (in the verse) musically in the same sloppy but funky free flowing style "Give It Away" had. But when the chorus pops up, the guitar and vocals really stand out. Frusciante and Anthony really did a good job with this album. I love the feeling from it. Now I've mentioned the basics of the song but the outro/guitar solo is Johns best guitar solo yet hands down. With a (estimate) whopping of at least 4 Guitar tracks, he practically makes a a new song with this solo. There's the main melody part, then a solo, then what seems like a bridge then an outro. All in one solo. I'm sorry but this is my favorite of this whole album. 14. Death Of A Martian - this is it, this is the last song. This ends up the album. and they couldnt of ended it any better. It has the slow verse, Intense Chorus, and mind blowing outro. I'm a sucker for this song. I mean it almost made me cry, since it is a song about martian fleas dog, who died. As said by Anthony and Flea martian was a very big symbol in Californication, he was a sign of love that kept them loving each other and the music. And now that he's gone they made a song that describes the chilis perfectly. Very dramatic album. And really it's the best they've done so far. I love the chilis. All of their work. From the Demo they did befor their first album to this album Stadium Arcadium.

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    I think this album has the same feeling that Blood Sugar Sex Magik had. Everyone is happy, and together. Now of course they are MUCH happier this tour then they were in the B.S.S.M tour. But anyways, The music is'nt about flashy bass playing, or showing off. It's about the music. And to me, it sounds pretty damn good.
    this is a great album, love dani, snow, charlie, storm, readymade, desecration s.,martian, turn it again, and all the others. The b sides are so great, the guitar work in lyon 66.06.6 is so amazing (the bassline is so catchy) that johhny deserves to be called the best guitarist of the 2000 forwards (or even from 1880 forwards, as he was also a great guitarist as a boy)
    just a thought to everyone saying they weren't impressed with the album..go see them play it live..sheer much amazing improvisation..frusciante is a mastermind, flea goes wild, anthony cracks jokes, and chad is just...chad! honestly every song i heard from this album live i liked 10 times more the next time listening to it..especially the title track..awesome..
    I think if they halved the content and kept songs like torture me, snow and hard to concentrate all the critical a-holes would stfu! How can you complain with songs like these on an album! Long live John Frusciante! (the bestest he is!)
    I have to say i was dissapointed. After releasing Californicatoin, then By the way i was really expecting something amazing. When i bought the album i was really annoyed. It does have some good songs, but they didnt need to make it a double, theres a good maybe 10 songs on this. My faves were 1.Snow 2.Slow Cheetah 3.Dani California 4.She's only 18 5.Charlie 6.Tell Me Baby 7.Strip my mind 8.Especially in Michigan 9.We Believe 10.Storm in your teacup Too be honest hump de bump is the single worst rhcp song i have ever heard, and i have every album except freaky styley.
    con job
    ChuckNorris7 wrote: I have to say i was dissapointed. After releasing Californicatoin, then By the way i was really expecting something amazing. When i bought the album i was really annoyed. It does have some good songs, but they didnt need to make it a double, theres a good maybe 10 songs on this. My faves were 1.Snow 2.Slow Cheetah 3.Dani California 4.She's only 18 5.Charlie 6.Tell Me Baby 7.Strip my mind 8.Especially in Michigan 9.We Believe 10.Storm in your teacup Too be honest hump de bump is the single worst rhcp song i have ever heard, and i have every album except freaky styley.
    Thank you. my point exactly, specially about Hump De Bump Yeah.....I said in my review that it was their weakest offering since One Hot Minute.....bought that a few weeks ago listened to it properly and it pwns. So no comparison
    all i have to say is.... this album ahs ther best ****ing lyrics of all time. if you dont like them, well.... you dont form in the wet sand.
    also.... if you think this album is bad because it sounds nothing like other rhcp albums like bssm or mothers milk, dudes, its the chili pepper's album, they can make it whatever they want, plus, why the hell would they do another album that sounds like bssm? wouldnt that just be repeating it? ever notice how ALL their albums sound completely different? DUH!
    Eddie's Pal
    I thought when Flea first said, "If you don't like this album you don't like rhcp" that it was something of a desperate comment, urging fans to get it to save his and their careers. When I bought the album, heard the album, I realised what a right twonk I was. %$^ing good album.
    its crap. theres a few funky licks by flea but mostly melodic boring stuff
    i think that this album lacked the edge that their earlier albums had, but it's still a top album. keidis should "sing" like he did back in the day and that would add to the album. if you watch them play by the way live at slane castle and then power of equality, you can hear how kiedis changes his voice. he should have sung on stadium arcadium like that.
    all i have to say is.... this album ahs ther best ****ing lyrics of all time. if you dont like them, well.... you dont form in the wet sand.
    . lol nice. I think this album rocks like a bitch. If the RHCP had taken the best 12 or so songs, put them on one disc, and called it stadium, this would be one of the best albums of all time!