Far review by Regina Spektor

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  • Released: Jun 23, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (15 votes)
Regina Spektor: Far

Sound — 10
This is a great album to define Regina Spektor's sound. You can definitely hear the honest anti-folk tone in the songs. Also, the unique sound of her deeper side of indie pop. Her piano really seems to speak out loud. 01.The Calculation: a positive start that's relaxed and easy-going. Sort of like Fidelity. 02.Eet: bittersweet tone that really matches the lyrical theme. 03.Blue Lips: the back-up instruments are strong and catchy with dramatic piano. 04.Folding Chair: this song is the most rock-sounding. Best part is the "oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!" 05.Machine: dreamy piano with creative percussion, especially at the beginning. 06.Laughing With: simple, honest piano chords with beautiful violin and the most truthful lyrics ever written. 07.Human of the Year: darkest sounding song. With the chorus as the exception. 08.Two Birds: this song is most related to Kate Nash. 09.Dance Anthem of the 80's: this song is a little too poppish and stupid for me, but it's a fun song. 10.Genius Next Door: very legato and smoothly flowing. 11.The Wallet: pretty short but isn't too repetitive for a short song. 12.One More Time With Feeling: borderline smooth jazz! 13.Man Of A Thousand Faces: sounds like the same piano riff throughout with the back-up revolving around it.

Lyrics — 9
Since I said this was a great warm-up album, I think I will describe her general singing skills. She has a strong hold on her vocal ranges, and she sings in a very advanced way. Also, she uses very unorthodox techniques at times, which is very badass and individual of her. The skills she has and her alterations makes it a perfect 10. Her lyrical themes are extremely obscure lot of times. Sometimes the obscurity makes it sound interesting. But sometimes it sound too over-the-top. For hardcore Regina fans, I'm sorry. But you know it's true. (Example: Ya we so cool, we so cool, c'mon daddy!) When her lyrics are not obscure, they're honest and are filled with witty lines. I really like that. So overall, I give her lyric writing an 8. 8 & 10 evens out to 9. So woo-hoo! Her best songs lyrically on the album are Laughing With, Eet, Genius Next Door, and One More Time With Feeling.

Overall Impression — 9
This isn't an album where the single stands out and the other songs merely exist. (BTW, the single is Laughing With.) It's a euphonious, foot-tapping, friendly album that defines Regina's overall music. She isn't a mainstream music act, but she will be notable to piano rock history sooner or later. If you like this album, I think you'd love Tori Amos, Evanescence, Kate Nash, and Kimya Dawson.

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    Lil Macker
    Ha, I love this album. You should check her out doing Blue Lips on Later With Jools Holland. It's amazing
    It's a but more poppy than I would have preferred, but i enjoyed it. I hope she goes back to the days of 11:11 or Songs when all she needed was voice, piano, and maybe a little bit of upright bass.
    I think her lyrics were a little 'I'm trying to rhyme for the sake of it', but, all in all, she is catchy and has a great voice!
    i really love this woman, shes great, but i agree, tis a bit poppy and overproduced. that said, some of the songs stand out with absolute beauty (Eet, human of the year etc.) But really, the best versions of all these songs are the live ones without all the backing instruments (blue lips on jools holland=AMAZING.)