Five Score And Seven Years Ago review by Relient K

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  • Released: Mar 6, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (94 votes)
Relient K: Five Score And Seven Years Ago

Sound — 10
Relient K is, probably the most well known Christian punk bands of our time. This is their fifth major release (hence: Five Score And Seven Years Ago) and also is named because instead of "Four Score and Seven Years Ago" part of a speech by Abraham Lincoln meaning 27 years ago (I think it was 27, I suck at history) anyways, it's "Five Score" now. Now taht were done with history class Relient K has always put out a show with their cds. everyone has somewhat of a story or a different meaning to it. This one is not as Piano-ish as Mmhmm but has the same poppy beats and melodies to it going for 15 tracks. The first song, Plead the Fifth, has a little story in it about a guy stepping up in a trial against a guy named Mr. Booth, who apparently committed a murder. I don't think this story goes on throughout the album though but I guess you could always be creative and make your own story about Mr. Booth's trial using the songs on the album. The first single off the new album, Must have Done Something Right, has put all there poppy talent into one song. It's not a perfect song but you can't help singing along once you know the lyrics. Relient K also finds unique ways to sneak instruments in like in Faking My Own Suicide, which has country based instruments instead of guitars but still maintains the pop-punk and brilliant lyrics just like the rest of the Cd. the last song goes through a mans life right before he dies, Deathbed, and, what I like about it, is that it's a anti-smoking song. it goes through the life(well, more of a death) of a guy back in the 40's to about now and how he dies and remembers how he was a jerk all his life and started smoking and how when he started dying, he called for God and God came to him with open arms.

Lyrics — 10
Relient K weaves in their lyrics like, well, something remarkable weaving through, or something. In other words, the lyrics are wonderful. Matthew Thiessen can definitely write a song with the perfect lyrics just about every time. Through out the entire CD the rhymes and beat and the lyrics go hand in hand going through songs like Bite My Tongue and Come Right Out and Say It where they keep the tune but put lyrics that don't go off topic and fit right into the song. By far, they have put the best lyrics in a CD that I have yet.

Overall Impression — 10
It's a really great album, and usually I give an entire album a ten only when I'm still getting used to it but I really have to say that what I like about Relient K and this album is that they did something other bands haven't been doing lately, and that is being yourself! They didn't change anything and that's why it's so good! because all the bands today are talking about how much their new CD is different and how they are changing for it. Change isnt always good and thank God Relient K didn't change because this album is amazing because they didn't.

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