Five Score And Seven Years Ago review by Relient K

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  • Released: Mar 6, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (94 votes)
Relient K: Five Score And Seven Years Ago

Sound — 10
This band has come a long way since they put out their self-titled debut CD. That CD wasn't bad, it just doesn't have the polish that the newer music has. "Five Score and Seven Years Ago" has the ovbious radio sheen of a major-label release produced by Howard Benson, which isn't surprising, because that's what this album is. The album is their most diverse to date, with the acapella opener "Plead The Fifth", the Norma Jean-esque intro to "I Need You", the back porch country-folk of "Faking My Own Suicide" and the sprawling, 11-minute epic closer "Deathbed". This album is good particularly for those who enjoy Weezer, Beach Boys, or All-American Rejects.

Lyrics — 10
Relient K have always written very witty, self-aware lyrics. For those who enjoy lyrics about mythical dragons and wizards, this isn't your album. The topics range from Jesus to women to friendship to being alone in the world. This seems to be the first album on which Matthew Theissen has exercised his vocabulary in a way that truly serves the song, too. He sings with a subdued passion that you don't typically encounter in today's nasally-fixated punk scene. The lyrics fit the music part by part and never disappoint.

Overall Impression — 10
Of their peers in the pop-punk and Christian scenes, Releint K compares quite favorably with bands like (+44), Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects, and with Christian artists such as Hawk Nelson, Stellar Kart and Switchfoot (whose singer, Jon Foreman, guests on "Five Score"'s closer, "Deathbed"). I find the most impressive songs are the songs where Relient K flexed their collective creative muscle and reached for something they hadn't tried before. Songs like "Deathbed", "Bite My Tongue", "Give", "Forgiven" and "Faking My Own Suicide" are the best ones, in my humble opinion. The only thing I hated was that it didn't have more songs! If it were stolen I would buy 2 more copies, so that if it were stolen again, I wouldn't have to go to the store a third time. This album kicks the average Good Charlotte/Simple Plan disc in the teeth! My favorite of 2007!

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    Relient k has some good guitar parts here and there in all of their albums, but i think this one focused more on the lyris compared to mmhmm, where the guitar parts were a bit more diverse and not just power chords.
    very good, solid album. elements of christian and mainstream music, and very mature in both categories. nice to hear a wide range of instruments used, and youve got to love Deathbed... im also surprised Fret13 didn't say 'plead the fifth what?'.
    I absolutely love this cd and Deathbed is deffinately one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard. It may be 11 minutes and 5 seconds but just how they change styles in music and instrument and using 115 tracks to record the whole thing which is crazy. I didn't really like this record at first but I just keep on loving it more and more as I listen and am listenign to Deathbed right now. Excellent work for Relient K
    it is a good album, but do i care about the histery? no! and it seems pretty pianoe to me
    i think i've put too many commments on this page. i think i'll stop now
    This is their fifth major release (hence: Five Score And Seven Years Ago) and also is named because instead of "Four Score and Seven Years Ago" part of a speech by Abraham Lincoln meaning 27 years ago (I think it was 27, I suck at history) anyways, it's "Five Score" now.
    Matt Theissen, the lead singer said in an interview that it's called Five Score and Seven Years Ago because there are five members in the band, and they released their first album seven years ago...nothin to do with history.
    Anyway, I'd give the album a 8.5/10 It was pretty good but I thought it lacked the creativity that they usually put into their songs. I felt that they tried too hard to polish everything and therefore resulted in an album that is too poppy and many of the songs sound the same. mmhmm was much better.