Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeer review by Relient K

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  • Released: Oct 23, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (37 votes)
Relient K: Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeer

Sound — 9
Relient K released "Deck The Halls, Bruise Your Hands" as their first Christmas album a fair while ago now, so it's only fitting that they release another one to keep us all happy. "Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeer" is Relient K's updated version of the "Deck The Halls" with a few new tracks thrown in. Matt Thiesen and the crew throw in seven new songs, some of their own creation and some covers of traditional Christmas songs. Don't buy the album if you're hoping it's gonna be a traditional album, however, the songs may be old, but the spin on them is not. Relient K throw in their usual pop-high and melodic feel to the album, ranging from a quick power cover of 'I'm Getting Nuttin For Christmas' to K's own soothing 'Boxing Day'. It transitions seemlessly from fast-paced to sleepy and then back just as quickly to shock you up, and Thiessen's crew run well with the album. Although there are only seven new songs, it's still credible, and the re-release is good to alert more recent fans of RK from 'Five Score'.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics of the covers obviously aren't new. That's a fact. But Matt works well with the songs that Relient have come up with, such as 'Merry Christmas, Here's To Many More' and 'Boxing Day'. Both are great little acoustic numbers and remain very true to the spirit of Christmas itself (and in Boxing Day's case, the spirit afterwards). Matt's voice works well with all the songs, sometimes powering out the leads and sometimes drifting off and taking you with him. If you manage to get hold of the bonus track, 'Good King Wenceslas', Matt's voice definitely takes a different turn, bringing a whole choir with him and his falsetto. The song even sounds hula. And it's this funny attempt that forces you to give credit to Thiessen for trying.

Overall Impression — 10
It's certainly a step up from their previous album, as it's added what was missing onto it. My personal favourites include 'Sleigh Ride', '12 Days Of Christmas', and 'I'm Gettin Nuttin For Christmas'. The album is brilliant simply for it's sheer diversity. There's the traditional Christmas anthem of 'Silent Night', pop punk in 'I'm Gettin Nuttin', a little piano jingle in 'Sleigh Ride' and an acoustic slap together of 'Wenceslas'. There's little to dislike unless you're not a K fan, in which case you probably won't be reading this anyway. The message is: if you're sick of listening to your mother's thirty-year old CD with the same songs on it set on repeat on the whole month of December, buy this CD, walk home, slap her in the face with the old one and put in Relient K, because it'll put the definitive musical Christmas edge on the happy month for you without a doubt.

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    Many of these songs are from Relient K's First Christmas CD, Deck The Halls And Bruise Your Hands.... I wasn't too impressed although it had a few new ones. I wish they did some new material instead of put old songs onto a so called 'first full length xmas album'. its still good i guess.
    the cd is woooonderful. i love love love it. : ) but...for christmas, i'd really like to see some of the tabs from this cd up.
    i think the cd is woooonderful. but i wish ultimate guitar had more tabs of it up.
    the cd is woooonderful. i love love love it. : ) but...for christmas, i'd really like to see some of the tabs from this cd up.
    well i went to their concert the other day and that is where i heard of their new christmas album. It deeply saddened me that there was no reference to Deck the halls, Bruise my hands. and he ended up singing sliegh ride which is my second favorite next to "I hate Christmas Parties" i was really happy through that "Always winter"/("Like a Lion") was on there.
    i heard two sample song clips from it online and went right out to buy it. it's a very good album and is an amazing way to get into christmas if you're sick of all the old music. not as good as this review makes it out because i think there's too many slow songs that sound very similar and don't really go anywhere to give you a reason to listen. deck the halls was a little too short though, they could've done so much more with that. but the majority of the tracks have a really witty edge that i enjoy.
    This cd is UNBELIEVABLE! By far the best Christmas CD ever made. I could listen to it year-round. It's a change from your typical Christmas carols. "I Celebrate the Day" is my favorite. "Always Winter" and "Merry Christmas Here's to many more are also amazing. The lyrics are so meaningful. They direct the focus to where it should be--on Christ! I love Relient K and I think they did an awesome job with this CD.