In Nothing We Trust review by Reuben

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  • Released: Jun 25, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (24 votes)
Reuben: In Nothing We Trust

Sound — 10
The album kicks off in terrific apocalyptic style with Cities On Fire. This song is very dark, the darkest song I have ever heard from the Surrey based band. The song is not nessescarily the bearer of a huge meaning that I can discearn, but when I listen to it, it provokes a wave of emotion, a sense of doom and darkness, that there is invariably a silence is held for. The next song is the powerful We're All Going Home In An Ambulance. This song is about racism and Jamie Lenham carries the message perfectly. The song comes from the heart, unlike some of the bands that conjour up lyrics from another person's point of view, this clearly is based on Lenham and his upbringing. "At school the choices I made were rock n roll bands and getting good grades. But brains and wearing all black, to some of these guys it's like a red flag", is such a truthful statement, and clearly comes from the heart. This song is powerful to listen to, you find yourself nodding along to it with a focus in your eye, making you look like a bit of a dick but nonetheless it is a tremendous song, especially at the outstanding bridge with the chant "We're all goin 'ome in a f--kING ambulance!", a point that made me cackle at the well placement of the chant most heard on the terraces. Suffocation Of The Soul is much of the same theme, coming straight from Lenham and his experiences. At the start, it sounds odd, with the previous two songs in mind, it sounds not quiet but sort of soft. You can sense a build, and it comes a minute and a half into the song, to much satisfaction, but the song is not like the others, it IS sort of softer and very emotional, much from Lenham's perspective. It is a sort of depressing song, but not in the sense of Aiden and Hawthorne Heights's irritating dirge rock, but in a powerful sense, that you can listen happily to on a rainy day. That may be an oxymoron, but I know what I mean. Deadly Lethal Ninja Assasin is sort of like a counter to this song then, a sort of "Nah, we're only joking, have someting a bit more chipper." It is catchy to the point of insanity; when I first heard the song on Scuzz, I found myself singing it for the entireity of the next day. The meaning is strange, the chorus seems to have a recurrent theme, but the verses seem almost irrelevant, but it's a very catchy song, more poppy than the rest of the album, but certainly a great song. An Act Of Kindness definitely seems to tackle the theme of abortion. It starts off with influences that seem obvious to me I just can't place them. It gets really catchy; it seems not a million miles away from a lot of things, but then at times it seems like it is. It's an odd song for me because at times I think I can place it then I cant. It's like a rock song, but with some influences from the more hardcore genres. It breaks off into hardcore, with screaming and heavy distortion. It is a very good song really, and I find it hard to discuss. Crushed Under The Weight Of The Enormous Bulls*it I love before I've even heard it. Flicking through the lyrics, it is extrodinarily articulate for any song I have heard, I have never heard a song this clear cut in it's meaning, it feels like Lenham has written the lyrics from his head, THEN written the music. "I don't like Joy Division, I don't like Morissey or their new impersonators, Kings of MTV, sucking at the teat of the enemy!" he shouts feircely. And you know what? He's right, he's god damn right. Personally, I don't mind Joy Division, and there are some indie bands I like but yes. They are just impersonators, these indie bands, who don't do anything individual, and try to emulate the eighties, they are sucking up to NME and desperately trying to appeal. He's not digging at indie, he's digging at the whole attitudes that come with a lot of these bands. Oh yes, and the song's damn good n all. Good Luck is a surprise, it's an acoustic song from Lenham, discussing his boss firing him, and his bitterness, which is easy to hear, but a total shock after the pure aggression of Crushed Under The Weight... and there is a noteworthy vocal turn from Hannah Clarke, that really puts the icing on the cake and shows how diverse these guys are. This could appeal to the masses, the pop loving kids, but they'll never know, because Reuben don't want to grace the pop charts, they'll keep the diversity. I cannot keep up with this track by track guide, I will merely say the rest of the songs are awesome, both in their music and their raw meaning that is conveyed awesomely, with conviction, fury and a mind that knows what he is talking about, not contriving an event that never happened, unlike so many of these bands do these days. Lenham says the last album that blew him away was Every Time I Die, three years ago, but he has done this to me now. Hats off. Also, the drumming in Blood Bunny Larkhall is sublime.

Lyrics — 9
I've just said what the lyrics are about and like, so there's no point in repeating them in this mandatory box. But Lenham is a very individual singer. He doesnt't sing like an american 'pop punk' band, he doesnt't snarl like punk, he doesnt't whine like the emo/post hardcore bands are doing and he doesn't just scream. His singing style is either new to me or very individual, and it is in the best possible way. He feels like a conscience in my head, and it's a bit weird. I like it very much.

Overall Impression — 10
The most impressive songs, to me, are Blood Bunny Larkhall, Cities On Fire and We're All Going Home In An Ambulance. But this album is all good. I'm not even joking, it's ALL good. How is this possible? I do not dislike anything at all to be frank. and that's very strange. is this album was stolen, I would bend over backwards to get myself another, it is superb. I can't stress this enough.

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    reuben are f**king awesome saw em live in notting couple of weeks ago great night