The State Of Things review by Reverend and The Makers

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  • Released: Sep 10, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (4 votes)
Reverend and The Makers: The State Of Things

Sound — 10
After following Jon "The Reverend" McClure's musical trail of stale sounding breadcrumbs, he has finally made his one decent contribution to indie music. His first album with "Reverend And The Makers"! Yes I couldn't contain my excitement. It sounds ruddy brilliant. There are Shades of Arctic Monkeys everywhere on this album which is acceotable as mentioned later, but the thing you all know that pleaes me. No album fillers. Dear oh dear this has to be one of the discs I would take on a desert island, Christmas has come early. My sweet readers if there was one album you need it would be this one. One thing I loved about this album is that they brought in Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys to do some additional vocals for a 2 minute song, this songs vocals were brilliant mixed and the bass riff, nice! Bandits is arguably the best song on the album. It sounds the first of many new songs from "The Reverend" that will mix sound effects and speech. The Rythmn and Chords are so simple yet really effective and when the synth or strings effect comes in half way it sounds fantastic. The guitar rift at the end is I think an example of what makes the Reverends band brilliant, it shows that they can come up with the easiest thing that makes the most impact on the listener. He said me has the least effect on me. It's like a Lilly Allen mix with The Clash which is tied together to make a song that sounds like the mario theme tune with really rubbish bass riff. Many dissagreed with me on this song but I stand by my descision to say this tune is a load of dog poo. Sorry I'm not allowed to swear. "Miss Brown" was excellent. The synth works well with the guitar to sound like the song in the opening of Shaun of the Dead. Which I like also. And yes this is the firrst time I have given a sound review a 10 out of 10 but it's great fun to listen too and made me quit my job. Hows that for a soul moving album (the job was rubbish).

Lyrics — 5
Ah, now here is where it goes down in marks for each album I review. Lyrics lyrics lyrics. I hate it when tracks have crummy names. If they have crummy names I avoid listening to them. It's a good theory. So naturally I hated "What the Milkman Saw". Next time Jon, if you want people to listen to a track avoid doing what Mika did. Name every tune after something that happens in every day life. Ring Ring? Mika go get a friend. Anyway, I comend The Reverend for Miss Brown again for it's well written lyrics. As mentioned in a previous review I dislike strongly the lyricists who decide it will be good to make lyrics that rhyme perfectly and are happy and are cheesy and are no! You do not do this! This is against the indie laws! Make non-rhyming harsh lyrics about lifes dissapointments etc. Avoid making tunes with crummy names. Most important one no album fillers!

Overall Impression — 10
So finally I will have to say. Buy it. This isn't the only album Jon will make. But as a safety precaution, buy it so you know you own his only good one (joke). Reverend And The Makers have suprised and delighted me with this album and I desperately want to hear more. He still has enough petrol to get to Cwmbran as my dad once said. In other words Jon, hopefully, will soon realise he has enough talent to get to no.1 in the charts.

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    This is a outstanding review, after your first review I thought you might of reached you peak but this review is even better! 10/10
    Da Masta
    You don't listen to tunes if they've got crap names? Does that mean you haven't listened to either of the Arctic Monkeys albums because they both had crap names. Stop being so pretentious mate.