Appeal to Reason review by Rise Against

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  • Released: Oct 7, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (180 votes)
Rise Against: Appeal to Reason

Sound — 9
Rise agains have managed to change there style of music completely since the sufferer and the witness. The weird thing thing is, when bands usually do this they end up sounding bad. This is different. the whole music sounds calmer, less crazy. that's pretty bad comparing it to there older stuff, but somwhow it works. when I first listened to it I found it hard to belive it was still them, but I like it. the slighly more complex guitar riffs formed by the new guitarist zach blair gives it a bit more of a clearer(and slightly more agressive)kick out of it. it's nice to have calmer music once in a while, this really does it. I suprised myself actually liking this new sound with pretty much every song sounding brilliant.

Lyrics — 10
Tim Mcilrath has to be the best lyric writer ever. his sensible but politicly dangerous lyrics are just great. he doesnt't just do all the crappy love stuff. he writes all about the real problems, global warming, war etc. listening to him is indescribable. from his old rough screaming voice everyone loves to his normal singing voice everyone loves song after song. It doesnt't mean they've stopped the screamo stuff. the last track brings it back into play with an immense passage. lso he commits himself wholeheartedly to the lyrics music and vocals. he took a risk lowing down but it is just as awesome.

Overall Impression — 10
changing genre for this album was never going to be easy. there's always gonna be "fans" who now dislike them becaus of the change. I don't care. I think it just shows how one reasonably popular band can change and how talented these guys really are. I think it's all just brilliant punk this album. the guide for writing a reveiw says name songs that are good from the album. I got a better idea. just freakin buy it. buy it because it is just different.

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    I really like this album, when I first got it, I was like, okay, nice album to listen too when your at home with a couple of friends, but the longer I have it, and the more I listen to it, I really, really start to like it.
    Hold up... "Melodic Hardcore"? What? I think this album is great, btw. Just wanted to point out that the genre's way off.
    YES!!! I f*****g love this album. Definatly my favorites are Long Forgotten Sons, Re-education, The Dirt whispered, The Strength to go On, Entertainment, Hero of War, and Savior.
    I think every single album they have ever made is phenomenal from start to finish. And as for Appeal to Reason, Zach Blair really stepped up to the plate. I can't get the album out of my head even to this day. And Rise Against's lyrics are some of the best I've heard.
    This album could of been a little heavyer, but awsome lyrics and still good sound. Not the best Rise Against album, but I still listen to it on long trips
    I'd have to agree with all the people saying that this album was mediocre. Honestly I only found a few tracks off this album to be really, truly good. "Savior" is one of their best songs, in my opinion. I'm not terribly into The Unraveling, too punk-ish for me, I think Siren Song was a decent album, got some amazing work on it. However, The Sufferer is their best album imo, there is not a track on that album that I would skip. Appeal To Reason just doesn't live up to it. It was disappointing.
    Rise Against are my all time favourtie band and no matter what people say i think that this new album is awesome and althought it does sound slighty different to the older ones so what it is new and still awesome !!
    Yeah, Rise Against are great but the new album just doesn't sound as authentic as the old ones especially siren song. I just hope they don't lose their roots completely, their music is just to unique to become mainstream. Eventhough this album doesn't thrill me as much as the old ones I'm gonna see them live again with the hope to hear some old songs as well. In my opinion one of the most energetic livebands...
    looks to me rise against ahs a wide variaty of fans as some people love it others dont bt most just like it
    I'm a massive Rise Against fan (I'm even planning a tattoo from their inspiration). But, this definitely isn't a 9. It lives nowhere near to the standards of RPM or Sufferer or Siren Song or Unraveling. The songs sounded too samey and the lack of screaming shows a lack in diversity as well. I love the lyrics always, I just thought the guitar work was lacking something. The songs are too bright and bouncy for my liking instead of the fast-paced verse riffs and catchy breakdowns. Clearly an even bigger step into the mainstream, than their other mainstream-accessible albums.
    it's an okay album to e honest there ealier album were better mainly "the siren song of counter culture" btw i love rise agains theyy are seriously the best band ever
    Gollum15 wrote: I LOVE this band,I can't wait for then to become a super popular band and I pre-ordered this album and I love it all!!!
    Umm Rise Against is insanely popular. They are so popular it borders on mainstreamness. That being said they are still incredible
    Captian Xero
    People liked Sufferer and the Witness? I think that is the 2nd weakest album Rise Against has ever put out, just barely beating The Unraveling. Huh, that's interesting.
    Amuro Jay
    Captian Xero wrote: People liked Sufferer and the Witness? I think that is the 2nd weakest album Rise Against has ever put out, just barely beating The Unraveling. Huh, that's interesting.
    hey, the unraveling wasnt that bad. sure, it was a little too punk for my tastes in some places, but it had some pretty good songs, like everchanging, six ways till sunday, join the ranks, reception fades, and some others
    Sum 41 is probably the best show i've seen EVER, and i've been to 3 warped tours and several smaller shows the last 5 years
    Go and check out iron maiden my friend, best live band ever! I have siren song, sufferer and this one (all fantastic albums btw) Rise against are really the only punk band i care for too. what other albums by them are good?
    FarFromDead wrote: Melodic Hardcore? I think not. Good Album, not their best.
    Ha i thought the same when i read that.... im thinking more along the lines of punk.
    I love this band, but really this album is horrible. Siren songs was the best, Sufferer was very nice as well. This one is just very bland... It's a real let down for me. Maybe I'll like it more later. I used to feel the same way about Sufferer and the Witness...
    Aakepaake wrote: WOW. My biggest dream is to see Sum 41's show and after that is to see Rise Against's show. But never seen =/
    Sum 41 is probably the best show i've seen EVER, and i've been to 3 warped tours and several smaller shows the last 5 years
    I think this album is awesome. They are possibly one of the few bands today that can still deliver something good and catchy on a consistent basis. I know that it isn't as diverse as I think they could get, but they do change it up with tracks like "hero of war." I think it's pretty good.
    Awesome band!!! Again, like most people have said, it took me a few listens to really get into it. But now that I have gotten into it, Damn it's an amazing album!! Sufferer and the Witness though has to be the best although that was the album that got me into them so I have a bit of a soft spot for that Can't wait 'till the next album
    i can't believe how people are so much into this album... i think it's mindbuggingly average. =S
    It's a little disappointing to see the bands sound tone down this much
    is what comes to mind. and i hate the parts where they quote themselves, being "Kotov Syndrome" (opening sounds exactly like "The First Drop") and "Savior" (stealing a solo part from "Prayer of the Refugee"). actually, what i'm saying is, i don't like the new guitarist. when i'm listening to the new record, i can't stop thinking of the fact that they've run out of fresh ideas. disappointing. if it wasn't for "Hero of War", i would have lost faith in this band. ;
    Great album, it took a couple of listens for me to get into it but now, its amazing, i love it. Lyrics are what you would expect from Tim but man, he just does it so well. Although, i do miss Chris a bit, his simple guitar solos did break up a few tracks on siren song and the sufferer and the witness, they just added a little more depth to some tracks but other than that its true rise against.
    My friends brother works as stage crew for a local band that played during the same show as Rise Against, and we got back stage tickets, and I must say... It's very good to see that there are still rock bands out there with morale's and who can write meaningful lyrics that come from the heart without being called Emo. Rise Against is by far the greatest rock band to date. Two thumbs up for another amazing album.