Appeal to Reason review by Rise Against

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  • Released: Oct 7, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (180 votes)
Rise Against: Appeal to Reason

Sound — 10
I picked up this album on the strength of hearing three songs off it: Entertainment, Audience of One and, of course, Reeducation (Through Labor). I don't usually buy albums for reasons such as liking one or two songs, but I was glad that I bought this album after hearing the first track, Collapse (Post Amerika). this opening song set the scene for the remainder of the album, which is fast, relentless and classic Rise Against. Tim screams much less than in previous albums, and his tone of voice has changed slightly. this makes their songs sound much more mature, and gives their songs more character. when he screams, he has absolute control and is, in my opinion, one of the great rock vocalists of our generation. This album is a political and social statement that any fan of old Rise Against, or Billy Talent will love

Lyrics — 10
Tim's lyrics, as everyone has pointed out, are absolutely phenomenal. from the hollywood bashing of "entertainment" to the heavy hearted war ballad "hero of war", his lyrics are near-perfect. at times, they are shallow, but his voice makes up for any niggling issues with the poetry of his work, because he's just so motherf**king good

Overall Impression — 10
This album is very similar in execution to 'the sufferer and the witness', but the slight change in the voice and guitar tones make it sound a lot more mature than their previous works. my favourite album of theirs by a mile. My favourite songs on it are 'entertainment' 'savior' and 'hero of war', all of which are masterpieces of songwriting. If it were stolen, I'd make the person who stole it give it back, and buy another three copies. And then one for every room in my house. and then one to listen to in the car. Go and buy a copy now!

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    These guys are one of my favorite bands, but this album just isn't that good. a 6.5 at best I'd say. The tracks are starting to sound generic again; something I thought Rise Against had broken away from. The lack of screaming is a bit disapointing, but not that important. I'm not too crazy about Zach's writing. Am I the only one who thinks Hero of War isn't that good? Somebody not familiar with the band would think it's glorifying war. I myself was a bit confused when I listened to it. Just not a very strong song.
    The Musical Tone down don't make up for the excellent lyrics... Give me more screaming and more break-neck drums.
    Amazing live! will always love them for putting on a great show... i must say though, this album succckked... i liked a few of the songs, but come on, Rev. per. Min. was AWESOME, The Unraveling, again awesome... siren song of the counter culture, GREAT, as well as the sufferer and the witness... but this one i just can't get into... not gonna lie either they put on a better show before the sufferer and the witness came out... but still they play great live... hoping for a better one the next time around
    the music is predictable, the lyrics are woolly and the production is too tidy. i'll stick to revolutions per minute, thank you very much.
    3 days grace14
    Great band, Great album, hey what not's to like. It's not bas heavy as what i usually listen 2 but hell even i get sick of metal up your ass 24/7 :]
    Here's the deal, I love Rise Against, they are an awesome band that puts on a phenomenal show. But this album was a giant peice of trash. If they go on tour around the Buffalo area again, I will still pay to see them, but I must reiterate that I was horribly disappointed by this album.
    its average. hero of war is the best one. everything else pretty much blends together, except a couple songs, but overall its not really worth buying, download certain songs would probably be the best choice if you want it anyways.
    When I first heard about this album, I was really excited to hear it. Then I heard Re-education (Through Labor) and was disappointed to the point of avoiding the album. I was so mainstream sounding, so bland, so BORING. Then I heard the album. I hated it. It felt like I was listening to modern radio. All of the songs were like it. I loved Revolutions Per Minute, and Siren Song of the Counter Culture. The Sufferer and the Witness wasn't as good, but I still liked it. But this, this was just upsetting. As cliche as it sounds, they sound like they sold out, and joined the pop-punk, wanna-be humanitarian teenagers scene.
    i would like this band more if they weren't so political. i know its who they are but lately its just hard for me to listen to politically charged lyrics (well except for machine head)because it just seems like a fad then actually trying to say something
    this was good album, but probably my least liked by them. i feel as time goes on they kind of get softer. Suffer and the Witness was softer the Siren's..... and RPMs was a pretty badass album.
    i think this is a pretty good album but it comes no where near the unraveling or revolutions per minute
    NemX162 wrote: Am I the only one who thinks Hero of War isn't that good? Somebody not familiar with the band would think it's glorifying war. I myself was a bit confused when I listened to it. Just not a very strong song.
    Yes you are the only one who thinks that. That's the only song from this album that I even listen to anymore. As for the album, I really liked it when it came out, but now all the songs jsut seem too similar. It got old really fast because listening to the album was kind of like listening to the same song over and over again for me. But the lyrics were amazing as always.
    This album is awesome. Can't wait to see them. If you haven't listened to them then DO IT!!! It will blow your mind!