Endgame review by Rise Against

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  • Released: Mar 15, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (179 votes)
Rise Against: Endgame

Sound — 9
Rise Against returns with their trademark power chord riffs and powerful pick slides. Lead singer Tim McIlrath ventures into the old Rise Against screaming territory in a few songs, which brings me back to The Unraveling album. The guitar riffs now range from acoustic-blues to metal shredding, a pleasant addition to the Rise Against style punk spin-off. There is only one song on this entire album I find myself reaching to the skip button, that being Disparity by Design. I find this song to be repetitive, like I've heard it over and over. Minus that, and the rather weak Endgame, this album is an absolute gem.

Lyrics — 7
Tim McIlrath's gruff voice that could hit nearly any pitch nails the well-thought out lyrics that are based solely on the bands beliefs. As soon as I bought the album, I quickly burnt it to a disc so I could listen on the way to school. I was shocked to hear F-bombs dropped in two songs. I am not against cursing, but for a band striving for world peace and animal rights, I was expecting a bit of discretion. Help Is On the Way, which appears to be the public favorite, bases its lyrics off of the uprising in Egypt and the major earthquake and devastating tsunami. My personal favorite, Make it Stop (September's Children), is about the tragic suicides of those who gave their lives after being bullied for their sexuality. Rise Against knows whats wrong and isn't afraid to voice their opinion. The majority of the songs are like this, but eventually, these cryptic lyrics become dull, and even boring in some situations. I would rate Tim's singing an 8 and the repetitiveness of some songs as a 6, totaling an average of 7.

Overall Impression — 9
I feel that this is the album that will put Rise Against on the radio daily. Like I stated previously, I have listened to every single song and have enjoyed every second of almost every one. I feel this album is much better than its predecessor, Appeal to Reason. If someone were to shoot me right now, or within the next year, they would find an iPod with Endgame playing. No doubt about it, whatsoever.

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    Tim seems to have forgotten how to be angry these past two albums. He seems like he's just trying to sing pretty, and I don't like it. What happened to the rough, textural vocals he used to pump out?
    Everyone needs to stop arguing! Especially about the title because as far as I'm concerned the title of the album doesn't make or break the actual music.. I was just reading these comments to see if this album is good or not but all I'm reading is "blah, blah, blah,argue, argue, argue!" so anyway...is this album good or not??? and i don't mean to sound..ya know..bitchy or anything..so please if you're gonna respond, and acually let me know if this album is awesome or not, please no harsh words? thanks
    RA and megadeth are both awesome in their genre and its pointless to compare them because they are nothing alike. as for the album; i really liked it. it reminded me of sufferer and the witness (my favorite album). and i like that Tim is going back to some screaming. keep up the good work Rise Against
    I love Rise Against, Endgame is a great album,it might take a few listens, but it will grow on you
    I think this is a great album. It is different, but it still has that RA vibe to it. I agree that arguing over the title is retarded, and both RA and Megadeth are good in their own ways. Anyways, I think the highlights are Make It Stop (September's Children), Survivor Guilt, Wait for Me, This is Letting Go and Endgame. I'd recommend listening to them.